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April 30th, 2010

Page 168

At least Tank is getting some exercise…

Sammy likes to pull my glasses off my face and the frames are all warped.  I should get new ones as I haven’t in a while so I’m sure the prescription is way off.  The funny thing is, after wearing them or my contacts all day, at night when I take them off I’m always surprised again at how blind I am.  I think I want to laser my eyes but I keep holding off.  I think it’s partly the cost but it’s also the fact that they’re going to LASER MY EYES!  I know lots of people who have had it done, including my brother, but the idea still makes me nervous.  I spend a lot of time staring at a monitor, will that affect me after?  What are the chances of relapse?  I know someone who’s been back 5 times for re-lasering… no thank you!

And speaking of Tanked, the next arc will debut yet another new character who is really and truly and definitely NOT a girl, or a bear for that matter :D  I’m also fairly certain none of you will be able to guess what he is so click the vote link for a preview image (OMG he’s so fun to draw!!  I really am ok, truly).

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  1. Suzu

    oh my xD I love it!

  2. Likeacupcake

    Trying doing something along the lines of panels 6-10. It’s quite fun; just running in a circle screaming. Pass out doing that because it was in the middle of a heat wave, and I had a jumper tied to my head… hehe…
    And I see Nerd’s found his club again… beat that brain sucker, mash him!
    Wonder how long it’s going to take Prozac to figure out who’s behind this one. My money’s on three seconds.

  3. Ketira

    (after looking and blinking at the preview for a minute or two) ….no, I’m *not* going to ask. I’ll just wait for him to show up in the comic.

    OTOH – I bet Evil is watching all this from up a tree and grinning insanely….

  4. pagejaws

    try ordering glasses online… i’ve ordered several and been very happy with them…
    they’re cheap enough you dont care if the baby mangles them :D

  5. Akko

    Is he being controlled by that baby on his head? I want one!

  6. Akko

    oh yeah…laser eye surgery. It’s not the laser that would bother me its that fact that they cut a flap of skin away from the front of your eye while you’re awake. Don’t they inject your eyeball as well?

  7. Hex

    Oh this is gonna be AWWWWESOOOOOME!

  8. Davey U

    Haha. I love Crack in the third panel. :)

    After I heard about the whole cutting a flap in your eyeball thing I decided against laser surgery. My eyesight is absolutely awful though.

    The new character reminds me sooo much of the wrestler in the old Jackie Chan cartoon. Especially with the kid on his head. :P

  9. cheezedog

    Hey Pagejaw, getting the prescription lenses sounds easy enough… but how do you make sure they fit you face?!

  10. Kurobara

    Man, Evil has to be thinking this was his best plan ever. Maniacal little guy. Even though I feel bad for Crack (poor little guy!) I love Evil. I can relate to that mofo! xD

  11. Tigergulp

    do drunks typically run in circles…..???

  12. RachelHW

    My mom had her eyes “lasered” this year because of cataracts. She now has to wear reading glasses to work on the computer, which annoys her as she works on the computer all the time. I’ve heard, however, that you can get one eye done farsighted and the other nearsighted and it balances out somewhat.

  13. Likeacupcake

    @Tigergulp: no, they more stagger is crooked lines to,
    a) The bar
    b) Home
    c) the toilet
    d) all of the above

  14. Glowworm

    I love what Tanked is doing! That preview character is hysterical.


    I wonder if Gimp got any muffins from Evil…

  16. Kaos

    Poor Crack. xD
    Hmm Shouldn’t Tank be passing out… i mean he did eat alot of cakes. ^^**

  17. Jen

    My mom got laser eye surgery when I was young. As years go by your eye sight slowly start to diminish again. However now my mom only has to wear glasses when she reads or drives at night. In retrospect with how thick my prescriptions are (even after they got the new fangled slimmer lenses), I wouldn’t mind having to only wear some occasionally. My eye sight is horrid, I think I might try to man up and do it.

    As for the comic, well….I really wish this comic could play sound. I feel like it’d be that much more fantastic.

  18. Nicole

    Whoa–I can’t imagine what Gimp would be like on the muffins. I think Tanked got them all, so that’s probably for the best. And what’s Nerd going to do without his glasses??? Hoo boy…I’m afraid of what they’re all seeing. Poor Crack!

    Okay…the “apple a day” made my mouth cringe! Oh, Jim, you twisted man, you!

  19. Appel

    holy cow, i think this time crack will actually get a heart attack! O_o

  20. Draconi

    it vote picture… is that… is that the “Koodo” 3 inch tall luchador from the comercials?… only wearing pink and haveing a baby straped to his head?

