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October 13th, 2014

Page 443

So Lech is incorrigible?  Or just bounces back fast, or has a goldfish brain…

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians!  I ate too much last night and have Thanksgiving dinner number 2 to look forward to tonight :P  At least the boys ate their broccoli with only a little fight; they are slowly getting better.  And then Sam ate his ice cream with his hands, spoon untouched on his plate… so there’s that.

Debuting today on Shirt Woot is a Halloween themed Unstealthiest Ninja tee!  This one qualifies for Woot’s Oct best seller’s contest so the top three designs with the most first day sales wins a bonus commission :)  Shirts are also only $12 on debut day, then they go up in price after that… so get it today and save $$$.  Plus you’ll have a better chance of getting it shipped by Halloween.

CONTEST TIME: Like/share/comment on this design on the Facebook post to help me push Unstealthy onto the masses, and tomorrow I’ll randomly pick one of you awesome people to win a free sketch commission from me. It can be Bear Nuts related, it can be something else completely (just not anything weirdly specific and of an x-rated nature).  Plus Raph is totally the best ninja turtle.

And ‘Huddle’ got an honourable mention so it’s available for one week in the Fall derby side sale (then available always in the back catalogue but it goes up in price!)

So I apparently suck at adding links on occasion and messed up the last vote incentive link for the adorable Glech commission, so here’s Glech 2: They’re Still on the Couch.


  1. rugibess

    the girls look so angry in the last panel …. are they gonna hurt lech?

  2. 13thmaiden

    Sara and Cara: *eyetwitch*

    XD Lech you’re gonna get even more torn up now….

  3. Shenny

    I hope Gimp has ten first-aid kits.

  4. EatingFurniture

    The expressions were done especially well today. Cara’s (Purple is Cara, right? I think so) expressions were missing a certain je ne sais quoi in a few previous panels, I think it had to do with the eyebrows… Anyway, the catfight (or should I say bearfight? Yeah I’ll see myself out) everybody was waiting for has finally begun. And apparently the spell can be broken! Curious to see if the same will happen for the others with fitting situations for them. They’ll probably just scare Crack…

    Also, the link was only missing a colon in the https:// last time and could be fixed pretty easily. The new link does work properly this time, though.

  5. T-Shaw

    Really, your out of Sara’s control and you want to do a three some?

  6. Shade

    Gonna say it now Lech deserves every bit of whats coming

  7. GodoBola

    Oh Lech, Lech… You and your priorities… I’m guessing he’ll become a “cat’s scratching pole” in the next page (well, if he gets what he wants with it then everyone profits right?)

  8. NAZF

    …Welp, it was nice knowin’ ya, Lech…

    …Not really, lol. XD

    Anyway, I expact a “Megaton Punch” situation to happen. :)

  9. D.Durand

    That’s Lech, never missing the important things.

  10. crazybark

    =///___\\\= glech.

  11. Irma Vep

    You can’t denigh the power of Boner.

  12. chase

    Lech must actually secretly enjoy being wounded.

  13. Paara

    Did he really forget why he was running from Slutty in the first place? Let alone him still sporting the injuries.

  14. chicken

    rest in pieces lech
    we will remember him as he was
    an asshole

  15. Infabulous

    Lech becoming a eunuch in 3…2…1…

  16. Bry

    lmao welcome back, Lech

  17. Rudy

    100% agree with Infabulous’ comment!

    2… 1… EUNUCH!!!!!!!! The blood, the pain… so very well deserved! XD~~~~

  18. TaggertShare

    That is certainly no Petting Zoo! Lech should know Siblings fight one another, but also fight for each other. Could be time for a well placed Paw Slap.

  19. rugibess

    Ok alison that 1st glech vote incentive was cute but the second one killed me (in a good way)

  20. Dire

    I love Cara’s scrunchy mouth in the third panel. I’m guessing she doesn’t assert herself to Sara too terribly often. I am way too amused by the myriad of floating objects accompanying the swear symbols…the croissant in particular in panel 10 really cracks me up.

  21. FinestBucket

    im glad everything worked out in the end…

  22. Coo Coo Ca Chu

    Busted out laughing when i read all of this XD i’m dieing haaa

  23. Alex

    Goodbye Lech,

  24. Urago

    You guys think they’ll literally KILL Lech…

    Like Alison would kill off one of her characters.

  25. chocoblue

    Tanked is done with all the drama. Oh, and it’s nice to see you’re back, Lech.

  26. Cam

    Of course Lech would snap out of it for a chick fight. He deserves all of what’s coming for him next.

  27. EatingFurniture

    Oh man, the bears is Lech’s threesome fantasy at the beginning of Girl Power I were pink and purple. Foreshadowing?

    Okay, probably not.

  28. Trolldrool

    This is the reason why you never, ever, not ever get involved in a chick fight. I suspect a brutal dismemberment for dear Lech in the near future.

  29. Infabulous

    @Urago: Nah, but he will get severely injured.

    @rugibess: OMG, this week’s vote incentive sure is heart warming, even more than the last one. I wonder if they will get a moment like this in the comic.

  30. KaitLynnHt

    And with this, the sisters became a united front for the first time in their lives.

  31. Dinosauregg

    Bad idea Lech… really, really bad idea to get in-between them right now XD

  32. Salisria

    @Infabulous: While Lech probably does deserve to become Lack, I really doubt it. After all, Allison already has rhyming character names for the girls. There’s no need for Crack and Lack. On second thought though, we have Prozac …

  33. Monochrome

    Lech, you have learned nothing.

  34. Vausch

    Must admit, my genuine hope for the next one is for Lech to suffer the same fate as John C. McGinley in Highlander 2.

    For those that don’t know the scene: Grab manhood, crushing sound, screaming, lift off the ground by crushed manhood, and out the window of a 50 story building.

  35. Rainey

    Am I seeing things, or are there baked goods in their swear words? oO

  36. Michael Sirius

    I read this comic from start to finish starting from last Friday and I’m a huge fan. But surprised that Death got controlled too, I mean he’s Death. I’m so sad to be caught up now because I have to wait until Monday, but oh well

  37. EatingFurniture

    @Rainey Yes, those are baked goods.

    @Michael Sirius Yeah, Death’s Death, he’s not allowed to touch anyone but he still wants to. He just has to accept that he can’t, although female hormones will still work. Those must be pretty strong, you’d think Crack would be scared of STDs, but he still fell for them.

  38. superchocoblue

    Chocoblue here. Just testing the wordpress account I made so i could use an avatar

  39. rugibess

    @Superchocoblue Congrats on evolving

  40. superchocoblue

    @rugibess: Thank you. :D

  41. Magasek

    @Infabulous and Rudy, LMAO on the Eunuch comment. Now I’m picturing Lech in future comics wearing a sock similar to polar bear Steve’s only in a much more…ahem…”delicate” location.

  42. Feather Quill Inkpot

    And now we reference back to Lech’s fantasies from page 422. XP

  43. Chris

    This doesn’t help Lech… :P

  44. Sparrow9612

    Cara: Truce?
    Sara: Truce.
    *Shaking paws, both maul the living hell out of lech*

  45. DK

    Girl, you should try patreon, this comic is great :D

  46. superchocoblue

    We’ll see the results of Lech’s comment tomorrow

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