Page 175
May 24th, 2010

Page 175

Yes I know this is not a terribly eventful page but bear with me (pun!), I’m building some tension :)

Thank God for PVRs.  I only had two siblings to fight over TV with but that was bad enough.  A PVR back then would have been so helpful and would have probably resulted in fewer dislocated limbs (it wasn’t me though, I was the perfect one!  And I still am!  Nah nah losers!)  Anyway, with the ability to download anything plus all the networks now putting full seasons of shows online to watch we’re thinking of just dumping cable all together.  There’s almost nothing I watch that I can’t get from the internet Gods and it will save us roughly $75 a month… by the way, I hate Rogers and I’d love to dump them entirely but our internet service is with them.  We have the freaking top of the line package because we need all the data transfer we can get since they’ve enacted their freaking caps, and we still go over every other month.  Last month we got charged an extra $20 and the crappiest thing is it’s not because we download too much crap or play too many games or anything that we could just cut back on.  We both work from home and we get and receive work through ftps/etc. and sending unflattened psds takes up a lot of space.

And every single time we have an issue with them we either call or go into a Rogers store and we’re told they can’t help us now as they’re systems are down, EVERY freaking time!!  You’re a technology company for God’s sake!!!!  And Bell is no better…

So that was rather a lot of complaining, but drawing HallouciTank cheered me up :)

And if you’re coming to Anime North this weekend we’ll be there the Saturday and Sunday! I believe I’m going to be sitting in on a webcomics panel on the Sat with a couple of other artists some of you may have heard of (Lar from ‘Least I Could Do’ and Scott from ‘VG Cats’) so that should be a blast :)


  1. Cloud W Omega

    poor nerd went though the trouble of useing the chart and they ignore it :(

  2. Q

    Internet companies are still allowed to cap data transfer up there? Man, the US said no to that with broadband years ago. The only limited packages I see now are with cellular data packages.

  3. Sora A.K.

    At least they’re just fighting over the remote and not constantly changing the channel on the TV- me and my big brother did that once when we were little and ended up breaking it!

    I love how the A is an anarchy symbol. XD

    I’m very curious as to what sort of shows the others watch… I love knowing that sort of trivial information about characters; it helps you get a better sense of them, I think.

  4. lanysmiles

    Yeah, In Ireland too the data transfer is capped…and the broadband is abysmal more akin to dial up than “super fast speeds”

    I laughed at gays face in the first and last panels! :D

    Can’t wait to see where this is going….

  5. DominicanKing614

    whats the P in PVR stand for ?? … i dont know if its a Canadian thing but i have a DVR which is Digital Video Recorder … so whats the P stand for in urs ? …. but at any rate yeah having one of those works WAAAYYY better … and i seriously wanna see Prozac walk in and start getting a little “hulkish” so they start to figure out who goes first lol … also i think Gay should lose here for 1) stealing from poor innocent tank and 2) watching a rerun of a show type i hate anyway lol …

  6. Bosn_C_Otter

    Just so I dont keep asking, gay getting squished was the end of that storyline right? If it was I hope we do get to see da Elephants again in a future story.

  7. Kurobara

    Heh, Nerd is getting better with using physical violence to get what he wants in there. The little guy is getting tougher. ^^

  8. Hex

    HAHAHA there truly all like brothers

  9. Likeacupcake

    i love nerd’s face in panel 5; “Give it to me, and I won’t hurt you.”
    To repeat what someone said on Friday: don’t mess with fans and their shows/games; they can do a hulk rage better than Prozac. I have seen a Final Fantasy fan (about thirteen year old boy) beat a football (ausie rules) player, that was at least twice his since, and four times his strength (I guess he must of been around sixteen/seventeen), just because he took his Buster Sword replica. (wasn’t a very good one, but I wasn’t about to tell him that after I saw what he could do.)

  10. Cuckoo

    All the faces in this one are AWESOME. Is that an aura of pink surrounding Gay in the last panel?

