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May 17th, 2010

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OK most reality TV is horrible drivel mercilessly assaulting us and I can’t conceive how some shows get funding let alone an actual audience (i.e. ‘The Hills’-seriously?  Plus an aftershow?!  What hellscape are we living on that allows something like that to exist???)  But I do like Project Runway; I can barely sew a button back on and I pay people to hem my pants… or beg my sewing inclined friend and ply her with lavish compliments.  When I see what these people can do in an evening it blows me away; wether I think the garment is ultimately kind of ugly or not it’s still really impressive to me.  And the fact that Ms. Klum looks like that after having so many kids also blows me away… I don’t think I’m ever going to lose the baby stomache :(

I also abhor the Bachelor/ette, and ‘For the Love of RayJ’, and that Rupaul train wreck, and ‘Survivor’ should just die already, that gimmick is stale… unless they give them weapons and zero food and they actually do have to survive… and ‘Tool Academy’, and ‘Big Brother’… I could go on…

El-Feato will be back though :)


  1. Kaos

    Gay damnit.. leave Tank alone! he doesn’t approve of this. DX

  2. Dart

    I’m suprised Lech actually admitting to having watched the show

  3. Jesse

    I *love* the look on Tanked’s face, like, “*Who* was here first?!”

    Hmmn. Hot chicks, sometimes revealing fashions…, yeah, Lech is a fan, obviously.

    Gah…, who *does* watch “reality” television? And why, oh, why, oh WHY did MTV abandon music? At least they are trying to be honest, now, by changing their logo so that it doesn’t have “Music Television” on it, anymore. It went from actual music, then to rap, then to crap, i.e., reality television…, but this is turning into a rant.

  4. Grav85

    Well most reality shows do blow, I do have one I watch though…The Ultimate Fighter. Love that one :D

  5. Jambalaya

    What’s this in panel 8? A POPPED COLLAR?! YOU DISAPPOINT ME GAY!

  6. Likeacupcake

    Love Tanked’s faces in this one, priceless.

    Oh, my idea for Survivor; dump ten people on a desert island for four months, with nothing but the clothes on there backs. Last man standing wins.

  7. Fr3aKaZ0!D

    Tanked might react here or just be as dumb as usual.

  8. SomeIdiotWhoLeavesBadComments

    Maybe everyone should take a lesson from Tanked and get completely blitzed, that would calm EVERYone down, even Crack.

  9. grim reaper92

    i dont think that fitts tanks personality vary good it gust seems wrong chang the chanil unless thare undesing i
    dont wont to wach a modil show lol i know thats so wrong of me to say but its funny.
    good job keep them comeing

  10. Appel

    bottom left panel: looks like tanked is not amused X3

  11. Tonka

    Tank cleans up so well. Just adorable.

  12. Glowworm

    I love what Gay did to Tanked.

    Also, sadly my parents are reality show junkies. Big Brother and Survivor are included amongst their “collection” I miss Fear Factor.

  13. TJ YZ

    Aww, Tanked looks so cute and confused! X)
    I love the whole fignting over the remote because that is excatly what I say with my younger siblings.

  14. CJ

    Gay what are you doing to poor Tanked? D: The wine, I understand. The polo shirt with a popped collar, that’s liveable. But combing his hair like that? It’s just… just wrong. >.<

  15. Ketira

    Heh…. there goes Gay & Lech again…. If I were Tanked, I’d grab the remote and go back to wrestling….or else just turn it off and watch the *current* fight ‘tween those two. ;)

  16. Ketira

    P.S: about the shows…. I hardly watch TV because of shows like that. The only show remotely to “Survivor” (which my parents are also a fan of) is “The Amazing Race”. At least with *that* show, they don’t go to the same place twice or do the same thing twice unless it’s been a few seasons since they had done/gone there. You get to see the World in a whole new way with that show….

