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May 28th, 2010

Page 176

So these arcs aren’t always all that linear, it’s a silly comic and I write what comes when it comes and since I already did a Gay horrible injury aftermath comic I wasn’t going to do another one… but I’ve gotten a couple of emails demanding to know just what happened after he was trampled so here you go (I used my sarcastic pencils for this one)  The elephants were actually the focus as they will come up again later… and believe it or not but I do sometimes get a little bored drawing bears!

Come find Studio Dooomcat (that’d be me plus Jim) at Anime North this weekend!  We’re not there tonight but we’ll be there all Sat and Sun… somewhere, I have no idea where our table will be but you can look for the big Bear Nuts banner :)

And come to the web comic panel at 12 on Sat!  It’s just me and two monster webcomic talents (LICD/LFG and VG Cats) and I’ll feel little and insignificant.


  1. ...

    Tanked’s so adorable. I want to hug him.

  2. shadowwalker

    i want Bear Nuts action figures like the little Care Bear ones they had when i was a kid….lol. i wonder if i should order some and paint them as the Bear Nut characters and use a modeling clay to add things like evils horns….i think i found my mission in life, for now…i’ll have to surf ebay later… (but i still rather have offical Bear Nut ones…lol).

  3. Likeacupcake

    Tanked’s face continues to amaze me; “What the…?” He’s changed a fair bit since the wrestling was on!

    Oh, and I’m fairly sure Evil is going to be destroyed by the other three now… Haven’t the zoo keepers noticed the tag in Evil’s ear yet? Or the fact that one of them returned from being released?

    And isn’t it funny; people are willing to turn the room inside out to find the remote, but they are not willing to simply change the channel on the TV?

  4. Sora A.K.

    Ha ha! I must admit, Evil gets some points for that. What kind of points I have no idea but he gets points.

    At first you’d think they could just change the channel with the buttons on the TV… Until you realize that nowadays a lot of things *require* you to use the remote! It even looks like they might have a cable box like my mom’s, and on hers you can’t even turn it off without the remote. They aren’t just encouraging us to be lazy, they’re forcing it…

    …I love how Gay and Nerd look in the second to last panel. Especially Gay. XD

  5. Suzu

    xD oh dude i love LICD and VG Cats! but not as much as I do Bear Nuts!

  6. HybirdZerro

    Wait… What? Did… Did Evil just save the day???

  7. Rianne

    Aw man, you’re going to be at Anime North? I aaaalmost went this year. Sort of wish I had now. (But haha I didn’t realize that was already coming up wow).

  8. Sinister Twist

    Aww… give yourself more credit than that, Alison!! Look at it this way: LICD/LFG has a limited appeal & VG Cats only updates 2-3 times a year, while you appeal to a broader audience & update way more often!! I wouldn’t be surprised if you gain a lot of fans during that panel!

  9. Bosn_C_Otter

    YES! that was the first non-Evil thing Evil has ever done and it was great! he should go house to house in America and do just that. Then maybe people will do something with their lives.

  10. Bosn_C_Otter

    Oh, and I was only just curious about what happened to Gay and the Elephants. I would never be so presumptuous as to tell you how to do your outstanding comic. :)

  11. Bosn_C_Otter

    ok, one last thing….. I was looking forward to one thing in the mushroom story, Nerd broke his glasses, I was thinking, Cool! another adventure outside the Zoo. I love those stories!……. Sorry, way too much coffee this morning.

  12. Superbeast

    You need to make some plushies of the various bears and for the bears have some of the outfits they have worn available to buy that they have worn. That way every one can have there favorite bear and give them a great big old hug. Okay yes I still sleep with a Teddy bear I have had since I was 3. Hay it plays Brahms’ lullaby with a wind up music box I love that Teddy.

  13. Superbeast

    And if you got anything to say about it please tell it to my 2 associates Evil bear and Death bear.

  14. Aki

    Oh, my, jee. Alison – panel 8 is simply immortal. <3

    Hello, btw. Been a fan for a while and my bf’s going to get me a book!

  15. Nicole

    Alison, just keep doing your comic your way. :) It’s brill.

    I did enjoy the vote incentive though…doesn’t sweet Gimp just always know the right tools for the job? :)

  16. Nicole

    Oh! Forgot to mention how much I love Evil’s Indiana Jones-style leap into the scene! lol!

  17. tsophies

    This page is all kinds of brilliant. I’d love to have an icon of Tanked’s look with a caption like ‘so much fashion, so little time’ or something! And Evil to the rescue, bless him he’s trying to keep the peace!!

  18. Kaos

    Hmm.. Tanked seems to becoming sober. since his eyes are focusing and no longer “dizzy”. hmm.. would we get a rage tannk? xD

  19. Appel

    well that wasnt very nice… hes right though, no remote, no fighting :P

  20. Coffinshaker

    awe… poor geeky bear! I like his TNG outfit! >D

    I like how evil still has his tag. XD

    And have fun at the con!!! Got some amazing neighbors there! But remember, you’re an awesome artist and writer! So don’t feel intimidated!

  21. Hex

    Huh. Looks like evil did some good

  22. Case

    Woohoo! Love evil’s solution! Can I get a desktop sized wall-paper of panel 8 – Evil comin’ over the couch is classic!

  23. Evil2.0

    Vilence solves everything…if not…get a bigger weapon

  24. TheGnome

    Evil: A way to peace and harm-ny

  25. Dainty

    Tank cleans up real nice! <3

  26. Adekii

    Unlike VGCats, your work is consistantly quality, and you update on a regular basis except when you took clearly defined time off. Unless you’re worried about a jinx you could probably get away with teasing VGCats for having maybe 16 updates during the past two years, while you’ve been making tons of fantastic content PLUS voting incentives!

  27. Mara

    Awww, Tanked is so cute and innocent. lol. I love Evil’s solution to the fighting.

  28. Tiki Carol

    Nerd can fix it

  29. Artis.K

  30. Artis.K

    how the heck do u load the avatar lol

  31. thatonedude

    panal 8 is AWSOME

  32. Captcraptacular

    Did Evil just do something responable?

  33. Kitsunekage

    Hi Tanked, Whats on? Home-Wrestling? I’ll go make popcorn!

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