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January 30th, 2009

Page 46

What I don’t mention in the comic is how long it takes to get out that toasted Gay smell :)

So with a new comic starting today, we’ve also added some new stuff to the BN site:
-the wallpapers page is now up in the menu bar above. I’ll add more as I complete them.
-we’ve added a donation button on the right beside the vote button for Top Web Comics. If you’d like to support BN your votes are hugely appreciated! Every vote brings BN up the ranks and increases our visibility. If you’d like to make a donation we have a gift for you: a mini Bear Nuts coloring book (a downloadable PDF) that you can print at home. Paypal should redirect you automatically, but please let us know if it doesn’t and we can email you the file.

Another upcoming comic preview is also up as a new vote incentive at Top Web Comics


  1. Johnny Mayhem

    Awww, even Gimp is giving Evil the…evils. Huh.

  2. pingo1387

    But Band-Aids can fix EVERYTHING! Even severe third-degree burns!!

  3. Neon

    Hahaha, Prozac’s face in the dark, as someone on meds I find it hysterical.

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