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September 22nd, 2014

Page 440

Tanked, general of the squirrel army?  Or at the very least, perhaps a platoon commander… maybe the only bear who wouldn’t abuse the power of having a squad of rodents to do his bidding.

Vote incentive: “Muffin” sketch :)

Surprise Woot shirt that I didn’t even know was coming up :)  Oblivious Ninja! Cousin to Unstealthy as the nepotism runs deep in this particular clan apparently…  available now on Shirt Woot and if you miss it on today’s feature, you can always get it later from my Woot catalogue (the price goes up though).


  1. rugibess

    I feel ya gay i also wanna know whats going on

  2. Shivral

    Er… kudos for trying, Gay. I think little miss PMS bear might go rage-a-holic on Smoochy bear now. :/ Perhaps you can bring them muffins after they settle their differences like related female heroines. Assuming everyone is alive afterwards, of course.

  3. Cam


  4. NAZF

    I think that may actually be the first time we’ve ever seen Tanked with the unamused face.

  5. forkyourself

    Wow. Vash. Haven’t seen Trigun for quite some time. Nice drawing.

  6. Nicole

    Well now! Maybe we won’t need Madge! :D

  7. AliahSilvermane

    This was where I meant to comment. Is that last panel a Drawn Together reference?

  8. corvuscorone68

    @NAZF previous page? :P

  9. Infabulous

    Now things got serious. I can totally see PMS going back to the cave and knocking everyone back to their senses, one by one.

    Also, I am really digging Gay’s suit, it really fits him. I don’t know much about colours, but purple really stands out with yellow. Will this be a recurring look, or will this arc be the last time we’ll see him with the suit?

  10. Luiz

    THIS vote incentive fixes all the misunderstoods about the chocolate chip muffins thing :P

  11. dizzie

    poor gay, he’s getting so much abuse this chapter. and his vest is so ruined :C

    you know what i find funny?
    the comment section here did a complete turnaround since pinky overtook the crew….
    ya know ya got something good going when you rile up people like that, girl! *claps*

  12. Cayman Sharp

    bring the pain pms

  13. TaggertShare

    Go girl go! I’ve seen that look before on a Girl. That’s why I am betting my money on you.

  14. TarkaTarquol

    Ok, that panel of Tanked with the squirrel is asking to be made into an avatar… We can do that for here, right? :3

    Also, I’ve been rolling at all the ShirtWoot stuff you have, and finally relented. Was pleasantly surprised at the price tag for one, actually. Plus I’ve needed a new shirt; current wardrobe is lacking a bit.

  15. Faiz

    hmmm…… now i like it where this is going. some things like that of slutty’s should be ended since it is no fun anymore for gay having a lot of misadventures if you remember aside from lech trying to piss his days and evil almost burning him alive. hmp.. i’ve said a lot now

  16. YetAnoutherBrian

    @TarkaTarquol, This site uses Gravatar.
    Step 1. Copy the comic into Paint.
    Step 2. Use the Clip function to Cut and Copy the part of the image you want to the clipboard.
    Step 3. Create a new file and paste in the clip, save it.
    Step 4. Got to Gravatar, create a profile with your email.
    Step 5. Upload the clip.
    Step 6. ???
    Step 7. Profit…

    If you have done everything right then when you leave a comment here with your email address it will automatically pull in your current pic from Gravatar. This will carry over to any other sites that use Gravatar as well.

  17. rugibess

    @YetanoutherBrian number 6 and 7 …… is that a south park reference …. lol

  18. Chris

    Just roll with it Gay, I’m sure something will work out soon. :)

  19. harlequinhatter

    Read the last panel in Xandir’s voice.

  20. Shpee

    These panels flow together so well it’s practically animated.

  21. Infabulous

    @Shpee: They sure are really well done. But, if one day we get to see a Bear Nuts’ animated short, I would die of happiness.

  22. EatingFurniture

    It’s about to get real… I’m kinda curious what control PMS has over her sister, though. Are they in a similar situation to the males having Prozac? Can PMS go on an uncontrollable rampage or something?

  23. James

    PMS Bear is so hot

  24. james57422

    PMS Bear is posing to save the day

  25. FinestBucket

    im excited

  26. james57422

    So am I

  27. Treehugger

    wait, is tanked really finally sober without you-know-what happening? he has to be, or else he would be flopping around like a dumbass from before.

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