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May 31st, 2010

Page 177

I quite like that color on Tank, it suits him. ┬áHe also hasn’t puked on it yet!

I wanted to draw some sketches of Preppy Tanked doing preppy things like yachting or something (lawn bowling? polo? shopping for expensive dinner wear that never gets used?? any suggestions?) but for now you’ll have to make due with HallouciTank 2: Dalek style!



    I thought Tanked wasn’t allowed on the good furniture.

  2. Khielira

    *giggles* i love the last panel.

  3. Kiggy

    so, what did they end up watching after all?

  4. HybirdZerro

    The more sober Tanked gets, the more his facial expressions show signs of “what the hell is wrong with you people?!” towards the others.

  5. Vashtie

    So, I’m assuming that Nerd is now the Remote?

  6. Angie

    Oh Tanked, I just love that shirt! And your hair! Darling, FAB-U-LOUS.
    Also, the incentive is still dead!Gay.

  7. Kaos

    Poor Tanked.. so confused. xD
    Evil surely is a bastard. xD

  8. Nov3mberMist

    XD tanked makes an adroable dalek. That is all.

  9. Nov3mberMist

    and by adroable, i do mean adorable. :b

  10. DominicanKing614

    im guessing theyre just staring at the broken screen now …. and Tanked is just like “What just happened ?”

  11. DominicanKing614

    ps … Gay has some HILARIOUS facial expressions in this strip lol

  12. Saddust

    Do you plan to make plushies from the Bears ? I would buy 3 for my daughters and I…

  13. tsophiekins

    Polo dahling definaahhhtely. I love the quiff!

  14. StringPetounPing

    It is only a remote control. They will only have to relearn to walk to the tv and change the post manually until the universal remote control that Nerd bear will probably buy online will arrive.

  15. Bosn_C_Otter

    I hate Evil. Doing evil is one thing, but he’s just a bully.

  16. Crystal

    Awe! I love Evil Bear <3
    Dalek Tank is freaking awesome! ;p

  17. Animie fan

    fix it? make alooong stick, lulz

  18. Adrastos

    OMG, Tanked as a Dalek is amazing! Make this a sticker or a poster and I would surely buy it!!

    Also poor Nerd.. and Tanked..

  19. Artis.K

    uhhh Hi Prozac LOL LOL LOL love it!!!

  20. Dainty

    Oh yes, please do as many of preppy Tank as you can muster! He’s is BEYOND adoribubble

  21. Draconi

    i still think we should get to see what tanked would look like if he were 100% sober :P

  22. Tiki Carol

    My guess is Nerd is the remote control. He gets to change the volume and chanels. Right?

  23. Imp Oster

    That was a pretty slick move, Evil.

    I rather enjoyed that. XD;

  24. kookaburra8su


    7th panel, Evil’s expression, Nerd can fix anything!

    9th panel, Nerd WILL fix anything!

    Last Panel, Evil has his “remote” control right beside him and Nerd doesn’t need his glasses sitting that close!
    Tanked’s face is priceless!


  25. Kenichi340

    Jesus Evil, one of these days he’s going to seriously hurt someone with his bats. I’m surprised none of them got a fractured skull or broken bone with his shenanigans XD

  26. Diskettesa

    Fifth panel, “Gay is displeased.”

    His expressions in this comic made me smile. >3

  27. Nicole

    I’m thinking they’re watching the Star Trek marathon that Nerd wanted since he’s being the remote.

    Love Nerd’s expressions in panels 6 and 10. *snarf*!!

  28. Kamino Neko

    Nah…Nerd doesn’t look too happy, and Evil’s the one with the bat.

  29. hobbesme

    love the dalek tanked, only i think it should be nerd as the dalek or show nerd in the back round with your favorite who outfit

  30. Jetsamjunk

    You know, for awhile I’ve been thinking this, and I decided to finally say it. Nerd is probably the cutest thing without his glasses on. <3

  31. BoredStiff

    Wow, Evil is a major ass! Also I was hoping tanked would do more since this seems to be his story arc.

  32. Aub

    Whats up with Gay’s eye did he get it bruised in the fight? XD

  33. Michelle

    I love Gay on the 5th panel! xD

  34. FeelinLucky75

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! A tanked dalek poster would be awesome!!!! I would buy one :D

  35. Peach

    I love Tanked’s nervous look of concern in the last panel. Poor Nerd, having to be the remote (scarcasm much? :P). I remember when that was how you actually changed the channel. Ugh, now I feel old…back before you had *one* remote that does everything you had four or five depending on how elaborate your set up was.

  36. Ponyhome

    Tanked as a dalek is great, but I think he’d be chanting “Inebriate… Inebriate…”

  37. Nicole

    Huh…I hadn’t noticed Gay’s eye. Maybe that’s residual healing after getting trounced by Madge.

  38. Nicole

    Oh, whoops! No, looks like he got hsi black eye in the tussle over the remote.

  39. Hex


  40. Issy

    I love Evil so much!! BEST BEAR EVER

  41. Trolldrool

    I remember when you could change the channel manually without a remote control. Simply by moving over to the TV. I don’t know what moron decided to remove that option, but I hope he’s cursed with TV-SHOP on every channel in his home.

  42. mattykins1

    you can almost hear it from nerd, “But ive got the conch!!!!!” five internets to whoever gets the reference

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