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April 26th, 2010

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Acid trip Edward reminds me of Davy Jones from POTC.  I’d heard there was a fourth movie coming that’s essentially a prequel??  As in pretty much just about Jack/origin story or what not.  I suppose I’d still watch that, he was definitely the best part of that series.  I find Johnny Depp is hit or miss for me (but mostly hit).  His pirate capt was immensely watchable and totally pulled off the manscara :)  Sleepy Hollow is still one of my favorite movies and his role in the one with Antonio Banderas was good (OMG the eyes!)  As the Mad Hatter though… I don’t know, I wasn’t overly impressed with Alice.  Some parts were interesting, some parts really annoying (stooopid 3D gimmack) but the cat just stole every scene he was in.  It must have been really fun animating him!

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    panel seven: oh look! Its Davy Elephant from Bears of the Nuts-ibean: Dead Elephant’s hallucination!

  2. prettymountain

    yay hallucinations lol

    and I agree about johnny depp. generally a hit, but the best part about alice in wonderland was the cat. he was great. Not so much impressed with the hatter :P

  3. Mirabear

    Creepy elephant! Lol.

    Didn’t much like Alice either!

  4. Likeacupcake

    I don’t think cane toads will do that to you… then again I’ve never let the poison ferment then bake them into muffins.
    The first thing I thought of when I looked at panel 4 was Malchia from Legacy of Kain (Massive, rotting, walking monster, not pretty).
    And I disagree with you about AIWL: it was awesome. Sure the plot was a bit boring and the characters fairly flat, but it was fun to watch, simple as that.

  5. Lord Ravnos

    Yes there is a 4th movie, its going to be partially filmed here in Hawaii, and I applied to be an extra :p. BTW love the comic keep it coming, its my bi weekly laugh that I very much need

  6. Cuckoo


  7. Ghostfeather

    @Lord Ravnos: You live in Hawaii too? Cool! I’m spazzing about Johnny Depp being here x3

    I don’t think the 4th one is a prequel though, I thought it was gonna be the fountain of youth thing…

    I love the hallucinations, they’re so funny. xD Poor Edward, getting called names

  8. Kirfalas

    Cthulhu Edward! :D

    Also, yeah, they’re making a 4th movie, in which they film the plot from the book all the movies are based on. On Stranger Tides, and it’s an awesome book, so I really hope they don’t screw this up ^^;

  9. dainty

    I really thought the new girl character was going to be one of the girl bears you introduced on deviantART so long ago. I keep hoping they’ll get an appearance eventually (possibly as mermaid bears who lure the bear nuts into giving them shell combs etc). Also I’ve always wondered what would happen if Slutty Bear and Lech Bear were put in the same room ^^

    I’ve just downloaded feedly (like google reader), so I’m hoping I’ll catch up on your webcomic more regularly and see more vote incentives! I’m always extremely curious about the ones I’ve missed when you refer to them in old posts

  10. Draconi

    its Elephanthulu!

  11. grim reaper92

    did she just brake out of the exebit.
    thare a high elophent on the loos. lol probobly have to drug her more

  12. Stebia

    I don’t why, but for some reason I see Madge being voiced by Cree Summer. :/

  13. Justice

    @dainty and anyone else who thinks so: There is no slutty bear! You may be referring to Gay bear, but in that case, he and Lech are mortal enemies, so one of them would probably wind up seriously injured if you put them in the same room

  14. Nicole

    Poor Madge! And, how cute is Edward after Madge runs out?

    Ah, yes, “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” is the Johnny movie you’re mentioning. Gotta love Agent Sands! He’s wicked cool. Even without eyes.

  15. Lea

    I liked the hatter, he was a bit strange, but a fun character and reminded me of the original character in the book – at least more than the one the version Disney came up with. The movie wasn’t perfect, but I liked it, maybe because it was rather different from the Disney rip-off. And Johnny Depp is generally yummy, in every role he ever played (especially Edward Scissorhands! And Duke, too.)
    Uuuuuh, tht’s a very pretty poster! Cowboys are cool, especially since they’ve become gay.
    The comic is also awesome, very horrific… now I’m looking forward to what the bears (esp. Tanked) imagine.

  16. SHadow

    Well since someone else beat me to the Cthulu I guess I can’t make that one. If it’s doing that to the Elephant…I can’t wait to see what happens to poor Tanked (Probably nothing though) and Crack…those two are in for some fun.

  17. DavinciCoder

    I was so hoping to see a psychedelic elephant freak out. Game on evil!

  18. Tonka

    Panel 10 – 12 really makes me feel for Edward. His exhibit mate/GF treats him like crap but he still is concerned about her welfare. Co-dependent maybe? And in panel 13, does that say Ursus Moronis? The moronic bears…too funny. It’s those little things that really make this strip a cut above the rest.

  19. Glowworm

    Darn, I was hoping the drugged muffins would spice up their relationship not take it down. You know–magical hallucogenic love muffins!

  20. Bosn_C_Otter

    No Likeacupcake, Cane toads wont make you hallucinate like that. But hey, why ruin a great story with pesky facts :)

    I cant wait to see what happens to Tanked!

  21. ...

    If it doesn’t kill you, cane toad toxins can make you hallucinate but I’m not entirely sure if those hallucinations will turn elephants and children into horrific beasts that live off the nightmares of children.

  22. pagejaws

    hmmm more like cthuluphant

  23. Ed Wood V2

    the fourth POTC movie is not a prequel….it takes off where the last one stopped. Btw, love the comic. ^_^

  24. KitaAngel

    Heheh, the last panel made me giggle.
    …”MORON”… :D

  25. squeakybunny

    Cane toads are not small. They weigh about three pounds and can be quite nasty. I don’t know if the toxin causes hallucinations or not.

    At that age children ARE little monsters.

  26. Weisses

    Yay, acid trip!

    Well, I think acid trip.

    Either way, YAY TRIPPINGS BALLS!

    And I must agree with squeakybunny, they are monsters sometimes.

  27. Nicole

    I can’t believe Madge ran out of the enclosure. Let the madness ensue!

  28. Kimo

    I’m sure you didn’t see my comment before but YES
    i am pleased -pets sinister cat-

  29. Draconi

    @justce: i beleive dainty was refering to the FEMALE bears the aurther aparently posted on a divenart page, one of those females must be named “slutty bear”

  30. crazeyal


    Is gonna break my heart..

  31. DavinciCoder

    Sometimes the people that annoy us the most are the ones that care for us the deepest.

  32. Heather

    Think it’s kind of cute how concerned Madges boyfriend is. I smell reconciliation and sappiness. (Yay!)

    Or something which will make it worse. XD.

    Nice page! The children look like they’re from a zombie movie in Hallucinating-Madge!Vision and her boyfriend looks like something which was spawned from cthulhu when he decided it would be a good idea to get drunk and have a terribly misguided one night stand.

  33. Lord Ravnos

    @ghostfeather yes my wife is stationed here US army

  34. lanysmiles


    i physically laughed at work!! :D
    I love edwards face in the third and second last panels!! :D

    I agree with you about mr delicious depp, I loved him in many films, but I just wasn’t feeling Alice in wonderland, it felt wishy washy, I dunno how best to describe it, like deflated after the film, it just had no real gripping substance. The characters I felt were not developed enough to suspend the disbelief.
    I loved the cheshire cat and the march hare though :D

  35. Superbeast

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh it’s Cathulu personified in elephant form…….everyone bow down now if you wish to live.

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