  21. lanysmiles

    i was not expecting that! :D
    Can’t wait for the new character!!

  22. Dekker

    i have had LASIK my self, its actually really safe now, that one guy who needed 5 repeat’s is kinda ridiculous. i guess it depends on your doctor, mine has a 100% success rate of getting 20/20 or better (yes there is vision better than 20/20)

  23. Ramsicle

    My guess is that the new character is a Fetus themed Mexican Wrestler or Super Hero.

    And I wanna see Death on a muffin. :D Tho I guess we already saw him substance-abusing caffeine.

  24. curtisrivers

    Conjoined fetus Luchador. I’m impressed and slightly scared.

  25. £Ø§Ð

    I Gotta get me some of This Stuff!

  26. Bosn_C_Otter

    I really think Evil has gone too far this time. I hope there is some way to actually make him feel guilty about this…. Probably not though huh?

  27. Kiggy

    If only killing facehuggers were that easy….

  28. Mara

    Panels 6-10 are priceless! Tanked’s expression. Oh man. I’m laughing so hard!!!

    And I don’t think I’d speak to Nerd in his condition. He might up and whack Prozac.

  29. Imp Oster

    Ah-ha… I lvoe Nerd. I’m watching the Alien movie right now <3

  30. Dark the VampyrWülf

    Erh… “Feato”? o.ô

  31. squeakybunny

    @Ketira: El Fieto translates to “the fetus” I have doubts about luchadores and the bears getting along.

  32. Sarawr

    Yeh i want laser eye sergery too :/ Just a lil bit to young maybe nexted year

  33. pagejaws

    The only really important measurement is PD the pupil distance and 60mm is pretty standard for most adults.
    most of the online glasses stores will swap a pair that doesn’t fit…. for 1/5th or less that of Lens crafters its worth a shot.

  34. Lea

    OMG… you’re introducing a machine… and he’s not cute at all. o.o This is a novelty. I hope I’ll like him anyway, otherwise I’ll hate him and therefore be entertained whenever he gets in trouble. MUHA! …anyway, I’m waiting and wondering what that next arc will bring us.

  35. Dark the VampyrWúlf

    @squeakybunny: “Feto” means fetus in spanish, and the image says “Feato” anyway.

  36. mike

    hey after reading your “blog” you say sammie grabs your glasses and they are now warped. you should get “flexon glasses” they are good for that kind of thing as they will always return to their original shape. i have them and love it.

  37. maya15

    Oh my friend had to get flexons because his son does the same thing. Crack looks so precious in the third panel. The doom cat emblem on Apple a Day looks a lot like Evil. And the only thing I hate about the vote incentive is you only get to see the latest. So while Evil looks so cute as a pirate, I’ve no idea why Ketira is spooked. If my rambling annoying, sorry. You can blame it on the ADD. Thanks

  38. Sean Duggan

    Basically, laser eye surgery will correct your eyesight pretty reliably these days, but it does not do anything to stem further degeneration. So, as bad as your eyesight gets after a year (mine’s still steadily getting worse), it will degrade that much within a year of 20/20 correction. Basically, the laser eye surgery just resets the baseline. Most eye doctors will do a few simple tests during the normal eye examination (although WalMart doesn’t last I heard) to see whether you’re a good candidate. Me, my vision keep sgettng worse, I have thin corneas, and my cup-to-disc ratio makes it dicey. That and the fact that it’s not 100% and the small few where it doesn’t work perfectly, it makes things worse, I don’t plan on having it.

  39. Elthar

    About the laser eye surgery – actually, what they do is create a permanent lens out of a piece of your own eye. The laser eye surgery does absolutely nothing to fix the problem – why is your vision getting worse in the first place, and also does not stop your vision from changing. Also you can repeat the surgery only for some finite number of times, which number is an individual thing based on your eye’s propertyes (don’t know if that changed recently, been doing my research about a year ago).
    So, the only diffirence between the lens and the laser eye surgery is that you can always give those lens a break or change them if your vision gets worse or better – with the laser thingie, you’re stuck with what they already did to you.

    I myself have -2,5/-2, and recently i bought these “glasses for truck drivers” with a black sheet with small holes instead of actual glass in them, and you know, for some time after wearing them my eyes see just like when i wear my glasses. that’s healthier than this whole laser thing i guess

  40. Kitsunekage

    Nerds watched one too many Alein moves, methinks.

  41. JS

    I think Nerd looks kinda butch in these panels. :)

  42. Donovan

    Lol, Tanked is my favorite. SOOO funny. Great job, keep up the good work. Also, not sure if it has been discussed, but ever considered making it into an animated series? Could be one of the greats.

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