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April 23rd, 2010

Page 166

Did anyone see the Mythbuster’s ep where they tried to disprove the whole elephants are scared of mice idea?  It was kind of fascinating.  I don’t believe any hallucinogens were involved though.

We finally got some new images up in our INprint shop.  There’s some fun stuff in there that’s un-Bear Nutsy like Sushi Fish by Jim:

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    Finally! The chaos, the disorder, and the hallucinations begin!

  2. Suzu

    awww the mouse is so cute…not the hallucination one the actual one xD but i like the other one too!

  3. Likeacupcake

    Monday = Anzac day.
    Monday = Chaos in B/N
    Anzac day= awesome
    Chaos= awesome
    ….. ummm awesome^3?

  4. Skit

    Lol @ pane #4. Aww…poor Evil.

  5. Kat

    They proved elephants ARE afraid of mice.

  6. tsophies

    Hallucinogens! Woo hoo hoo, this will be entertaining :D

  7. Lea

    That really was a fascinating result, but I know some cases where mammals behave even less rational. For example I never understood how someone can be afraid of spiders. They’re about the same size to us mice are to elephants, approximately. They’re mostly not especially scary looking, generally harmless and not interested in us at all. In fact they mostly avoid us, except when they coincidentally nest in our caves. Even then they’re nothing more than a little spot on the wall and should be easy to ignore. Even if they actually “attack” you or somehow get on your body, they can’t really hurt you much.
    Of course there are some species that can cause death if you let them bite you… but mostly you would have to sit on them or try to hit them to provoke that reaction, since spiders in general are hardly aggressive. Like mice, the main thing they prey on are insects. Definitely not humans.

    That said… hehe, hallucinations. :D That monster mouse is kind of scary. Can has more horror creatures?

  8. Baree

    Aye, I saw that episode. Quite amazing, did not expect that outcome. Also, this could very well be the explanation for this behaviour. I wouldn´t be surprised. And I got a good laugh out of it at any rate·

  9. Glowworm

    The first panel–Tanked skipping off is so cute! I also love “Oh my G-d! He’s going to get diabetes!”

  10. budle

    Woah… so toads can be used to create hallucination…. Interesting… I’ll tell this information to those I know consuming “mushroom” in regular time basis… :P

  11. Daniela

    Yes, I saw that episode! Pretty amazing how the elephant was able to spot such a small animal, let alone be weirded out enough by it to sidestep like that.

    I love your comic by the way, the bears are adorable and I love all of their little quirks. I found the comic through a friend of mine who recommended it very highly, and I am definitely hooked! :) Your art is so expressive. Thanks for sharing these stories, and belated congrats on the beautiful baby!

  12. curtisrivers

    I want the horror-mouse as a tattoo.

  13. Heart of Blades

    So the fun begins. Poor Tank…than again, most of his halusinations have been nice, so purhaps yay for Tank, or maybe he won’t even notice. I feel the worst for Crank, but I’m sure his pain will bring me humor, lol

  14. Meloa

    Ahhhh, poor Evil. He did not get the result he was looking for right away. :D this is going to get ……….. interesting to say in the least.

  15. Bosn_C_Otter

    Just a side note. Normally, elephants could care less about mice. Now a drugged up elephant….

  16. Nashboo

    Boss C Otter: Someone didn’t watch Mythbusters ;)

  17. Tigergulp

    See kids? Don’t eat blueberry muffins from strangers!

  18. Draconi

    sushi-fish Jim is kinda creepy… how are those humans in the fish tank still alive? dosent look like they have air down there.

  19. Davey U

    Which is scarier? Sushi fish or monster mouse? Actually, if you asked Crack he would probably say ‘diabetes’. :P

  20. eako

    wow! i love this comic!!!!!!!!!

  21. Kitsunekage

    Just be glad Evil didn’t squeeze Poison Arrow Tree Frogs instead. The Natives in the area used to coat it’s pioson on their arrows just by rubbing the frog’s back with them….

  22. Kanri

    and that is why elephants are afraid of mice…

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