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September 29th, 2014

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So the girls have evolved a lot since their initial creation at the animation studio I was not working for at the time (we got laid off a lot while waiting for the budget to get advanced… yes an animator’s life is glamorous indeed).  For one, there was originally three but the Biohazard Bear was a bit redundant and I have enough characters to juggle as is.  My thoughts on them changed again when we found out about the twins (after 18 months of trucks, mud, and screaming that was my male child experience, I did fantasize a little about quiet tea parties and cute hair bows).  Though I don’t have any sisters, my brothers and I fought a lot growing up and I’ve projected a lot of that onto the girls.  They’ve essentially been isolated from others of their kind aside from brief interactions, so they’ve become a unit unto themselves and don’t play well with others.  Of course, it’s pretty easy to get sick of your other half when you spend all your time with them…

And I totally used some of the girl names on my list (Purple’s is rhyming of course) before we found out the twins were boys too, and now I’ll never get to take my little girls shopping :(  The boys don’t like to go shopping with me… or they like it too much and I have a hard time getting out of there without a new lego set in exchange for good behaviour.

I also think Evil could probably wedge that radio under his horns and have his hands free.

“How Not to Train Your Dragon” screen printed on blue and available today only on Othertees!

And I didn’t know this one was going live on Woot when it did so I was a bit late on posting “Oblivious Ninja”, available here.  He’s about as highly trained as his cousin Unstealthy so I imagine he’ll be popping up in all his bumbling and inept glory every once and awhile.

Vote Incentive:  Woot didn’t give him an honourable mention in his derby but I still love him, Heavy Metal Panda.


  1. rugibess

    Sara …. why does she get a normal name

  2. Cam

    Omg we finally find out one of there names~ And it’s a real name! Wow, that’s actually kind of surprising. I hope we find out PMS’s name in the next one. Take her down! >D

  3. Cam

    So the names you gave the girl bears are ones you thought of giving to your boys if they were girls? That’s so sweet~ And if they rhyme then maybe PMS is Tara? XD

  4. rugibess

    @Cam it may be Mara

  5. dizzie

    normal names for bears are bleh. BLEH i say.
    bleeeehhhhhh BLEHH
    im a freakin goat.
    *flies off into the sunset*

  6. Prigdishnak

    Awesome as always. :) Really really hoping at some point one/both of the girls will touch Death unaware of his ‘little problem’. ^^; Be even funnier if for some reason his ‘death touch’ was inactive in his current state.

  7. Nicole

    This is the first time I’ve noticed PMS’s green eyes.

    Time for some girl talk.

  8. Lenny

    I can see the purple bear bonding with Prozac.

  9. Yu Huo

    I think I love PMS.

    The bear, not the thing.

  10. chocoblue

    @rugibess: how about Tara or Cara?

  11. chase

    She looks so unhappy with all that she has. Nice going, Sara. Try just being yourself to make friends instead of hypnotizing everyone and you might find it’s a lot more fun~

  12. Infabulous

    Wow, a normal name? that’s quite surprising and refreshing. I wonder if the boys also have some kind of normal name like “Gaylord”, “Zac”… But instead decided to stick with their nicknames.

  13. Sterling Rodd

    I’ve never lost my love for this strip but this is really upping the game. Will they both be able to stay around? Will “Purple” be the voice of sanity? I hope not. :)

  14. Sterling Rodd

    P.S.Oh yeah… rhyming names. Sara? Sara… “Bo-Bear-A”, obviously. :D

  15. Adekii

    My god, one of them has a name?!

  16. Luiz

    Great! The “How to Not Train Your Dragon’s” shirt sold out on Design By Humans, but now I have the chance to grab it! :D

  17. Dire

    My guess is that purple is Kara :D I was really surprised that they have normal names but I love it. It was such very unexpected. Really can’t wait to see how these interact together. I also feel sorry for Sara in panel five. Seems like this sort of behavior is all she really knows but it’s not really what she wants.

  18. Nicole

    I’m thinking these ladies came from a zoo that actually named their bears, rather than the Discount Zoo where they don’t. I believe they called Lech “the big one” at one time. So that’s probably why the females have real names.