    But the rest? :p I don’t get why my Dad watches “CSI” (and variants) all day long…. :p

  17. David (:

    Panel 5 : Awwwww >w<

  18. Sarawr

    i do love Rupauls drag race

  19. randomtwitch

    aw…I’m actually a big fan of survivor. They actually used to not give the contestants any food…and then one season they were so emaciated they thought the contestants might actually die, so they started giving them food in the beginning, plus food rewards along the way.

  20. Martino

    A green Lacoste shirt!? That totally doesn’t match. Sexy black Express v-neck all the way! Haha Gay should know that Tanked can’t stay sober and kempt for more than a day.

    I don’t have cable, therefore I am subjected to less reality garbage. Go for a walk. Reality.

  21. Evil2.0

    WHOA WHOA, Stop, Rewind…did Lech just say he watched an episode of Top Model….hell hath just turned into an ice rink at reasonable prices free for anyone 12 and under

  22. Animie fan

    El Feato forever!!

  23. Animie fan

    @ Evil2.0 It’s scantily clad women, its not that surprising.

  24. Kenichi340

    I’m more surprised that Lech knows that it’s a repeat.

  25. Sora A.K.

    Aw man, I missed a bunch of pages. I haven’t had too much in the way of internet lately… What I do get is generally really slow or I don’t have it for very long…

    Tanked is like a little dress-up doll! XD I want to dress him up in all kinds of outfits now…

    I can relate on the reality TV stuff… Most of it is awful, but some of the better competition ones (like Project Runway) can be pretty good. It’s nice when it isn’t just random drama or whatever…

  26. Project Poppet

    Soooo…’s a repeat, huh? Love it!

  27. Nicole

    Heh…love that Tanked’s hair is already back to normal in panel 9.

  28. umbra

    Tanked’s expression in panel 8 is hilarious X) he’s probably thinking “How the hell did this get here?”Anyways keep up the good work and side note all the show listed are actually good compared to Jersey Shore.4 words:Spray Tan Douche Bags

  29. Mil

    Lech and Gay are going to get really drunk one day, and its going to end with them waking up in the same bed the next morning, or killing eachother.

    Maybe both.

  30. Kimo

    …Wait, if none of the bears wear regular clothes on a regular basis, why does Gay have? (And why am I trying to apply basic knowledge to Bear Nuts? They’re all MOOTANTS)

  31. Sinister Twist

    I like Top Model, Project Runway, Top Chef & Design Star, but other than that I don’t really like any of the other reality shows anymore. I’ll admit that I watched some of the VH1 shows (Flavor & Rock of Love), but after a while those got so incredibly stupid even for VH1.

    Heh… Tanked looks like a frat boy just before he slips out to get drunk.

  32. toxicblue

    I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! i hear baby weight takes about 6 months to come off if you maintain some sort of routine exercise, buuuuut with having a new baby, who has time. well by the time he really starts walking, you will have plenty of exercise ^_^

  33. Bosn_C_Otter

    Will you ever have a story where Tank talks?

  34. Bosn_C_Otter

    Tanked …… sorry,

  35. Topazert

    My god!! Gays making tanked drink bottled beer!!! Everyone knows he drinks beer from kegs and cans not bottles!!

  36. Saddust

    I love Tanked. Period.

  37. Evil2.0

    @Animie fan

    But he can find that on any channel these days, why top model?

  38. Krey

    So, been reading through the archives and just wanted to take this oppourtunity to say a few things, though I’m not quite to the end yet.
    2. Crappy reality TV gets funding, because that funding is so minimal. The Hills for instance requires ONLY the cost of the camera crew, everything else is paid for by the characters’ (which they really are, since their whole media persona is a farce) and the ad contracts they get to be seen at such-and-such place wearing such-and-such outfit drinking such-and-such alcohol while using such-and-such phone on camera.
    3. Your comments make me sad since it sounds like there’s a lot of awesome pictures that were vote incentives that I’ll never get to see.

  39. Elkian

    …Why was Lech watching- never mind, I don’t want to know.

  40. Emma

    Gay recovers very well from elephant trampling…

  41. J.C.

    95% of all reality TV is pure trash. Because of that, I don’t pay $60 a month for cable.

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