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October 6th, 2014

Page 442

And now begins the pushing of the buttons; those we are closest to always know the best ways to piss us off (Sara and Cara, soooo rhymey.  There’s a big divide among twin parents about wether rhyming your twin’s names is cute, or totally silly.  I can’t decide, Jim thought it was dumb.  Whatever, I made my own girls.)

Soooo tired today.  Had a great weekend mini family vacation thing out of town and got to see my cousin’s new baby.  Jim had to work so I packed all three boys in the car and went (there’s nothing they like better than driving me crazy in a hotel room… with a pool!)  Sam accidentally shoved scrambled eggs up his nose at breakfast, and then sneezed it all over the table, plus people kept giving the twins sugar.  There will come a day when they aren’t cute anymore and the sucking up thing will wear off.  I suppose they should live it up while they can… but Owen didn’t nap at all on the way back and actually seemed to keep up an entire conversation with himself for three hours.

New shirts up on Woot’s Halloween side sales this week!  Nightmare on Sesame Street!

I also have two entries in Woot’s Fall themed derby so if you have a Woot account I’d super appreciate a vote :)  Huddle and Toastymon (and now I want to colour more leaves, and drink hot chocolate).

VOTE INCENTIVE:  this was on the Facebook page but if you missed it here’s Glech in a quiet moment (and an awesomely fun commission to do :)


  1. chocoblue

    Sister fights…. I can totally relate to these two girls (Sara and Cara…that’s cute!)

    Btw Allison, who is the older sister? Sara or Cara?

  2. rugibess


  3. james

    In my time zone it is 10:00

  4. rugibess

    @james you are lucky in mine its 1:00

  5. james

    PMS/ Cara is too calm. If I was her I would be be swearing so much

  6. Leah

    Interesting plot development! Also the link to your Glech picture is not working and I tried it on both Safari and Firefox. Just thought you should know.

  7. EatingFurniture

    Sara looks like she’s about to explode. Is she okay..?

    Also, I agree, Lech truly is a neanderthal.

  8. CaymanSharp

    im wondering whose gonna hit who first

  9. GodoBola

    Dis gon b gud *grabs chair and popcorns and sit on the 1st row see what happens*
    man, it’s the 4th time in a row I wake up at 2:00am just to see the week page, even though I got to work today (worth it!)
    oh BTW, I loved both the images of gay and lech together! they looked sooo cute!

  10. Alex

    …This shit is suspensful…
    ;-; Too many cliffhangers


    Which images?

  11. fluff-and-puff

    Ooooh Cara’s called it..sister fights!

  12. TailaBlu

    I think Sara is older, earlier the zookeepers called her the bigger bear.

  13. TailaBlu

    Also I have the feeling Sara is fairly misandristic and this may be the time where she actually gives the men a chance to know her. :3

  14. rugibess

    @Alex He means the vote incentive

  15. TailaBlu

    Sorry for posting thrice, but the link is a little strange.. It lacks colons in needed places..

  16. TailaBlu

    Wait, wait, you put http// twice, that’s what happened..

  17. chase

    Yipe! Go, Cara! I like how calm she’s being, knowing her moodiness. I suppose knowing you’re in the right is quite the sobering feeling.

  18. Infabulous

    Aww, the vote incentive is so cute, maybe that’s what happened after the muffin night.

  19. Alister

    Oh yeah, this is going so smoothly. Those two are just so sweet to each other. Yep. I can see this being resolved with no cat-fights whatsoever!

  20. Adekii

    Ah, so they both have names. From a readers’ perspective, it’s going to suck if these two stick around. Every single panel of every single comic is going to be haunted with the specter of magical, unstoppable mind control pheromones for the entirety of the remaining run if that is the case.

  21. TaggertShare

    So my new Favorite Bear is named Cara. Glad to see her start living up to her online Nickname. Also glad to see Cara and Sara acting like sisters. I am still placing my bet on Cara. Go girl!

