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May 10th, 2010

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This just goes to show that sometimes an act of Evil can have unintended good consequences!  That plus there’s only two elephants in the zoo so if they didn’t make up… well their choices are pretty limited.  I’m not sure Lech would turn her down though…

If you missed it Friday’s vote incentive was Pirate Evil in full color.  I had a couple of requests for the inks so if you’d like to color him too here you go.

Evil kindly requests to see some more masculine and intimidating color schemes then what I gave him :)

Vote for some girly pirate fun.



    Well what do you know? One of Evil’s schemes actually did something good for something other than fulfilling Evil’s ambitions!

  2. Suzu

    a damaged zoo escaped elephants and 1 missing girl xD this is real good!

  3. midnightlost

    and gay is left somewhere lost and bloody and missing his bowtie :D

    wonder what hot dog stand he got left behind in lol

  4. Likeacupcake

    That was anti-climatic… still awesome though; if you can incorporate drugs, a rampaging elephant, a screaming tanked, muffins and possible death into one arc, all is good in my books =)

  5. poco

    Aww… that’s sweet for the elephants, but what happened to Gay? :S

  6. zeiram

    But, but, but… is this Einstürzende Neubauten’s logo tattooed on the girly pirate’s arm?

  7. Animie fan

    umm, oops? thats the second time evil has killed gay, or is it the third time?

  8. grim reaper92

    lol is that blood.

  9. Bosn_C_Otter

    See? Gay wasnt trampled, he as “Squished” :)

  10. Theodore

    What did happen to Tank?…..

  11. Glowworm

    Aw–See? I knew giving drugged muffins would result in some good! The elephants are so cute–love the last bit though–keeps it from being too mushy…

  12. Zelly

    3rd and 4th panels crack me up, so cute

  13. Kaos

    Hmm.. 4-5 tons elephant on a puny little bear. do the math. he might survive but will be too seriously damaged. but again he did survive to be burnt. :B

  14. Zaraida

    Hey! That pirate is me! I feel special you chose my PotC online avatar for your vote incentive. How cool!

  15. Nicole

    Sweetest elephants EVAR!!!!!!! Just wanna hug poor Madge in panel 4.

    @zeiram: The pirate girl is a commission Alison did for me. :) It’s a player character of one of my friends who plays Pirates of the Caribbean Online. In the game the tattoo is just called a “tribal” tattoo, so I’m not sure if they based it on anything else. :)

  16. Yail

    Doesn’t this mean Madge will have to be put down?

  17. prettymountain

    daww… elephant love. cute ^^

  18. AnteUp

    I apologize in advance, but “there’s only two elephants in the zoo” should be “there are only two elephants in the zoo.” It’s a minor detail, but enough people make that mistake that it bugs me.

  19. ...

    D’aww the heartwarming moment between Ed and Madge is a nice change of pace.

  20. The other gray meat

    That’s what I thought when I read this. Running amok, destroying zoo property, endangering visitors … the lions are so going to get extra dinner in the near future; can’t dump an elephant in the wilderness like bears ;)

  21. Kalica

    CUTE! Can I… can I make an LJ icon out of Panel 4? I’ve felt like that so many times in the past…

  22. Kamino Neko

    Aw, a happy ending.

    For the elephants and Evil, anyway.

  23. Sam

    I thought this was just getting started :C

  24. dainty

    I liked the pirate’s heels :)

    I thought this story was going to be longer :D

  25. Hex

    Hmm for some reason this one feels like it’s missing a panel?

  26. Lax

    Lol, top left panel – nice eye effect :D

  27. Tiki Carol

    Love the “HUG” in panel 9.
    Great stuff that.

  28. Kitsunekage

    Evil did something nice in an indirect way. That shows that he does care, Even if it’s accidental…

  29. Suzu

    Panel 4 is just plain adorable xD especially with her big eyes

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