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May 3rd, 2010

Page 169

Originally I thought it would be fun to have Nerd’s hallouciTank be a “A hideous Dalek!” but I wasn’t sure everyone would get the reference :)

A while ago (while the loser ninjas were cavorting) someone mentioned Evil as a pirate would be cool and IĀ agree.


  1. grim reaper92

    lol i call her stabby and whats up with the doctor who i read on this list and dont understand nore do i know what a dalek is?

  2. Nicole

    Well, a dalek’s clearly a bad thing, grim reaper92.

  3. Plue9

    Doctor who+bear nuts= awsome

    LIP david tennant you were my doctor*tear*
    (LIP)=live in peace lol

  4. Sinister Twist

    The one of the cutest sword names I’ve ever heard was “Mister Sticky” (or maybe it was Senor Sticky).

    I find it kind of interesting that so far, Prozac is the only bear that appeared normal in FrogVision. Everyone else was seeing strange beasties & such. Maybe Prozac has taken so much of his namesake that he sweats pure narcotics?

  5. Weisses

    Yay, Daleks!

  6. Ze

    totally rootin for a dalek ^^

  7. pagejaws

    Of course the Daleks would have taken over the world years ago, if it weren’t for bears… and stairs.

  8. Kitsunekage

    Ummm.Evil, shouldn’t you be hiding right about now…o_0

  9. Kaori Onyx

    A Dalek would have made my day.
    Actually, just the mention of a Dalek made my day… :D

  10. Unknown

    Dalek?! That would have been so perfect! You would be suprised by how many people know what a Dalek is and where it’s from.

  11. brent

    a Dalek would have been great

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