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April 16th, 2010

Page 164

In case anyone was wondering Edward the elephant has NOTHING to do with Twilight, I just liked the alliteration in the name… I’m a big fan of literary devices, and Sammy’s squeaky toy Eddie the elephant as well (it’s soooo cute!  And he always smiles when I squeeze it for him.)

He also has a toy octopus with an eye patch and a pirate hat named Captain Calamari, I am so not making that up!  If you like pirates and babies, and perhaps baby pirates, then this is the toy for you!  He prefers to mouth the hook arm the most :)

(It’s a Lamaze brand toy from Babies R Us but I don’t see it online so perhaps it’s an in store only product?)



    If there’s one thing the women in my life excel at, it’s putting up a fuss. They are the incarnations of chaos!

  2. shadowwalker

    Love the new editions to the Bear Nuts family line up!
    This Comic so needs to be a cartoon series, way better then that family guy and junk!

  3. silverblob5

    Elephants eating mind-altering muffins….this promises to delight. And possibly to maim.

  4. Heart of Blades

    She’s a theft! But Gay seems to love his gift. So who will eat a muffin of doom first!? And yay, Dean’s wining!

  5. Bosn_C_Otter

    I think even if he was holding a small white kitten he could not look more adorable.

  6. Crisp

    So fierce


    “mind-altering muffins?” I thought the muffins were going to give tongue warts.

  8. Bosn_C_Otter

    YIPPEE KI YAA HE YAY KYA~H KAYO .. the cane toad secretes an hallucinogenic out of its pores when frightened. It was all the rage to lick these frog in the 90’s for a LSD like trip.

  9. Davey U

    Elephants can be so moody. :P
    I love this comic. I’m so glad I clicked that ad from another site a few days ago. I’ve been hooked ever since!

  10. Tyron E!

    Animals know fashion?

  11. CardiganHarle

    I’ve been a long time reader, and never had the courage to post. First off: Amazing work you have done here with the comic, I look forward to reading it every Monday and Friday. Makes my day. <3 Second: Last panel – Brilliant! Third: Your son is adorable, he has such beautiful eyes!

    I look forward to more! Keep up the Wonderful work.

  12. Glowworm

    “Have a muffin, you jerk!” XD. And Sammy is adorable.

  13. Topazert

    Why did Edward go “oh hell..”?

  14. Kiggy

    Whenever there are elephants involved, I know hilarity will ensue. XD

  15. budle

    gay is so…. gay… :D

    I kinda see the way those elephant talk with African-American (it’s the right term, eh?) style like what I see in movies…

  16. Tigergulp

    Poor Sammy is having his brains sucked out by a colorful octopus! Aiee!!

  17. Coffinshaker

    Love your comics! Keep up the great work!

    I’m starting to like the grumpy elephant… he’s got the best faces!

  18. kaijufan34

    Just cant wait till they eat one of those tainted muffins.. Wonder what evil used..

  19. Nicole

    Oh, the happy shiny joy of panel 1. :)

  20. Abdiel

    I’m glad I found this comic.

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