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February 2nd, 2009

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Someone needs some anger management classes…

Plus check out the new wallpaper page in the menu bar above :D


  1. Xel Unknown

    Sad that Evil’s trying to make it up and it’s going to clearly go downhill from here… I just know it.

  2. Wutdisdolulz

    Silly evil, you should have brought Nerd with you!

  3. Xel Unknown

    I don’t think he’ll be able to get nerd to go with him… And while I’m thinking it’s going to get worse for Evil as he trys to make amends, I’m hoping he get’s himself back to normal at the end at lest.

  4. LAME

    the computer looks like a mac
    sweet B)

    I wonder what will happen from here…I’m excited

  5. W.E.R.

    aw man…. not the computer… but i definitely know how evil feels.

  6. Ausjin

    I would recommend he see a shrink, but I’d worry for the shrink’s safety.

  7. Sebine


    Its not a MAC

    Thats a Lightning Bolt on the back of the monitory… clearly it was a Harry Potter >_>

  8. Kitmit

    hahaha, i wonder whats going to happen next o.0

  9. Kamino Neko

    Nothing good, that’s for sure…At least not for poor Evil.

  10. Eodred

    Awww, he wants to make things right… :)
    I checked the wallpapers by the way. Really cute and nice ones :p
    I use a program that changes my wallpaper daily, so it’s waiting until they pop up :)

  11. King Todo

    He can do the ancient art of voodoo but can’t turn on a computer?

    He’s an Evil savant!

  12. Q

    It’s not a Mac, there’s a tower PC it’s connected to.

    Poor Evil, if only he’d had Nerd to help him! Now they’re probably just going to be more upset.

  13. midnightlost

    lol, i wish i could do that to my computer, oh wait……

    Go Evil!

  14. ASRodrig

    I feel like doing that sometimes to my own computer…

  15. Will Simply Be

    Will Evil Regain the trust and acceptance of his fellow bears?
    Will Gay ever regain the majority of his skin?
    Will Prozac ever leave the dark little happy corner?
    Will we ever find out uh… just what the heck is up with crack?
    Find out at Bear Nuts!!

    Lol, sorry, little tangent, long time reader, first time poster,
    I love this stuff, its really great!

  16. tony

    Must be Vista.

  17. tony

    I hear that it has that affect on people sometimes.

  18. midnightlost

    could be worse, could be ME…now that OS deserves dynamite….hehe

  19. qtsushigirl

    I LOVE your stories and plots! Burnt up Gay Bear was just priceless.

  20. Justin

    This one reminds me of the movie zoolander… “The files are in the computer” lol…

  21. CyberCorn Entropic

    Kind of hard to go online when the computer is offline. And one doesn’t have to be as computer ignorant as Evil to wish ill upon a recalcitrant computer. :P

  22. Nastee

    he probably got the blue screen of death… lol

  23. Simon Crazy Cat


    It’s like that I deal with my computer. :D

  24. Ookami

    He was probably mad to discover that Bill Gates was more evil than him.

  25. RagingDragon

    And I thought I had trouble with computers. X3

  26. kristen

    I have definitely wanted to treat my computer the same way. You go Evil!! Stick it to the man, in his weak spot!!!!! Of course I still feel sorry for the other bears. I see a food expedition adventure in their future. Maybe they will go steal the uppity giraffes food. That would be hilarious.

  27. Evil Robot

    Love, love, love, it! An evil Care Bears simply brilliant! The art is very cool.

  28. JD Brett

    Definitely vista.

  29. £Ø§Ð

    Epic Fail on Evils Behalf there.

  30. Kylie

    Silly bear. You have to turn it on first 8D

    …My mom has that problem too >___>;

  31. Evil2.0

    Anger managment classes would do naught for him… And I can’t remember all teh times I’ve wanted to smash my laptop for crashing on me.

  32. Dracky

    >.> No one else noticed it says May on the calendar?

  33. Elkian

    You’d think he a computer would get along perfectly…XD


    It’s the effort that counts……….. I guess

  35. Jupi

    Dang. Maybe Evil should try taking some prozac himself.

  36. Trolldrool

    “For purely selfish reasons of course.” That’s what I love about Evil. He’s consistent in his malevolence.

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