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May 14th, 2010

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I’ll admit I’m not a wrestling fan; way too much spandex ridiculousness and forced drama (hello soap opera fantasies for the boys??) and not enough realism.  I like me some actual fighting and I’m not knocking the athletic skill it takes to pull off the average wrestling “move” but the skill involved in an MMA fight is of another level to me, and not just because I teach jiu-jitsu and am therefore biased (I am soooo biased).  To see a guy like GSP pick another fighter apart is so much cooler then seeing two meat heads bash chairs over each other’s heads (and he does it with class AND spandex :)

But wrestling does seem like it gets better viewed through a sufficiently inebriated set of beer goggles hence Tanked’s man crush on El-F and wrestling in general.

On Tuesday my baby brother deployed overseas and thanks to crappy rush hour traffic I missed the chance to hug him goodbye… I was already a little upset about him going so that hardly helped.  Fingers crossed his company makes it home in time for Christmas and ALL IN ONE PIECE or I’m going to kick his ass.  My warmest thoughts go with you and everyone who decides to put themselves in the line of fire for their country…

I also don’t have a problem with Gays in the military :)


  1. cmo28air

    I agree with you completely, the wrestling and the warm thoughts. That.. may be a sentence I never quite repeat.. and I do like Gay’s channel choice <33 also nice to see him recover from the trampling so well.

  2. Likeacupcake

    I totally agree with the wrestling thing; I recieved my black belt in Tae kwon do end of last year, and bloody hate of the wresting’s fakes.
    Ha! You think you’re strong? You got one punch to the arm, and you’re on the floor? Put me in the ring, if that’s all it takes to get this guys down, I’ll be out in two minutes.

    And… Gay somehow survived his TRAMPLE ing? how much open time is there between arcs? =P

  3. SilentSongbird

    I wish your brother good luck.

  4. Ariana

    …No one’s wondering about the baby in that guy’s mask?

  5. Jesse

    I *gotta* say something, here, Likeacupcake. Just because the violence isn’t real (most of the time) doesn’t make wrestling “fake”. By that logic you can remove any desire to watch Chuck Norris, Van Damme, Seagal, or any other film that you care to name. Which is more entertaining, watching a thirty second spectacle where one or more people end up in the hospital or dead, or a thirty minute event that has “violence” of unimaginable proportions and moves that take an athleticism that would make Olympians gasp in wonder? Oh, and Ms Acton…, even other wrestlers hate garbage matches with steel chairs and the like. They prefer the ones that display talent and athleticism. Garbage matches are for noobs and those who are past their prime, it’s the marks that like them. That said, when I was in training for pro wrestling, I looked forward to hearing the crowd pop when I got hit in the head with a steel chair, lol.

    Also, don’t forget, the current Heavy Weight Champion of the UFC is…, an ex-Pro Wrestler.

  6. Dark the VampyrWúlf

    I’m still bugged by the “Feato” thing.

  7. Animie fan

    well he seems to be fine ):. poor tanked.

  8. Ketira

    I don’t see anything wrong with either gays in the Military or with Tanked & his choice of sport. The link here is that it’s *their* choice for how they want to spend their time, no matter what.

    Like me… I’m a NASCAR fan, although I don’t quite understand car engines that well. But I respect drivers who play by the rules and don’t go *too* far out of bounds *coughmontoyacough* and drive well even if they’re caught up in a wreck. Problem is, only my nephew shares this passion….. oh, I also like the Olympics, but I’m not crazy about it. Gay should let Tanked have his fun…. IMNSHO.

  9. tsophies

    el feato- el fetus… I’m thinking… :D Although I do wonder what happened to Gay from Madge’s trampling!

  10. Likeacupcake

    The real problem is the wrestlers try to pass it off as real, and make everyone believe it is. Often in the movies the basically say; “Screw realism! Bring in the ninjas with flamethrowers, monkeys with RPGs and guns dual wielding shotguns!”
    To summarize; it’s the fact they try and make wrestling seem real, and miserably failing, that I hate.

  11. Michael

    I believe this comic is what’s called an interlude …. in old movies they had them so people could move about , go the washroom, chat, buy more food, etc. Next week we’ll get to find out what happend to Gay.

    Oh and Alison, on behalf of at least one of your readers – thank your brother for his service.

