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May 7th, 2010

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OMG she killed Gay!  Normally I don’t really like South Park but that Tiger Woods’ video game episode from a couple months ago (I think it was the season premiere??) was pretty funny.  And some day Crack will lose his voice completely and likely believe it’s from throat cancer or something.

Today’s vote incentive is my favorite Pirate Evil sketch all inked and colored because it’s Evil and piratey and had to be done :)

GTA people!  It looks like Jim and I (plus Sameth) will be at Anime North the last weekend of this month.  I think I’m going to on a panel or two about webcomics but I’ll say more when the schedule is finalized.  We’ll have the books/posters/buttons/etc. at our table plus our publisher will be in the dealer’s room with much of the same (but he won’t be doing sketches though so you can come see me :)  We’ll be there Sat/Sun only though… looking forward to seeing everyone, I’ve missed going to cons but babies make that a lot more difficult.


  1. Anirandom

    XD OMG this is hilarious! Poor Gay!

  2. Kaos

    Oh… poor flat Gay. >_O i surely hope he didn’t die. D:

  3. Hex

    Kick ass! Do we see any children get trampled?

  4. Likeacupcake

    Chaos… mmmm…. chaotic donut….
    Also I love it how despite the rampaging elephant, not a single blade of grass is damaged =P
    Don’t worry, I just love picking out mistakes like that (usually much to the announce of everyone else in the room at the time =P)

  5. Capt. Scurvy

    …..Apparently, one of the muffins escaped the “Glomph-ing” from Tanked earlier.

  6. Razz

    ……………………..Muffin? :D
    Love it

  7. Ketira

    I’m just wondering how the zookeepers are going to explain this to their bosses. Are you taking Gay out of the strip? :(

  8. grim reaper92

    what did you do ……… muffin? i love it i’d eat it gust becos of that

  9. Nick

    Rad trample sound effect.

  10. Lord Tirion

    2 things…
    1st… Ouch, just ouch…
    2nd How come Gay didn’t ate a muffin?

  11. Glowworm

    See kids? Don’t ever give elephants drugs. On a serious note there was once a scientific experiment in which an elephant was given a massive dose of LSD–it died.

  12. Bosn_C_Otter

    Ohhhhh Knos!! Marge has Gay between her Toesssss!

  13. Nicole

    @likeacupcake: Uh…she’s doing a ton of damage in panel five, so I’m not quite sure what you’re talkin’ about, my friend. :)

    Crack’s face in the first panel is priceless. And, oh lord, is Gay gonna survive??

  14. midnightlost

    lol, madge trampled gay, i wonder if gay has a sparkly body cast for this kind of instance…

    go evil :D

  15. poco

    Poor Cracked! Poor Madge! Poor Gay! Poor everyone… except Evil. He’s having the time of his life! XD

  16. Larissa

    Poor Gay xD
    I love his face in panel 7 c:

    I’m going to Anime North, too c: Hope to see you there!

  17. Kurobara

    Ouch, to become a pancake because of a muffin…now I’m hungry.

  18. QueenOfTheDucks

    buttons??? are these a convention exclusive or could i buy them on a website somewhere? i dont see them listed with the stickers and book

  19. Recca

    And in comes Lech to save Gay! WHAAA IZ DIS!

  20. BiteSizeSamurai

    Yeeeah… I wouldn’t take the muffin, if I were you.

  21. Suffix

    YEY~!!! See you guys at AN!!!

  22. AnteUp

    GTA as in Greater Toronto Area?

  23. NoxMortis

    Is this considered gay bashing? and the only thing better for evil to say would be, “do u know the muffin man?”.

  24. Heart of Blades

    Alas poor Gay, I knew him will. *takes off hat for a moment of silence*

  25. Bosn_C_Otter

    I never knew “Trample” was a sound….. Maybe you should have used “Squish!”

  26. admin

    @Hex: that would be horrible…. maybe next time!
    @Nick: thanks!
    @LordTirion: they’d ruin his figure.
    @Glowworm: seriously?! That’s disgusting.
    @Nicole: Gay takes a beating & keeps on licking… but not literally of course…
    @Larissa: Sounds good!
    @QueenoftheDucks: I hope to get them on the website soon, and interesting name by the way. I think there must be an interesting story behind that one :)
    @AnteUp: Yep!
    BosnCOtter: I don’t know, I just don’t think “squish” was dire enough :)

  27. kittyCat

    your going to be at anime north?? omg that is awsome, a couple of friends are going, sadly I’m not but i’m sending them with orders to pick up some of ur awsome stuff and hopefully an autograph. this is very awsome.

  28. subakuryu

    The sudden change of BG from the 1st to the 3rd makes my head dizzy. @.=.@

    How does that work?

  29. Mara

    I love the look on Evil’s face as he offers Lech a muffin. It’s great.

  30. Tigergulp

    Did u know that if you yell “ah” while inhaling, you can actually do it longer than if you were exhaling??

  31. Kitsunekage

    (0).(0) What. The. Fu*k.

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