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November 28th, 2011

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Happy belated Thanksgiving to all it applies.  I spent the weekend checking out all the Black Friday shopping riot videos online… I think our society really needs to think about changing our priorities.  This kind of stuff is obscene (and I’m not just talking about that woman’s outfit).  And then there’s the pepper spray over a discounted xbox incident.  Wow.

A belated vote incentive for a belated holiday.


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    For panel 3… I’m not even going to ask, and could everyone here do me a favor and not elaborate upon it for my sake? Please? My sanity is in question as it is…

  2. Delakando

    Panel 3…
    Okay next subject! It looks like those polar bears are about to start a Zoo War! ZOO WAR 1! It’ll be in the zoologist history books for years!

  3. Wutdisdo

    LOL Gay’s face.

  4. Ana

    Scientifically proved that Gay is not just called gay for being a sissy, lol

  5. All

    I giggled at panel 3, Gimp’s face is priceless lol I make that face all the time..

  6. gamehunter

    LoL Gay likes the butt sniffing idea ;P

  7. coyoteBR

    Suspense: this arc has it.
    And it’s getting better and better.

    But Gay….. :laughs:

  8. Chris

    Oh Gay, you silly bear.

  9. Mel

    Not that the monkeys needed a good lesson…

  10. Blacky Blackerson

    And Gay’s sexuality just gets more painfully obvious. Good luck trying to convince anyone you’re straight now. (Haha; Soundwave’s request is denied)

    Well, that’s a harsh way of dealing with this. I mean, all you have to do to get even is chop his tail off, not turn him into mincemeat!! These are some sadistic freakin’ polar bears. But I digress.

    OK, I can understand someone getting pepper sprayed for trying to steal a Xbox. I can understand if someone gets mad for not being able to nab that shinning new Macbook. I can understand if someone fought for a Transformers and My Little Pony toy to make their children happy (to some extent). But, when someone actually fights for a 2 dollar waffle maker, I lose faith in all humanity. How stupid can we be. From now on, I’m sticking solely to Cyber Mondays.

    Regardless how old the incentive is, it still is awesome.

    The one good thing about being out of town for nearly a week: you don’t have to deal with leftover Thanksgiving food XD.

  11. Soundwave the Unchresomatic


  12. Lemrez

    Question:it is 7:25 AM here Soundwave…how did you post that at 7:55 AM??

  13. Lemrez

    I forget myself..time changed..but it shows posted an hour ahead.

  14. kath

    one year, all my 3 yr old nephew wanted was this truck that had like a gazillion pieces and my parents went to 46 Kmarts to find it- they got rain checks, and were told, well, maybe- but doubtful. My dad finds one almost 60 miles from where we live, and it had not been put back where it was supposed to be. So, hes walking through the store- hugging this truck to his chest, and security comes up and says “You know we have carts sir, can we get you one?” and he said- “You don’t understand, we have searched 46 stores to find this…” and a woman comes up to my dad and starts flipping out “THATS MY TRUCK I PUT IT ASIDE FOR MY KID” and she lunges at my dad to get the toy! Mind you, the woman was in her 30s and my dad was 82!. the security guard has to restrain the woman and my dad said to him after he got the woman to back off,”I would appriciate an escort through the check out , and to my car! and the woman kept following them screaming that my dad was ruining her childs christmas!!
    Finally he says to her “They give rain checks!!” and she shut up!.

    It took me 4 hours to assemble the parts for the truck, and then get it together, and my nephew had it apart in 2 miniutes and I thought “Okaaay, so, its going to be regulated to pieces parts toy ” but he had it all together in under 5 min and zipping across the floor. He loved it. He is now 15, and wants to be an engineer. My dad, God rest his soul, would have continued to go to every single Kmart to get the toy, (as I have sent out of state to get a toy for my nephew as well) but, we were raised different. Sometimes, another child gets the toys we want, and thats fine. Sometimes, you just get lucky.