  12. Appel

    wrestling is about big muscular men in tight clothing rubbing their bodys against each other… how does gay NOT like that?! XD

  13. Bob

    What gets me the most, why is it that gay would rather watch women in skimpy clothing, then men in skimpy clothing. Wouldn’t it be Lech who would rather watch top model?

  14. Bosn_C_Otter

    aaahhhhh! you broke a story line! My Brain My poor brain! everyone tripping on mushrooms, gay turned into a elephant induced road kill and we switch to wrestling?!?

    God Alison you are such a tease.

  15. Bosn_C_Otter

    oh, and thoughts and prayers out to your brother, Im sure he will come home fine.

  16. Glowworm

    Tanked said something!

    Project Top Model? XD!

  17. Reyos

    And her I thought gay would like big strong men in tight clothing

  18. cymryk

    As a gay wrestling fan, I have to agree with Appel and Bob…

  19. Nov3mberMist

    Clearly everyone has different appreciations for different types of martial arts (and i say martial arts loosely). Typically, when you get into a fight, some one throws a punch, and the other guy grabs his arm, and the only thing you’re doing after that is wrestling. He’s trying to free his arm so he can hit you, and you’re trying not to let that happen, and yet hit him at the same time. Which is, partly, one of my own biases to Jiu-jitsu. But, ninjitsu ftw. XD

    And Bob; Gay would rather watch Top Model for the fashion, XD not the would-be-porn. Hence his line “crotch to head pink spandex?” it’s aaaall about what they’re wearing. lol

  20. O

    Musclemen probably just aren’t his type.

  21. Tonka

    Tank didn’t say anything. The chants are coming from the TV. As for the wrestling/UFC whatever…it’s all entertainment of one stripe or another. I give it all a big Whateva! But that’s me. I agree the baby on the head is rather disturbing. Good to see guy recovered in true comic format from his terrible injuries.

  22. Nicole

    Tanked is so cute when he’s exuberant. :)

  23. Ketira

    Now that I think of it…. she did this before. Remember when Lech had that collar on? She’s never shown how he gets it off –*online*. That came in the book (which I need to save up for).

    So maybe she’s saving the “how Gay got well” part for Book II. It’s just a guess….

  24. BSQ

    lol, you forgot the iron sight… very crucial if you want to actually shoot accurate…*also random fact* im not considered a slob… I just leave food out sometimes… and its easier and more fun to shoot insects than spray poisen .-. (the guns are silenced, though the neighborhood itself dousnt use silencers… or fake explosives)

  25. Lop

    I have another theory about how Gay got better after the trampling.

    He’s a cartoon bear and his injuries only last for as long as they’re funny.

  26. kaijufan34

    I would so slap Gay in his gay face.

  27. HybirdZerro

    It’s another great comic, but… Ow. Just, ow. I’m in fact an avid Professional Wrestling fan. And that really hurt… Of course, I watch “the lesser known” Independent and Puroresu (Japanese Pro Wrestling) scene, where the shows emphasize more on the combat rather than the “Male Soap Opera” aspect of things. Even the “Garbage” matches (Death Match, Comedy, etc.) have more wrestling technicality than American mainstream Pro Wrestling, and in Japan, Women’s wrestling (Joshi Puroresu) is no joke.

    There’s a saying we wrestling fans say: “In Canada it’s a legacy, in Mexico it’s a tradition, in Japan it’s a sport, in USA, it’s a joke”

    As for MMA, unless it’s on some level of PRIDE, or it’s successor DREAM, I don’t watch it, gets way too boring way too fast otherwise. UFC is a repeat offender of this.

    Ironically enough, Broke Lesnar, the current UFC Heavyweight Champion is a former WWE Heavyweight Champion. Not to mention Ken Shamrock, Bob Sapp, Fuuka, and rather long list of former or current MMA fighters are also former or current Pro Wrestlers.