  19. Dinosauregg

    Totally not what I predicted her name to be. All of the “Sara”s I know (spelled that way) are super nice XD

  20. YetAnoutherBrian

    @DinosaurEgg, or might you have been under their spell and only thought they were nice?

  21. rugibess

    @YetAnoutherBrian BUM BUM BUUUUUM

  22. Rainey

    Well, considering Vanity isn’t Vanity’s real name, is it such a stretch for them to have regular names aside from their stereotypical ones? X3

  23. FinestBucket

    ive been here for a few weeks so i think i can say i am now officially following, and in love with bear nuts.

  24. Fae

    Is there any way to get Oblivious Ninja in a poster format?
    I have two of the Unstealthy ones in a little poster format and I LOVE them, I feel like this guy needs to join them. =)

  25. EatingFurniture

    I bet all the bears had different names at some point, like how Vanity was named Ping Pong. I know some zoos like to name their animals after common names, like Rufus and Zachary. It’s not too surprising for these new bears to have names like Sara or Linda or Penelope. PMS/Purple’s name might not even rhyme; it could be Clara, Tamera, or Lara, or it could be Beatrice, Lucy, or Andrea. Whatever it is, I just doubt the names the bears have adopted were given by humans, since they just see bears tumbling around on the ground all day. Although it is hilarious to imagine someone teaching a tour group about the bears like that. “Here we see Lech and Gimp eating their meals!” and then a little kid asks “What does Lech and Gimp mean?”

  26. EatingFurniture

    Nevermind on that rhyming thing, I forgot about the message after the comic, so apparently Purple/PMS’ is confirmed to rhyme. Derp on my part.

  27. TaggertShare

    I guess Sara learned it can be lonely at the top. As for Purple’s name….I had a Aunt whose name rhymes with Sara. OMG…my feelings for Purple will take a down turn if it is the same name.

  28. SylviaP

    Sara for Serotonin bear? Maybe the pink one is Ersta for estrogen bear? I’m kind of really hoping they’re not named “Slutty” and “PMS” bear.

  29. Jeroen

    Great vote incentive!!!

  30. Sparrow

    Another good name sort-of rhyming with Sara is Clara. Nice name for a good-aligned character. It was my grandmother’s name, and what I would name my daughter if I ever have one.

  31. Faiz

    @rugibess, I was about to ask the same and wasn’t the other panel wherein Slutty wears a bath robe while Vanity’s holding her popcorn very familiar? And everyone, about the ‘chocolate-chip muffin’ incident, there wasn’t anything that happened to those two (Lech n’ Gay). It was a hoax about that urban dictionary term.

  32. Alex

    I love these comics!! I spent almost an entire day reading them..
    Plus, WOW.
    That chocoloate muffin reference really dumbfucked me. XD

    I Love these comics

  33. Black Pete

    Hm, While the whole idea is great (and yes, men who do everything a woman say and try to constantly please her will lose her respect) I really have trouble seeing death so easily seduced. So it would have been nice if he had been temporarily out of the way instead of just being one of the group.

  34. Alex

    omg, maybe PMS bear is called Barbara or Clara XD it sounds a perfect name for the PMS bear XD idk why,

  35. Alex

    Plus, I thought Prozac’s medication would have kept him abit more free from her power,
    How? I do NOT know the chemistry behind it, just random shot in the dark

  36. Jamie

    I can’t believe I missed the “How Not To Train Your Dragon” t-shirt – I’d have loved to buy that… :(

    also: could really hear the DUNDUNDUNNNN when she said “we have to talk” XD

  37. admin

    @ Fae: email me and I can probably do something for you:
    @ Taggert: lol, sounds like there’s interesting back story there
    @ Black Pete: but Death usually gets excluded (probably by choice), so now he gets to be “one of the guys”… which I’m sure he’ll immediately regret

  38. Coo Coo Ca Chu

    @TaggertShare: i think the male bears might nick name them such names thou owo after this i can kinda see that happening.

  39. rugibess

    I just thought of something where did sara get the bathrobe from. either she had it with her or she raided gays wardrobe

  40. EatingFurniture

    @rugibess Definitely Gay’s.

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