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April 19th, 2010

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Oh Tanked and his child-like innocence/wonder… I’m always amazed when I watch Sam getting so much fun out of trying new things, however trivial they may seem (like spoons!  Yay!  They go in the mouth!!).  It’s incredible watching a personality develop and it makes you appreciate everything a little bit more.  I like to think of Tanked as child-like for the most part.  I guess the alcohol intake pretty much stunted his development so maybe he essentially is a child… or he’s just a big pig.

For fun I re-drew Sam’s spoon montage from a couple of Mondays ago with Tank.  (click to vote to see the whole thing).

Plus check out this awesome Death animation by Chris Day! (Chris, if there’s a website or something you’d like me to link please let me know :)



    If what Bosn_C_Otter said was true, then those muffins are gonna get Crack Bear higher than crack has ever gotten him

  2. Tiggy

    Angry fayce Crack! One of the rarest emotions you’ll ever see on him.

  3. Heart of Blades

    I love all the looks on Crack’s face in this. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen him with a grumpy look before. So at this point, I’m mixed up with what muffins are safe and which aren’t, the next couple updates should prove quite interesting.

  4. Suzu

    panel 5 never seen that expression on him before o.O x3

  5. SomeIdiotWhoLeavesBadComments

    Ahahah! If only my mouth was big enough to do that when I was younger, I KNOW that I would’ve done that when my mom made muffins. And just my personal opinion, but I think Tank is just so child-like because he’s always so drunk that he can’t know better.

  6. Likeacupcake

    I would not like to be tanked in a few minutes… or maybe all the beer has given him a natural immunity to toxins…

  7. Davey U

    Maybe for a few short moments Crack will feel good about himself for trying something new and enjoying it. But that won’t last long. Add muffins to the list!
    Silly Tanked can’t have even tasted the muffins if he eats them that fast. :P

  8. Kurobara

    Wow…on my sixteenth birthday, I pretty much did the same thing Tanked just did with those muffins…except it was a chocolate cupcake…a really good chocolate cupcake. xD

  9. My Real Name

    It seems like Alison wants to kill off Tanked in this arc… that much cane toad juice could kill him D:

  10. DominicanKing614

    its so weird seeing Cracked Bear look normal in so many panels …. he’s missing red eye lines in almost half the boxes and that 3rd to last panel he looks like all the other bears …. so weird …

  11. satin

    add mufffins to the list of fears

  12. Lucky

    I dunno, but this Tank scene remembers so much Stitch on the table with Lilo at the “fake” lual xD

  13. Ketira

    1) Heh – I’m in agreement with some of the others: Tanked’s mind has gone childlike ’cause of all that beer.

    2)re: Death Animation – ROFL! That is so cute! Can he do one of Evil, maybe? (Or Prozac in his “I’m out of pills” phase) ….. just an idea. ;)

  14. lanysmiles

    lol! I love Evils face!!
    Can’t wait to see where this leads….

  15. Cokekitty

    Oh, Crack. You poor, paranoid little thing.

  16. Nicole

    Love panels 8 and 13. Crack’s expressions are so cute.

    Well, let the insanity begin.

  17. Alex

    Aha, Evil’s expression in Panel 12 is very cute. :)


    @Likeacupcake- and if Tanked isn’t immune, he’s just going to have a typical day!

  19. Kiggy

    Can’t wait what effect will the toxin have on each individual character….

  20. drackdrack

    Haven’t they learned by now? When Evil smiles, TRUST NOTHING!

  21. Draconi

    i think that someday, we should get to find out what tanked was like BEFORE he started drinking :P

  22. lol

    crack bear looks totally okay in his first three panels. it’s almost cute

  23. Bamith

    huh… what would a crack addict be like under a hallucigen…? hmm… he would either go insane out of fear… or…iuno =/

  24. Tigergulp

    Woo! Spoons!

  25. Nicole

    Zomg, I just put the Sam montage side-by-side with the Tanked montage. TOO PERFECT!!! Cuteness overload!! :)

  26. Charlie

    Oh my Goddess, this is just such a cute panel.
    Evil with his ears up is adorable, and with the closed eyed smile.. and Tanked big grin when he realizes that the muffins are safe… Evil seems a little worried in that last panel. maybe he is hoping the Trippin-muffins wont kill Tank ??

  27. TheGnome

    In that last panel I think Evil is just glad he didn’t loose a paw.

  28. Nicole

    Crack’s face in panel 13 is just great.

  29. Tehbob

    Tanked is the best little special bear ever. His expressions always make me laugh. As for soon to be high, how will anyone notice? Tanked focuses on nothing for long periods of time, he already drools, and since he never talks, I’m guessing he’s not going to give any verbal indicators. Cracked is going to go insane though, I can see it. It’ll be awesome.

  30. Peach

    I missed the page where Evil got the cane toad juice so I had to go back and find it. I went and Googled it after finding it and my first thought was “ehhhhh that doesn’t look anything like a cane toad.” I know it’s a cartoony style webcomic, but so far the cast has at least resembled real animals…more or less, except for the cane toad.

    I still <3 the comic though. :P

    ………Cane toad cane toad cane toad cane toad cane toad…….lols

  31. Kitsunekage

    This won’t end well, either….

  32. Thwaitesy

    It’s impossible not to love Tanked. LOL

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