  22. S.P

    Relatively certain Sara didn’t get the proper attention and love growing up and became bitter.

  23. Mikey

    Some of the best dialogue in awhile in a comic that consistently has great dialogue. Way to step it up!

  24. Sparrow9612

    That flare around Sara in the last panel reminds me a bit of DBZ. Hopefully she doesn’t go Super Saiyan, or there won’t be anything in the zoo over an inch tall left standing.

  25. Rainey

    Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! >=D

  26. TarkaTarquol

    Oooooh, this is getting good! *grabs popcorn… a week’s worth of popcorn*

  27. Dire

    Oh, I don’t know about all readers feeling that way. Mind-control makes it just another day in the bear exhibit when functional voodoo dolls, cloning machines, hallucinogenic muffins, and electromagnetic death touches are already a constant looming threat.

    Volatile love/hate will help the twins fit right in eventually. I’m most looking forward to the relationships they wind up making with the boys after they settle in with everyone. I want Sara and Gay to bury the hatchet and be friends in particular. I think they share a certain haughty assertiveness that would make for some fun times.

  28. FinestBucket

    im excited

  29. rugibess

    @Dire Yeah it would be nice for gay to become friends with the girls or at least one of them. I mean he probably has been die-ING to show his wardrobe off.

  30. Cam

    YOU GO CARA! And omg, Cara i such a pretty name. I love it.

  31. Alex

    I dont know why, and sorry if I sound stupid, (since im new here) but whenever I click the link for the vote incentive it just redirects to the voting portal… what do I do??

  32. Alex

    Nevermind, Im an Idiot XD

  33. Infabulous

    @Dire and rugibess: I would love to see Gay becoming friends with both girls. But I am pretty sure he will get along with Cara, since he could be a good listener when her mood swings (unfortunately Prozac has too many problems of his owns) just like he did when Madge was mad at her husband. While Sara, even if they set their differences aside, she is most likely to be added to his ever growing list of “enemies” along with Evil, Lech and Vanity.

    Also, these shirt’s designs are pretty neat. Even though I can’t buy one right now since I live in another country, I really like the art itself.

  34. Lily

    Oh, it is on now!

  35. Faiz

    Oh now I’m seeing a cat fight erupting!

  36. Faiz

    Oh and BTW, that’s one cute Halloween -themed tiger we have here :3

  37. Juduspriest

    Dethcon 1 active nuclear meltdown in t-minus

  38. EatingFurniture

    The Toastymon pic is adorable, by the way.

  39. Chris

    Yeah, why are you always such a skank?

  40. tigerbiten

    Sara and Cara?? Where have I heard those names before…

  41. Bry

    the claws r coming out! o.O

  42. T-Shaw

    I’m actually quite surprised that the girls have normal names. And that Cara called Sara a skank.

  43. Alex

    I always wondered why Gay had that pig/rhino symbol on his stomach, Its the only one that I cant really… figure out :/

  44. Tazii

    @Alex, It’s an elephant, and when something is obvious yet no one brings it up or ignores it it’s referred to as ‘The elephant in the room’. The ‘Pink Elephant’ is his obvious sexuality that he denies, even if everyone knows it’s true.

  45. Infabulous

    @Alex and Tazii: Actually it’s a pink rhino, which is a LGBT symbol. I heard that Gay’s belly symbol was supposed to be a rainbow (a more common used LGBT symbol), but the symbol was already been used by a Care Bear character. So to avoid some problems, Alison decided to use the pink rhino instead.

  46. rugibess

    @Tazil infabulous speaks the truth but your theory did make sense

  47. rugibess

    On a side note im curious as if the bears know of the symbols on there bellys or if there oblivious to them

  48. Faiz

    Figures! I knew 00that PMS would interfere w/ Slutty’s pheromone release. And as for Lech, I was expecting him to be a bit confused like “Huh…Wha…? What happened?”

  49. soman

    CARA bear…
    i get it!
    CARE BEAR! =:)

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