  28. admin

    I’m aware of Lesner’s background and my point was those guys and gals are definitely athletes (as evidenced by Brock’s transition to UFC). What I don’t like about wrestling is all the stupid artifice, drama, and costumes, and I’m only talking about the WWE style wrestling and it’s like. I don’t know anything about some of the other associations (thanks for the info HybirdZerro, I didn’t know Japan has such an accomplished women’s league!) and of course actual wrestling is fun to watch since the point system is so different from the jiu-jitsu I’m used to. Lesner is also not the classiest guy in MMA :)
    @ SilentSongbird/Michael/Bosn: Thanks for the sentiment, I really appreciate it.
    @ Nov3mber: Exactly, Gay is only watching for the fashion… not to mention the closet issue :)
    @ BSQ: Thanks for pointing that out and… you shoot insects with guns??
    @ Lop: Thank you! That’s what I was thinking!
    @ kaijufan34: LOL

  29. Becca

    well think about it, transvestites should be allowed too!

    imagine, the first transvestite brigade! air borne! parachuting in to enemy territory with FANTASTIC MAKEUP! and a fantastic gun!

    (see eddie izzard routine “dressed to kill” and you’ll know what i mean)

  30. Pocky

    meh, both shows are pretty gay lol

  31. Yaoi bear

    i agree with Gay, we all need a top model marathon once in a while XD

  32. Alicia

    Considering these different arcs that have been done, you should do another of of Crack and well actually showwhat he would be like on crack! I think that would be interesting. That, and a Gimp arc.

  33. QueenOfTheDucks

    tanked is such a cutie =] i love his face in the “slam!” window…. i just want to give him a breath mint and hug him lol

  34. BSQ

    Yes, I shoot insects with guns… I hate stomping or crushing or even getting near them O-o I also made a home made flamethrower for fun and when I want to burn stuff (including bugs outside) I like wearing a gas mask while burning stuff lol (its an old M17 Vietnam gas mask, got it from a surplus store and not sure if the guy who owned it died with it on or not =/… I think im gonna buy a new cooler one in awhile)

  35. King Todo

    You teach Jits? Hell yes, ma’am. My first MMA fight should be sometime in the next few months, maybe I’ll post it up and and have you give me some pointers!

  36. Hex

    Wait what! Um it feels like i,m missing something here?

  37. Tigris

    Beer with a straw? :D I love Tanked

  38. Tiki Carol

    Saturday night wrestling in the 1960s. All in Glorious Black and White.

  39. Animie fan

    gay! go back to being crushed under the elephant.

  40. Woden

    On the subject of pro wrestling, I recommend Mick Foley’s book “Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks.” Mick Foley wrestled under several names, but he’s probably best known as Mankind (the guy with the Hannibal Lecter mask, remember?) I am not and have never been a fan of pro wrestling, nor was the friend who recommended the book to me. The book appeals to non-fans as well. Foley talks about pro wrestling from the other side of the ropes, from his youthful training up to his retirement, and I found it a pretty enlightening read.

  41. Fringeh

    Oh my goodness, Tanked in the 10th panel is ADORABLE.Fantastic comic, catching up now!

  42. gunshy

    (At first I was livid at how ‘pliant drunken idiot’=’person most likely to enjoy wrestling’, but then I remembered:
    “There has always been a struggle to say “I am me” and “I love wrestling” together with pride, not because of the two themselves but because of what surrounds them. I have and will never defend wrestling’s ignorance. There are bad writers, retarded performers in story and practice, and thousands of fans who crowd arenas to chant “WHAT” between sentences they haven’t even listened to. They are as a whole the most asinine group of human repugnance collected in our world without the motivation of fear…. Because though I hate them I am them, purely and openly, without regret.”
    Now, where’s that bottle of scotch?! Word is it’s the only way to survive an episode of TNA!)

    LOVE your comic! The facial expressions are so open and emotive, and the colors so vibrant! It’s funny, but not in a forced way–there never feels like a build-up to a single punchline, and simply appreciating the artwork and characters seems more important than claiming to ROFL at the end of each page (it’s more of an immersive, happy glow that keeps me smiling throughout each arch!).

    I know this page is an older one, but still, hope your brother is doing well and that he’s safe!

  43. admin

    @gunshy: that’s a fantastic quote! What’s that from? And I really appreciate the mention of my brother (he’s due home in one month!) Thank you.

  44. Im'a bear nut

    Gay dont ‘come UNDER Madge’s legs but BETWEEN Madge’s legs….

  45. J.C.

    What’s with Tanked’s obsession with wrestling??

  46. Thwaitesy

    I think I can safely admit that Tanked is one of my favorites.

  47. Anonymous

    If anyone was wondering about the second little person on his head hes called Elfeato because the little person is a fetus its disgusting…

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