  11. Kaos

    I want… a rage Nerd again. xD

  12. Barn0wl

    I had an older brother & sister to fight with over the TV … but mom always put a stop to it by switching to what SHE wanted to watch! LOL. Hilarious!

    And your poll (Dean/Sam) … you might want to add another choice; “who?” I have no idea what you’re talking about. LOL I did love the Cyclopsian Tanked though … ;)

  13. Artis.K


  14. Dainty

    No internet provider here provides uncapped date transfer. Even the cheapest package is much more expensive than similar packages in surrounding countries because there’s no competition, so they can ask whatever they please.

    I long for the day that we have acceptable internet providers. The current ones are rotten, dirty money leechers :(


  15. Animie fan

    tanked is A.) gonna go ape shit. B.) Get so drunk he doesn’t care any more. or C.) Wait until they’ve killed each other then take the remote.

  16. admin

    @DK614: “personal video recorder” same thing as a DVR, not sure why there’s two names
    @Bosn_C_Otter: Yes, that one’s done, but the elephants will be back :)
    @Cuckoo: Thanks! That’s his ‘gaura’ :D
    @Kaos: Kinda going to happen.
    @BarnOwl: Augh, they’re only the manly stars of one of my all time favorite shows!! I mean besides Firefly. Google Supernatural.
    @Artis.K: As in past page 175?
    @Dainty: I heard internet in Japan is like light speed compared to ours, and for a quarter of the price or something else equally sad. I feel so taken advantage of.

  17. CloudYoshi

    I just started reading the Bear Nuts today, and man, I am totally hooked on this awesome series you have here! XD

    Seriously! Keep up the awesome work, and I really can’t wait to see the next comic! =3 You really inspire me to start my own series x3

  18. Barn0wl

    Ah … looks like a pretty good show (“Supernatural” that is). There are, alas, some major gaps in my “pop culture” knowledge. Still, I do have the added excuse that “Supernatural” seems to be on a network called “CW” which my cable provider doesn’t carry. . I probably wouldn’t watch it (the network) much anyway … I tend to watch mostly Discovery, History, Nat Geo, ScyFy (occasionally) and a couple of others. Now … if you had made some reference to Mythbusters (like: “Best Explosion; ‘blow up cement truck’ or ‘making artificial diamonds'” … I’ would’ve been all over that! LOL

  19. Baseis

    love the comic, always gives me a laugh. Hope I make it to the right panel at AN and see you all ^^

  20. Artis.K

    @admin. no, cant see half of this page at alll!!! WAHHHHHHHH ( me crying about it lol) theres a gray box ova the rest! I have refreshed, restarted my mac, and this is the ONLY page that is not acting rite!!

  21. grim reaper92

    i love the 4th panil

  22. Artis.K

    GAH!! Still cant see all the page! how weird…..but i can c everything else!

  23. Cassandra

    Love where this is going! I cannot wait to see what Tanked is going to do considering this chapter is about him. Also voting for your web-comic today was simply AWESOME!! I loved the picture you put up of Nerd and Tanked. So Funny! Thanks for being awesome!

  24. Kalika

    I totally can relate to this page and internet frustration. Of course me being much older than the siblings helped alot. I’m going over my internet cap once in a while and the charges are rediculous, Canada is so far behind when it comes to cell phone and internet fairness. Have a friend who has to pay for a corporation internet account because of their overages (3 people in the house).

  25. Nov3mberMist

    Damnit, i’ve been trying to go to Anime North for the last…8 or 9 years? >_< bawls.

    And internet frustration is felt everywhere. I hate telus. We’re switching BACK to shaw, because they’re giving us what we already have, plus tv, for about $20 less. totally worth it.

  26. Artis.K


  27. Artis.K

    haha i love how nerd peeks from under the bowl!

  28. Artis.K

    OMG MY AVATAR WORKS!!! Hey there Kappachyno!

  29. Elkian

    Ooh, punch to the pit.

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