Page 438
September 8th, 2014

Page 438

Ok, so I didn’t think to check the Urban dictionary in advance and “chocolate chip muffins” IS actually a euphemism for something… do yourself a favour and don’t be curious.

Vote incentive: so I used to watch this show (years ago!) and I just can’t keep up with it.  I find I really like some of the older anime that were short and sweet and finite (Escaflowne!) and didn’t endlessly go on and on (like this sentence) and half the episode is a recap of the last one anyway where so and so battles such and such and learned a new power/got a new weapon/etc.  One Piece, for example, is one I’ve never watched just because I know it’s long and I just don’t have the time to invest.  Or maybe it’s a problem of attention span :)  I think my kids are rubbing off on me!

I am, however, completely impressed by the prodigious out put of some manga artists.  My piddly one page a week is nothing in comparison.  Of course it helps to have assistants… who wants a free internship??  It would probably mostly consist of taking my kids to the park.


  1. Urago

    PMS is so cute in this page.

  2. Medievalkite

    Dawww, Tanked’s sad face is making me sad! So adorable. Love this page

  3. sciencenerdess

    They’re sisters? Huh. Interesting.

  4. slashermew122

    wait…t hats her sister? ewwwwww. i feel sorry for her badley now. cant she like… disown her somehow? but i guess the zookeppers wouldnt now if she did. but tabnked might be coeming to the rescue yet.

  5. TarkaTarquol

    I was actually curious as to why the two were always moved together. She seems a lot more stable this time, and go Tanked for being a sleuth and sniffin’ her out! That panel 4 face is so cute. Everyone beware: Tanked has a plan.

  6. Whitnay

    Anymore?? Her behavior seems like a pretty weird way to react to losing your friends…but I’ll wait for the full story before passing judgement.

    Also, Tanked looks so sad!! :(

  7. Snarf

    I’m still angry as all hell about Gay getting bashed, but I keep coming back to make sure he’ll be okay somehow. Maybe one of the elephants will take him in. I still want to see that pink bear get hers, too.

  8. Coo Coo Ca Chu

    omglob! she is too cute DX

  9. abowden

    Perhaps she can use her powers to defeat her sister?

  10. Infabulous

    As everybear is supposed to have a sad past, I presume the pink one probably was rejected by many males in the past. Of course that doesn’t justify her actions, and I want see her gets what she deserves, but maybe she not totally “evil”.

    Oh, and great page, can’t wait to see what happens next.

  11. chase

    New favorite bear is purple bear! Maybe we’ll learn their names when they confront each other and they say the names themselves.
    And awww, Tanked. You always make friends with the new bear. I love how he’s made to look very dimwitted but then it’s quite obvious he knows right from wrong, like when he was angry at Pinky when her and Gay were arguing, and just like right now; he knows he needs to get help and that purple bear is the only one not currently affected or beaten up by Pinky

  12. Glowworm

    Aww, PMS and Tanked are so cute together. For some reason, I keep thinking that the antidote to the pheromones will be beer.

  13. D.Durand

    I so love Tanked.

  14. Alister

    Ooooh I have a theory forming now. Maybe the reason Pink is so aggressive is because she’s so tired of having her sister and herself moved, she thinks that maybe if she does a really good job here, they’ll actually get to stay somewhere for once? Her anger and frustration with being constantly moves, which frustrates her and depresses her sister so much, she goes off like a bullet with claws out of a barrel to get things done, and no longer cares about how others are treated so long as she and her sister get to find a more permanent home. In my head that can explain why she’s willing to have any bear that won’t give her what she needs beat down and thrown out so callously. Having Gay around give her a lesser chance of getting things done.

    That’s just a theory though, and I could be completely wrong! She could just be super bossy and mean from the core and I could just be a hopeless villain sympathizer.

  15. TaggertShare

    So they are Sisters, this could turn into Sibling Rivalry. However Siblings often stick together and help each other.
    To paraphrase a line from one of my Fan Fics: “We are Brother and Sisters. Sometimes we fight with each other, sometimes we fight for one another”.

    This story just took a turn for the better, I think. I hope Tanked does not have a nose for trouble. I wonder is she if she drinks alcohol also. This so reminds me of the sad looking, depressed Girl who became one of my friends in College. Everybody thought we were sex partners. Instead we were drinking buddies. Yes, a Male and a Female can be drinking Buddies. I often wonder where she is now and how she is doing.

    I hope Tanked can have a similar relationship. Sometimes the quiet Guy gets the Girl, as actions speak louder than
    words. By the way this little guy had to carry a drunk girl into the dorm, I found her lying on the lawn. They called an ambulance and they pumped her stomach. She outweighed me by about 50 pounds.

    For the next few days Girls who had witnessed me carrying her into the Dorm called me all sorts of nice names. I even got a Date with one of them! I hope Tanked gets a similar reward. I can picture Tanked reading this and saying “I’ll drink to that!”

  16. Shenny

    I wonder what tragic backstory they’ll have that leads to them both being insanely hormonal xD

  17. Godobola

    Aaawww… This page is so cute! Purple bear looks so nice in this page, it’s a bit strange that they are sisters and are so different.
    Man, I’d love to go on an internship there (even if it was for just a couple of days on a visit), but I still have to finish college :(

  18. dizzie

    ohhhh so thats where she was this whole time. O:

  19. Beka Davis

    SO CUTE! I love this comic, I can’t wait for the next update! PMS can be really sweet. And I think I’m falling in love with Tanked. <3

  20. chocoblue

    I see my self in that sweet little purple bear…just a tiny bit and it hurts :(

  21. TailaBlu

    PMS is easily one of the most decent bears when her mood swings aren’t getting to her! She’s so, so, SO cute!! She’s my top favorite, now! *squeals*

  22. James

    Tanked and Pms make such a cute couple. Maybe it is going to be the cute couple to the rescue?

