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May 21st, 2010

Page 174

Oh Nerd, you’ll catch more flies with honey my friend… and that’s Cristal Tanked’s mixing there, he momentarily moved up in the world (is that champagne still “in”? I have no idea.)  I do realize Nerd’s rank spot thingies are on the wrong collar so no need to yell at me for that, I’m just too lazy to change it.

Continuing my shout out to the Canadian forces with a poor Prozac image inspired by an apparently true story… soooo gross.  I’m told the base at Alert has a complement of about 80 and sports 7 or 8 bars.  I guess there’s not much else to do for six months in the arctic besides the polar bear swims :)  Now that situation could be a reality show I would totally watch!

I’m not sure how Tanked would fare in a dry deployment though…

Godspeed Fejj!


  1. Kaos

    Now Nerd is a true nerd. he looks so happy. xD gotta to love that guy. xD
    Tank knows what he likes.. :B

  2. Jesse

    Tanked would get along with Tom T. Hall

    “… I like beer
    It makes me a Jolly Good Fellow
    I like beer
    It helps me unwind, and makes me feel kind of mellow
    (Makes him feel mellooow)
    Whiskey’s too rough
    Champagne costs too much
    And Vodka puts my mouth in gear
    This little refrain
    Should help me explain
    As a matter of fact, I like beer…,”

  3. BSQ

    Yay, Iron sights… maybe next draw Evil either throwing a grenade or using an M249? Or would a flamethrower be more his style? (Only reason deemed illegal cuz they blew up in your face… why havent suicide bombers thought of that? They burn some people down, THEN they blow up >_>)

  4. AnkhsPaw

    Just wanted to say, the difference makes it more your own thing. Who knows in your universe might be the other way around.

    BTW. Love your comic.

  5. tsophies

    Lech’s eyebrows in the 7th panel = <3

  6. Appel

    lech should give nerd the remote… you shouldnt enrage a fanboy >.>;

  7. Woden

    Mentioning Cristal reminds me of an episode of Archer. *reading from nameplate on desk* “What’s your name this time? Crystal?” “No, it’s Cristaaaal. It’s what hot black guys drink.”

  8. Dogmeat

    Good to see Nerd is in the Picard camp with all the TRUE trekkies! :D

    I’m kidding, I’m not that bad, honest. :P

  9. Kurobara

    I don’t know who’s more adorable in this page, Tanked or Nerd. I wonder it Evil will get thrown into this TV remote battle?

  10. Kamino Neko

    Humourously, when I went to vote, the ‘prove your a human’ thing was a military character (Colonel something or other)…

    Onto the strip…Cristal and a popped-collar Locoste shirt…it’s like the 80s crashed headlong into the 2000s, and created…well, it’s Tanked, so a mess.

  11. Bosn_C_Otter

    Godspeed and as we say in the Navy fair winds and following seas. I hope you will keep us updated on how he is doing. As for the collar insignia, Even if you noticed it if you felt a need to point it out, turn off the TV, shut off the computer and go for a nice long walk, maybe go to the beach. You have TEVO you wont miss a thing.

  12. Charles

    Haha…this is just getting funnier and funnier. You gotta love Tank’s popped collar…

  13. BoredStiff

    I love Beer quotes, here are some of my favorites.
    Anon- “Drinking beer doesn’t make you fat, It makes you lean…. Against bars, tables, chairs, and poles.”
    Ben Franklin-“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
    Frank Zappa-“You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.”

  14. Tiki Carol

    Did Nerd vote for 72 different aps? Seems he would have :)

  15. Barkingdog

    Just found this comic and loving it Ms. Acton! Thank you.

    Incidentally, the collar rank thingies are called pips. I mention it because I love nits. They’re sooo delicious, I’ll even go round and pick them off random strangers :p

    “In Heaven there is no beer
    That’s why we drink it here.
    And when we’re gone from here
    Our friends will be drinking all the beer.
    lala lala la laaaaa….”

  16. Glowworm

    Aw-Love Tanked pouring his champange into a beer glass–honestly champagne is nasty stuff.

  17. Kavukamari

    I love Nerd’s face in the last panel xP

    Great comic, love the art style :D

  18. Agentwebdog

    You know, I wonder how polarbears relate to our ever so friendly bear nut bears. Would they be same size? Would they be the El Feato of the bear nut world? Hummmmmmmmmnnn.

  19. Kenichi340

    Personally I think you could draw the bears more often in clothes. Tanked looks very cute and I like how Nerd looks XP

  20. Dainty

    I love Lech Bear’s ears! :D

  21. Xuncu

    Heh, good zing, Gay.

  22. D4rkLigh7

    I would not give Nerd the remote just because of how he asked for it.

  23. Sora A.K.

    Hee, hee, Tank mixing the drinks is so cute. And I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched TNG, just TOS… I should check it out sometime, I guess.

    I love the picture of Prozac! He looks good in green…. I really want dress-up dolls of all the bears now. XD That would be so fun.

  24. nooB

    The badge of rank on Lieutenant Nerd’s uniform is on the wrong side.

  25. # 1 fan

    are those Jeff’s melted gummy worms????

  26. itssnowing

    I love Nerd’s face XD

  27. poco

    @nooB: I also noticed that! XD

    TNG FTW. This is exactly why Nerd is my favorite character.

  28. LOD

    Good thing im canadian and know what “man tracker” is.
    Example: “omg, im gonna step in this mud so he knows exactly were I am!!” OR “AHHHHH! he’s right over there!!!” seriously, if you would just shut-up and hide he might not find you. Hmmm?

  29. deet

    I see Drunk bear hasn’t imbibed enough alcohol to effect his co-ordination yet.

    In other news, Nerd (or his Japanese counterpart at least) has been spotted in Hiroshima Zoo!

  30. Ad

    Champagne and beer! I love Tanked! :D

    And, just to be a geek, I see Nerd has made himself a lieutenant.

  31. Artis.K

    can I please please get a plushie of Tanked!! lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is soooo inspiring being a fellow artist!!!! Cant wait to get my Prozac book in the mail!!

  32. SasM

    LOL. This reminded me that there is a viewers choice of the top ten best Dr. Who episodes weekend. :D

  33. AkatsukiNekoJr

    D’aww Tanked is just plain adorable

  34. Morganms2

    Nerd knows better than to wear the red shirt. Once a red shirt beams down to the planet, he usually doesn’t beam back up.

  35. looc64

    How do cowboy skills help you find people? Granted, I know nothing about cowboys…

  36. EatingFurniture

    Only 72? Pffft.

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