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September 15th, 2014

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There was a zoo not that far from us that got shut down a little while ago for animal abuse, or not feeding them properly?  Or something?  I don’t remember the details, but it was a horrible story.  Then there’s the ongoing problems at Marine Land with the orcas in captivity and trainers getting mauled.  I think I read somewhere recently about a boa constrictor getting loose at another zoo and it was a few days before they found it… these zoo keepers above would totally fit into that crowd.  Criminally oblivious.

Now who commands the squirrel army at the zoo?  That could come in handy…

Went apple picking with the boys yesterday and it was packed, crazy busy.  We got lost in the corn maze and gave up, the line up for wagon rides was nuts, and then some other couple grabbed THE LAST apple rhubarb crumble.  I placated myself with fresh cider donuts.  It was a good day.  I’ve already found a couple of Pinterest boards dedicated to apple baked goods… so this is bad and there goes the diet again.

Vote incentive: Continuing discussion of old anime shows I fondly remember and can’t quite get into again…have my tastes changed that much?  Or have the kids just burned away much of what was me…


  1. Shenny

    Tanked is learning how to express himself like Gimp, with…well expressions.

  2. Nicole

    Ah, this is moving in a better direction! Huzzah for squirrels!

  3. DCR

    >Old anime: Naruto. Older anime: Escaflowne.
    I feel sooooooo old right now!

  4. rugibess

    … Tanked is having a stroke of genius moment….. and whats up with the squirrels?

  5. NAZF

    Something tells me Tanked is smarter that he looks… Well, sometimes… XD


    TEAM ANTI-PINK, A-GO-GO!!! *insert cheesey 60’s action music here*

    …Sorry, couldn’t resist! XD

  6. NAZF

    Whelp, my emoting just failed horribly… :/

  7. Kath

    so what are the girls names??

    an easy apple recipe is to core a baking apple (or granny smith) and then place it in a cup put butter in the center with brown sugar and cinnamon, then bake in the microwave for like 2 min… instant apple pie with out the carb guilt.

    always grab your bake goods FIRST and if some one wants to buy the last one say sweetly “OH IM SO SORRY MY SON SNEEZED ON THAT ONE…”

  8. Andranis

    Hmmmmm, methinks Tanked is a LOT smarter than he lets on… ~

  9. TheCollector

    I’m surprised people don’t know their names, it’s right there one Alison’s deviantart account. There’s an old piece of art I first saw ages ago from before the comic started, with all the bears, including the two girls, and another bear that might or might not show up.

    And it had all their names, Purple is indeed P.M.S Bear, and Pink is Slutty Bear. Oh, and then theres Bio Hazard bear, though who know’s if he’ll ever show up. And all the other names are there, well, except Vanity bear is listed as Token Asian bear, but otherwise.

  10. Cam

    Hooray! I had a feeling those squirrels would help out, although the squirrel army reminds me of Sloth bear, but those squirrels seem a lot nicer. They also seem to know Tank, maybe he’s helped them out of Evil’s cages or something, haha. Tank also seems to have a plan, I wonder how it’s going to go about. *gasp* Maybe he’ll get the other bears drunk like him so their senses will be blocked? Whatever happens, I hope pinky sugar lips gets what’s coming to her.

  11. Yu Huo

    Kuroneko forever! Spicy Stewed Donut! Miao.

    ‘Nother Trigun fan here. Have you gotten into Cowboy Bebop?

  12. Alister

    So it looks like the booze hasn’t killed off quite as many of Tank’s brain cells as we first thought. I wonder what he has planned?

  13. chase

    It might be hard to trick Pinky into thinking Tanked is suddenly under her control in order to get him anywhere near her, since she already knows Tanked isn’t affected… so now I REALLY want to know what the plan is! Seems like Tanked already has a plan in mind and Purple finally caught on.
    RAAARAHGSHGD How I long for the twice-weekly (and even thrice-weekly) updates to return!

  14. James

    If you want to know the names of the new girl bears follow the link

  15. Infabulous

    Oh my god, this arc is just making me more anxious for Mondays, which is normally something I avoid. But I am wondering… Didn’t Pink told the bears to throw Gay in a place he could be found? But if the zookeepers found him like this wouldn’t they assume the females are agressive and then send them back? Or would they send Gay to another zoo instead/release him in the wild, since they would assume he is the one that didn’t fit in?

  16. SND

    Tanked FTW!

    So want a Tanked plussie.

  17. K. Dragon

    Aww, he has little squirrel friends.

  18. YetAnoutherBrian

    Only bear I know with a squirrel army is Sloth. Did Gay or Tanked do a favor for the squirrels? I don’t think it is Tanked, since he once tried to use a squirrel to get high(My Avatar). I still think the Elephants are involved.

  19. Nicole

    Allison, you think your anime is old…my first as a young’en was Star Blazers! :D

    @TheCollector: some of us don’t like spoilers–that’s why we don’t go searching out those answers. But I think others have posted the girls’ names before. Ah, well.

