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October 20th, 2014

Page 444

See?  Lech is a good problem solver!

So we’re well into cold and flu season here, it starts with one kid and gradually works through them all (and then starts again with the first).  I expect most surfaces of my house have a thin coating of mucus by now… Countdown to when Jim gets it (worse than the boys of course) and I have to tune out the fake coughing (Sam), the extreme whininess (Evan), the shrill commentary (Owen), and the insufferable complaining (my husband).  I also read a study recently that stated the happiest households/families are the ones raising two girls.  So where does that put me on the spectrum??

I actually had two ideas for Unstealthy Halloween themed tees so here’s the other one: Unstealthy puts his “talents” to work and plays decoy :)  Available now in my Neatoshop.

Vote Incentive: Inspired by ShirtWoot’s current derby theme of video games: Retro gaming at it’s finest :)


  1. james

    In my time zone it is only 10:00

  2. Urago

    So, Sara brainwashes the bears, almost gets her sister kicked out, almost kills Gay, and then nothing happens to her? >_<

  3. rugibess

    I love how death is storming off in the 7th panel like he is so done with this shit

  4. rugibess

    @James thats your second time saying that

  5. EatingFurniture

    Congratulations to those who predicted Team Girl Power to come from this. Glad to see the two finally getting along! (and oooh, those muscles)

    The expressions are pretty hilarious. Evil looks a little sad in panel 6, Prozac looks absolutely disoriented, and Crack is petrified. Also, Death looks seriously angry in panel 7…

  6. james

    @rugibess Fuck you I don’t care

  7. james

    I was hoping Lech was going to have a threesome in this comic

  8. rugibess

    @james ……ok

  9. GodoBola

    Oh look… Now Lech and Gay can sleep together again!!! In recovery beds… For a couple of days. It could even be a Glech 3 commission “they now moved to the bed, and are sharing a IV bag” aaawww!!! Can’t wait for that!

  10. Muchacho NL

    Hahahaha, I love it how Death….. just walks away :)

  11. chase

    Bonding over beatings? I’m okay with this.

  12. Infabulous

    @Urago: I am pretty sure there will be Karma. Just like when Vanity was introduced.

  13. rugibess

    @allison Im assuming your going to be adding sara and cara to the bear bios page soon

  14. DozerTheDozerian

    The happiest families are the ones raising two girls, huh? I’m from such a family. Trust me, it’s a lie.

  15. Kath

    first off Allison, throw out the tooth brushes and pillows in your house and get new ones. after that , each and every time you brush your teeth (or at least once a night) boil water, add 2 tablepoons of salt and pour the boiling water into a mug (one for each tooth brush) and plunk the tooth brush head first into the mug. This will stop the re infection by the toothbrush.

    when taking cough medication. Drink plenty of water WHEN you take the medication. For an adult, at least 16 oz. half before they take the medication half directly after. Each and Every time. The medication will last for HOURS at that point and relieve the symptoms. for the kids it is harder, but the answer is to give it to them in both fruit juice and ice cubes in their sippy cups. (what kid doesn’t love ice cubes?) each ice cube is about half an ounce. The other thing is to mix up hot lemon aid and add honey to it. It will be the most vile thing on earth of course, but when Sam starts with the fake cough and your hubby starts to complain, give them a mugful to drink (each and every time) Tell them its the newest flu remedy and they have to keep drinking it as long as they have symptoms. Trust me, it is so nasty that if they are truly ill, they will drink it and it will help them feel better, and if they are NOT ill and set it aside, then you can say “Well, I guess you aren’t as ill as you believe. ” It is truly a magical cure.

  16. Alister

    Ah, nothing brings two girls together than getting angry at the same guy.

  17. Shenny

    I have a suspicion that Death is on his way to zap the girls. I’m sure Gay will continue to have no idea what’s going on for the rest of this arc so he won’t be able to tell the guys what happened, if they don’t already know.

  18. YetAnoutherBrian

    I still have the original Pong console my dad bought way back in the day. It used somethng like 6 or 8 D-Cell batteries, that had to be removed or they would drain even if the console was off. On our TV there was a thin line at the top that was off screen, so you could send back a shot out of site and sometimes sneak one past your opponent. Nice design.

  19. TaggertShare

    Well Lech, you should have heeded my Comment after the last Panel. Better yet you should have read my Fan Fic
    “She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Lover”. Boaris said “we may be Brother and Sisters who fight one another sometimes. But we also fight for one another.” When I was fifteen I lit into a guy who was picking on my younger brother. His Father stopped by to have a word with my Parents. My Parents gave him old Hell, and I was never punished for throwing a great left Hook. It pays to be both handed!

    So nice to see Cara and Sara acting like siblings. I bet at least one took aim at Lech’s Bear Nuts.

  20. Nicole

    Wow. I don’t see a “The End” so I’m curious where we go from here! :D

  21. Bri

    @james Was that “fuck you” really called for? Really unnecessary to be mean in this comment thread.