  23. Faiz

    i don’t see anything wrong from those 2, it’s that slutty is just being repulsive with her behavior. to ooint this one out very straight, every bear is trying to like her, only, her attitude’s the problem. Happy reading here guys, i wanna see the other bear bios so soon.

  24. Faiz

    oh that’s *point* rather. darn stubby fingers, reading it on a tab btw

  25. Dire

    Goofy panel four face is exactly what panel three sad face needs. Tanked is so great.

    I can’t believe none of us guessed they were sisters (at least that I saw in my comment-lurking), it definitely explains the protectiveness on Pink’s behalf on page 426 and the…enthusiasm…on Purple’s part in regards to Pink on page 429. I remember thinking that even for comical PMS rage, the drowning threats were a bit harsh toward a friend, but okay, siblings xD been there.

  26. Nicole

    Ohhh…PMS and Tanked are so cute together. <3

  27. Cam

    They’re sisters? Aww, I feel even more sorry for PMS now, poor dear is all alone cause her sister is such a dominatrix. No wonder she has emotional troubles. Kind of hoping she’ll stick around now. Still can’t wait to see how this all plays out, the weeks can’t go by quick enough!

  28. Cam

    I wish I could help you take care of your kids, I love playing with kids and I’d do it for free. But I live in the US, far south at that. But it’s yet another reason to move to Canada. haha

  29. James

    I think I am in love with Tanked and Pms

  30. James

    If you want to know the the names of the two new girl bears follow the link

  31. Salisria

    Concerning the vote incentive, I never had thought of the Powerpuff Girls having a particularly involved story line. The way Alison was describing things, I was expecting maybe something like Naruto to be the incentive. ;)

  32. YetAnoutherBrian

    I was wondering what happened to him. I may have to change my avatar to the scene where he is welling up with tears..

  33. Sterling Rodd

    Say, Alison, is it out of line to inquire here if book 3 is in the works? :)

  34. Thwaitesy

    I wander where Tanked is taking her.

  35. Shpee

    It would be really funny if pms, with all her emotional imbalances was for no reason a martial arts expert. Like, she eventually faces slutty then all of a sudden, Muay Thai knee strikes! lol.

    My god, am I crazy o_0.

  36. rugibess

    I still dont get why the female bears are moved arround so often??????

  37. NAZF

    @Salisria: Actually it kind of is (Naruto), just that the characters are drawn in an alternate style.

    Apparently, I’m not the only one who likes Miss Purple. :)

    …But the fact that Pinky and Miss Purple are sisters? Didn’t see that coming…, The again, seems like a lot of others didn’t either.

  38. NAZF

    Also, don’t feel bad about you comic ouput; I’ve had ideas for years and the farthest I’ve gotten is one written chapter that I’m not even satisfied with. :/

    Not only that, but you’ve managed to keep a consistent update schedule and only took one break during the comic’s run. Many other comics have taken more than one hiatus during their run, so you shouldn’t feel so bad considering your consistency.

  39. admin

    @ Cam: Yep! Lots of reasons to move to Canada…I can think of many kids who could use some free playing with :)
    @ Sterling: Of course it’s not out of line; things are always in a really, really slow state of progress (cover is semi drawn, bonus comic 90% done, got some extra content pages finished, biggest delay is the 15 or so pages I have to re-color post drive failure :(
    @ Shpee: hmm… I’m actually taking a lot of Muay Thai classes right now…

  40. Shpee

    @ admin: Alison, you cannot fathom how awesome that would be if you made that were a thing to happen @o@.

  41. Maxtine

    I was too curious and had to google “urban dictionary chocolate chip muffin”…….. I really wish I wasn’t so curious.. .___.

  42. Reese

    I’m really starting to like PMS bear. The frequent mood swings she has mixed with the issues the other bears have, I think she’ll fit in just fine….I don’t know about her sister though. Lets hope the PMS/Tanked team prevails here.

    Long time reader, first time commenter(why it took this long? idk :p). Keep up the good work, Alison!

  43. Salisria

    @NAZF I got that they were Naruto done in a PPG style. Just trying for some dry humor.

  44. NAZF

    @Salisria: Whoops! Well, it’s hard to tell that kind of stuff through plan text. XD

    On another note, I think probably most of the stuff from Urban Dictionary is just made up for shock value. That being said, I take definitions from there with a grain of salt.

    @Alison: There are decent anime that don’t go on for infinity episodes, you just have to do a bit of searching. I would’ve thrown a suggestion out last night, but I wasn’t sure if you were looking for recommendations. >3>

  45. bob

    I have a theory about tanked he is not gay he is just too drunk for pheremones to function

  46. Cayman Sharp

    come with me and we will see a world of pure imagination

  47. Faiz

    @bob, why yes of course! like what the author said, definitely not the smart one and always on alcohol every morning then throws upnat lunch

  48. Faiz

    *up at lunch* (damn stubby fingers)

  49. Hikaru

    Please don’t tell me to not look stuff up. Curiosity gets the better of me and I end up looking it up ;_; Forever scarred

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