  20. dizzie

    one of my favorite memories as a child was going apple picking during the fall… the trips always ended with hot cider and good food ^_^ my parents only later told me how much of a nightmare it was for them. its kinda funny… as a child you dont take much notice to the large crowds or bugs or screaming children….or the fact my father got lost every single time trying to find the apple orchard. haha. so your not alone. but im pretty sure the kids will have fond memories c: on another note, this page makes me happy. its nice to see tank living outside his drunken stupor ….also its nice that pms has a bit of hope in her eyes in that last panel. so ready to give up when sudden realization sinks in. haha. and dont feel bad about the anime thing. i used to love speed racer…but trying to watch it again just felt painful, couldnt even make it a full episode U_U

  21. Mazz

    I think Tanked has an idea!

  22. Salisria

    @Mazz Not only that, but I think I know what his drunken idea is.

  23. rugibess

    God i feel like such an idiot. I cannot for the life of me find out what tanked plan is. I guess i am no match for his intelligence.

  24. Bright

    *gasp* TANKED IS SOBER!

  25. Faiz

    Nice! I know what that look Tanked gives her! Not the densest furball I thought myself but I think I judged the ‘book’ too soon.

  26. TaggertShare

    I know what the supposed names of the Girls are, and I think many others do too. I think the problem is so far in this ARC they have not lived up to those supposed names. Mind control and making others act like Zombies is not what Girls who are supposed S**ts usually do to get their way with a Male (or Female if she is a Lesbian or Bi-sexual).

    As for Little Miss Purple maybe she will get a little less intrepid as soon as a certain biological function kicks in. My EX could be a real Bear when that happened! I am betting my money on her and Tanked. What The Heck, I am already broke anyway

  27. NAZF

    I honestly just call the girls by the nicknames I gave ’em. Yes, they do have names, but things could’ve changed between when they were given their original names an now.

    As for apple desserts, there’s recipes for a healthy version of everything. Failing that, waffles/pancakes/french toast with baked apples on top don’t seem like a bad idea (and you can make each with whole grain flour too to make ’em healthier). Healthy carbs, people! :D

  28. Shenny

    I’m guessing they’ll have a Vanity-like situation. They don’t have canonical names yet, and they will be bestown upon them by each other, or the other bears, before this arc is over.

  29. Nicole

    @TaggertShare: Males are sluts, too. That’s basically what Lech is.

  30. dizzie

    hmmm. PMS fits the purple bear in my opinion. the pink bear though….methinks “Bitchy” would be a more fitting fitting name. moreso i agree with Nicole… the group already has a slut bear if you think about it.

    on another note, wasnt the previous chapter the first time Gay introduced himself as “Gay”? i remember from the veryyyyyy early pages he used to deny it.

  31. Sterlibg Rodd

    @TheCollector: I get the impression that Lech turned out to be bio hazard bear. Pirate spray! :)

  32. Infabulous

    @dizzie: I am pretty sure he meant his name was “Gay”, not that he was gay. So he is still in the closet, even though is just so obvious.

  33. Chiaroscuro

    So curious as to why Tanked isn’t affected. The easy guesses:
    #1 He’s gay too, he’s just, y’know.. not the way Gay Bear is.
    #2 He’s asexual, and/or his true love is beer!
    #3 He’s chemically affected, but then.. hey, Crack’s pheronome trapped, so, hmm.

    I’m wondering if there’s a #4 that hasn;t been pulled out. Based on Tanked’s face in the last panel, I’m guessing #1.

  34. Shpee

    I think tanked is just tanked guys lol. Take it easy.

  35. rugibess

    @Thecollector Ok 1st off bio hazard bear is a girl 2nd off bio hazard will not be making an appearance because allison canceled her due to the fact that her personalty would have been redundant

  36. dizzie

    @Infabulous well…in the comic, i assume, the bears gave each other names. they are all born nameless and earn names based on personalities and behavior. in my head…by him saying “im not gay” ment he was rejecting that outright, including it as being a name. as time went on he kinda just…stopped caring as much… and by saying “I’m Gay” ment two things-he openly accepted it as both a name and an… acceptation of himself? perhaps im looking to much into this. bleh ignore me U_U

    biohazard could still be a useable bear character…didnt see any info that there will be no more bears afterall. but maybe more along the lines of her being a outright slob instead of a crack clone. Perhaps riddled with stink, fleas, grease, and horrid halitosis….who loves giving hugs and kissies. hehheh ….sorry…

  37. Urago

    PMS looks like the Me Gusta meme in panel #9.

  38. TheGnome

    This is the most focused I ever seen Tanked.

  39. Infabulous

    @dizzie: That’s actually a pretty good point, I never thought of their names that way, I just thought it was some kind of “coincidence” they were named like that.

  40. ertusafgjfgj

    I think Tanked has sobered up

  41. Tazii

    I personally think Tanked isn’t effected because he sniffed the purple bear first and is effected by her pheromones (even if they’re weaker), which was why he was able to sniff her out again. But the alcohol canceling it out also makes sense…

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