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July 7th, 2014

Page 429

I’ve found post pregnancy that my periods of… let’s say emotional instability, are either more intense, or last longer.  It seems to vary month to month.  Such fun!  That and my totally ruined stomach are so going to come back and haunt my kids later in life when I want stuff done.  Lawn needs mowing?  Emotional blackmail time :)

And despite my Facebook rant last week about how busy I was and how not busy Jim was… guess who still ended up mowing the lawn :(  I can’t wait till the boys are old enough to help clean the house instead of destroy it (case in point, last night Evan rubbed his chocolate ice cream ALL OVER HIS CHAIR.  And then sat in it.)

Way early notice as this shirt isn’t going live until Sat the 12th on Shirt Punch so check there on the weekend for yet more Dragon fan art from me, cause I’m totally obsessed with this movie and Sam keeps asking for more dragon shirts.  I just can’t deny the kid :)

Vote incentive: the Canada Day and Independence Day art I posted on Facebook last week.


  1. Dinosauregg

    Best. Comic. Yet.

  2. Pinkle

    O_O well……. I know who to avoid in a dark alley

  3. Sam

    LOL! I think her symbol should have been a pregnant bear or something because she has WAAAAY more hormones going on then a regular woman pmsing. XD did they send her there pregnant or something?

  4. Mark Linimon

    As a male, I confess to having worn Prozac’s expression in the second panel in … somewhat similar circumstances. Happily, not exactly the same :-)

  5. AnglerFeesh

    Can I make an inapropriate, immature joke?
    *Heh hem*:
    These two girls should be called Dr. Jack-all and Mr. Cried.

  6. Ari

    homg… o___o

  7. Urago

    Moody or not, Cara is so adorable. *Hugs her*

  8. Mvilu Uatusun

    Well, I don’t know their names yet but, it seems each one found the perfect one for them. Lech’s girl is a sex maniac and Prozac’s is an emotional roller coaster.

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