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June 4th, 2010

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Continuing my rant about the state of reality shows if you’ve never heard of ‘Rock of Love Bus’ consider yourself lucky…. all I can say is ewwwwwww.

We got back from Toronto on Monday night, had a blast at Anime North.  Big thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hi, especially Ben the Pocky Fairy :)

Jim had to watch the baby and get some work done back at the hotel room so I was alone for most of the weekend and it can get kind of boring manning a table by yourself for two days so I loved chatting  with everyone who stopped by.  Speaking of Sammy, he handled his first road trip pretty well, probably better then me.  He also has a bear suit…kind of.


  1. ...

    Lol, I love how irritated Tanked is.

  2. Lolz

    Ive never seen tanked look so serious and mad.

  3. Artis.K

    SCI_FI CHANNEL!!…Bonk!! omg tooo funny!!! poor

  4. slasher

    tanked should just go throw on a wreastlers outfit and liek bodyslam them all XD. but that would be expecting to much from a drunk.

  5. Dallas-Dakota

    And here I was, expecting a full cosplay of one of your characters.
    You let me down, Alison. :(

  6. shadowwalker

    Sammy is too cute! He has beautiful eyes.

    ( is watching SyFy as i type…Moonlight! )

  7. samiam

    Somebody tell me again why they decided it was a good idea to bring back Evil? They should’ve left that guy in the woods to be eaten.

  8. LoadToad

    Waiting for Tanked to bop them all on the head, crack open a brew and put it on the Fishing Channel.

  9. QueenOfTheDucks

    AAAAAWWWWWWwwwww sammy looks so cute in his bear suit =^.^=
    and i love gays black eye and tankeds reaction to it all lol

  10. Tigergulp

    Why doesn’t Gay have a steak over his eye?

  11. Jennifer Mathis

    I love how exasperated Tanked looks in panel 9!

  12. shadowwalker

    Gay doesn’t have a steak over his eye because red meat on the face clashes with his bow tie :P (sorry couldn’t resist….lol)

  13. Tonka

    Evil really is a jerk. Nerd needs to find his inner Grizzly again and wipe the floor with Evil. Kind if like Evil did with Lech. Nice touch having the dents in Lech’s ears from Evil’s feet. I love the attention to detail in this comic.

  14. Ketira

    So….when is Prozac going to show up and fix all this? (Although it’s cute while it’s happening, and my sympathies are with Tanked –on the TV getting hogged, not the beer. Had a similar situation with Legos….)

    You setting Sammy up to be a model? He looks like he’s being patient in that pic…. ;)

  15. HybirdZerro

    I knew it, Sober Tanked Bear is questioning the sanity of the other Bears! Who called it?!

    @ Slasher: Considering the other Bears are presumably roughly the same height and weight as Tanked, a body slam probably won’t be all that effective. A running strike like a Spear or Spinning Heel Kick would probably be a better maneuver.

  16. Kaos

    fight fight fight! : D

  17. Nicole

    Seriously…Tank is going to open a can of whoopass on these guys.

    Oh, the cuteness of Sammy!!! In his lil’ bear hat! Man, he’s a pretty lil’ guy. :)

  18. Ben

    omfg, you called me a pocky fairy. <3.

    In other news: once again evil proves to be my favourite bear.

  19. Jirako

    Watch Evil is going to choose something AMAZING to watch!
    Aw, Tanked looks mad, maybe they should let him choose ^^

  20. Kurobara

    If Gay keeps talking to Evil (who, might I add, has them all officially WHIPPPED), he’s going to get another black eye to match the other one.

  21. Bosn_C_Otter

    OMG Sammy is fricken adorable! look at them rosy cheeks! I wanna have a baby! I need to go ask my wife….

    “oh dear? can we have a baby?”

    “Oh, your 50 and have no baby making stuff?”

    “Oh poo.”

    Maybe I can pick one up at Wallmart.

  22. Bosn_C_Otter

    Seems Im not the only one who is getting just a little tired of Evil and his bulling ways. Take him down Tanked!

  23. Jen

    the only person i could ever like a popped collar on is tanked! lol

  24. admin

    Sorry Dallas but I can’t sew! I can draw however…
    @shadowwalker: Thank you! Lot’s of people think he’s a girl cause he got his dad’s long eyelashes (I’m so jealous!) and lol clashing steak.
    @Tonka: Thanks, I do believe Nerd will do something about this…
    @Ketira: I just take way too many pictures, I think he’s learned to look at the camera so I put it away faster!
    @Nicole: Thank you! :)
    @Ben: Thanks again man!
    @Bosn: There’s always babies at Walmart, just hang out in the baby section.

  25. Kat

    Oh my goodness, Sammy is so cute! He looks so serious!

    I love how Evil is resting his feet on Lech.

  26. Artis.K

    @Ketira — lol lol No NO, seee i wanna know where Death is to come rectify the situation!! lol Touch Evil in the face again!! lol

  27. DominicanKing614

    did Gay just ask for “Rock Of Love Bus” ? …. man i didnt think gay people watched trashy stuff too … VH1 programing thats about celebrity dating needs to just stop …. Falvor Flav, Brett Michaels, Tila Tequila, all the other spin offs with the hangers on from those seasons … it was too much lol …. VH1 should stick to music videos, documentaries, and funny lists of “Top 100 (blah blah)” lol …

  28. lol

    i love how tanked is the only one not being stupid right now

  29. BourBen

    Darn Sammy just looks insanly cute, not a thing i say allot about baby’s.

  30. Sam

    I’m really glad I got to meet you at Anime North and absolutely did not regret checking out your site. If I had come to AN twice and had more money, I would have definitely wanted to chat with you more! Now if I get paid, maybe I can order your books!

  31. Michelle

    Gay wants to watch a, quote, “fabulous train wreck?”

  32. chesirecat

    oh no, i am one comic too late to see dalek tank. you should put some of those drawings into an archive or something

    anyway, i did that to my friend when she suggested we watch rock of love, then said, “we are watching doctor who, get over it”
    nerd should use his phaser! ^//_n^

  33. Sinister Twist

    LOL. I think that Gay & I would get along tv-wise.

  34. Lord Awesome

    That’s a pretty sick green shirt tanked has on. He looks almost as handsome as your brother Jeff does in his sick green shirt.

  35. Sang

    Tanked seems upset, we could see him speak soon!

    Or… you know… at least grumble… or vomit.

  36. Alexander

    I got a nagging feeling we’re going to be seeing Tanked’s first real line blurted out in utter frustration here in a strip or two.

  37. Uberhoser

    Please oh please, make panel 5 an avatar! I LOVE the look of Gay.

  38. gokol

    I love Sci Fi my favorite show right now is Sanctuary.

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