    Anyway, I can relate to this a lot. Well, not beating up a guy haha, but my sister and I arguing one moment and making up just as quickly. :) <3 Doing things together (almost) always heals bitter emotions. I hope Sara can redeem herself in future comics! I think it’s safe to say though that her and Cara are just moody girls who have had trouble fitting in + getting along with others. This time will probably be different since all of these bears are also uh … quirky in their own ways. I’m actually very excited to see how these girls get along with the male bears in the near future!

  22. Michael Sirius

    Infidelity will be punished. Lech should have learned that the first few times.
    I too want to know what happens next.
    By the way, is this book five? And if so, would this be the Book of Gay?

  23. MustacheHam

    Nothing brings sisters together than a good old fashion vent…through violence.

    Me and my sisters always bonded through violent multiplayer video games. :D

  24. Dire

    You can add me to the list of readers who can empathize with his…my older brother and I used to beat the crap out of each other all the time to settle differences growing up. I suspect Prozac is finally going to get to interject with the ground rules he tried to lay out earlier and the girls will settle in a bit. Also, there’s nothing in the comic to back this up at all, but I keep hoping Evil’s idea of a good girlfriend is actually just someone sweet – we didn’t get a preview of his perfect girl earlier – and I really hope he and Cara at the very least make friends. It would completely crack me up for him to turn out to be a total softie toward girls.

  25. superchocoblue

    Never change, Lech. I absolutely love how everyone is regretting their actions in panels 6-7. Death stood out the most, he seriously looked like he was about to puke.
    As for Sara and Cara, I do hope the former gets some form of karma, but she is able to redeem herself and make peace. Poor Gay needs some love and attention as well, he’s seriously hurt.

    That fight between the girls reminds me of my relationship with my little sister, which is a bit rocky at the moment. We fight quite a lot but we make up in the end.

    Oh, and MustacheHam, both your username and avatar are magnificent.

  26. EatingFurniture

    @Nicole There’s probably just going to be a bit of narration and maybe more reactions to the hypnosis, Gay and Tanked (Does Tanked ever say anything?) explaining what happened, and the reason Tanked was immune to the pheromones.

  27. Bry

    lol love how they beat the crap out of Lech and the Sara and Cara r totally ok now…hugs all around x3

  28. Cam

    Awww, so glad Sara and Cara are on good terms. Maybe they will all be able to get along now. And Death, haha. Love him.

  29. crazybark

    goddammit napp…lech.

  30. rugibess

    I just noticed prozac in the 7th panel … I wonder if he is going to let this mine control thing slide or not asuming he remembers it

  31. Faiz

    @rugibess, I was also assuming this but I noticed Death walked away PISSED. I thought some of them won’t be letting the act slide since Gay was almost put into trouble. And those two girls? I dunno what happens next but I’ll wait for next Tuesday since I’m from Asia.

  32. Shpee

    “I know eh!”

    Now you just hold on a second madam. Keep your canadianisms to yourself!! There are children reading!

  33. admin

    @Urago: patience my friend…
    @GodoBola: lol at sharing an IV bag, plus www
    @Kath: thanks for the info! I’ve pretty much given up on cough medicine, it doesn’t work for me and I was told to not give it to kids anyway, that it’s not really all that safe or effective :(
    @Michael: we are into book 5, but it’s going to be Crack
    @Shpee: :D

  34. Gallows

    There is just something about if it gets called The Little Book of Crack that makes me smile. I know that won’t be it’s name, but that just amuses me.

    Me and my little sister have moments like this as well and I’m her brother. We’ll stand there arguing about something, she is far more logical than I am with me being more instinctual and someone will try to join in to try and stop what seems to be far more heated than either of us feel it is and we turn on them. Siblings have weird interactions like that.

  35. Paul

    lol I was hoping Lech would get beat up and you certainly delivered.

  36. EatingFurniture

    @admin & Michael Sirius, I’ve noticed that the first two books are Prozac and Evil, and the first two origin stories are Prozac and Evil, and while that’s probably a coincidence, I thought that maybe that’s why you chose those two for the first books. Also, if that’s true, that’d mean that Crack’s origin story is the next origin story since there are 4 so far (Proxac, Evil, Tanked, and Nerd, in that order). But it’s still probably just a coincidence anyway.

  37. rugibess

    @EatingFurniture I can say with almost 100 percent certainty that you are correct

  38. Mazz

    Get well soon to your family, it’s run through my house too, it’s just a yearly thing, especially with school age kiddos like mine.

    For the comic
    Hahaha, I love it, sister’s to the core, we be crazy but always stick up for eachother against jerks. Though the girls just need to figure out who to love. If I was a bear I’d be all over that sweet nerdy one.

  39. Mazz

    Steam/humidifiers are so much more affective than cough meds btw. Nice robust/minty tea works well too (but it’s so gross oh god, I hate tea).

  40. retromayhem

    Lech sorta reminds me of Johnny Bravo…
    Also, what do you guys think of my WIP poster?
    Bat Death is from the Book of Prozac and nerd, tanked and evil are from the wallpapers section of the website.

  41. Hikaru

    ummm… what??

  42. GameOver

    i love how in the 7th panel death is just like “fuck this, i’m out”

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