  15. KStormGemini

    This is nothing new… That people would make the polar bears at Discount Zoo look mentally stable. Anybody who remembers the riots over the Cabbage Patch Dolls from the 80s and later the “Tickle Me Elmo” (which I Still say is obscene in and of itself but then I never did like Elmo… Creepy lil monster) will tell you people are screwed up in the head.
    Not to sound like an old timer (which I am) but when I was a kid, the toys I cherished most weren’t pricey or even Boughten.
    I still remember to this day this one Christmas I wanted a baby doll. A blue eyed, black haired little girl baby doll. But for starters they don’t even really have that coloration in baby dolls Today much less way back when in the late seventies. And even if they had, we were dirt poor.
    But oh how I wanted that baby doll. Sight unseen, I wanted that baby doll. I knew though, even at that age, I prolly wouldn’t get one.
    My gran and gramps had a surprise for me though… My gran bought some creamy pink fabric and stuffing and Made the doll. Hand embroidering the beautiful bright blue eyes with long curly eyelashes, the rose bud little mouth and used black yarn and hand stitched it into curly hair. Even stitched cute little dimples and the butt. She made a hand full of clothing for her as well. And while she had been working on the doll, my gramps was out in the garage using his beloved meat cutting saw to cut out the most lovely scroll-worked rocking cradle no store could even have sold. It had a scrolled heart shaped head and foot boards and he’d taken the time to sand it and paint white with pink trim.
    That was the Best Christmas I ever had and likely it always will be. Because the gifts weren’t from the store or fought over… They were lovingly made by my gran and gramps.
    To this day, hand made gifts are Still more cherished to me than anything out of the store. And it’s something that I try to do for the people I love as well. Had I any kids, it would be what I would do for them too.

  16. Narfcake

    Black Friday … or black eyes on Friday?

    While we’re in the holiday mood, Alison’s Unstealthiest Ninja shirt is now available in long sleeve form at Woot for a very limited time!

    Regular short sleeve still available too.

    (BTW, for those who care, Woot shirts are made in the USA.)

  17. Moo

    i wanted coal once but only got socks :(

  18. Sterling Rodd

    Hmm, I’m surprised to see Lech so outraged at the idea. I didn’t think he’d be the kind to partake, like Evil might, but I figured him for the sort who would gladly have at least sat in the Colosseum watching the gladiators go at it. Lech, if I misjudged you, I apologize. :)

  19. midnight

    and if you think thats bad:

    completely unconscious but still resisting arrest while being handcuffed…. yep

    so in other panels: lol, wonder where nerd and evil sneaked away to :D

  20. Brian Hibbs

    Black Friday never made much sense to me, I mean for God’s sake people you’ve got until December 25th to get that stuff why make it more trouble than its worth.

    Steven’s about to chop up a monkey he knows probably didn’t do it, and yet he’s apologizing for his aim while about to mutilate it, I get the feeling he doesn’t realize the seriousness of the situation.

    Come on Gay have a little restraint, homosexual or not this hardly seems like a time to be thinking like that when someone looks like they’re about to be massacred.

  21. Kitsunekage

    I lost faith in humanity a long time ago. Events like Black Friday Riots just reaffirm how badly society as a whole has fallen. And, just like KStormGemini, I cherish those things homemade. Hell, I’ve got two quilts my grandma made for me from when I was ten! Still use them too.

    I will definetly making gifts form my children, grand-children, neices and nephews for christmas, if I ever have any.

  22. Jordan

    The tiger’s look of disgust makes this page for me.

  23. mouseanderson

    Late comer as always, but I had to throw in that I (as another older person) have to agree with KStormGemini and Kitsunekage. The bestest gifts were always the ones that were homemade or that a lot of effort had been put into them. I gave my older daughter when she was 6 (now 18) a stuffed tiger my grandfather had made me. She cherish’s it to this day. Looks pretty good for 40 also.
    Luckily I live in a medium size town (75,000) so Black Friday wasn’t that bad.

  24. Sketch

    (Got my internet back. Yesssss…) I love the expressions on this page. Priceless, really. x) I can’t wait to see the monkey getting chopped, and I don’t know why. :I I guess I just hate monkeys.

  25. gamehunter

    or you just love blood :P

  26. Suzu

    Blacky Blackerson
    That waffle maker fight, was in my town xD
    A friend of my mom’s turned around to get some nice towels on sale, turned back around and someone had stolen her basket!

  27. silverfang16

    And Steve seemed so sweet before. :(

  28. Hohheh

    Tact AND not sounding creepy. They’re doing a fine job.

  29. Sketch

    @gamehunter: I seem to have a very big love for blood. Mhmmmmrrr….

  30. Nicole

    Monkey mob attack in 3…2…1…

    @kath: Your dad had every right to that truck. What idiot “sets aside” something that they want to buy, rather than keeping it in their cart? Once you leave something on a store shelf, it’s up for grabs. I’m glad your dad stood his ground!

    @KStormGemini: What a lovely story!

  31. Korey Von Doom

    I just recently found and read through your comics, and I must say I love the facial expressions so much, no webcomic comes close to the emotions that is transmitted in their faces.

  32. Sterling Rodd

    @Nicole: Yeah, I would agree. Moving something from one spot to another is not establishing an expectation you intend to purchase it. In fact, it looks more like you changed your mind and abandoned it. If it’s not in your hands or your cart, it’s not in your possession. It’s back in stock, and that’s that.

  33. MetaPope

    I bet we are about to see Prozac hulk out.

  34. Nicole

    @Sterling Rodd: I bet she had to run to the bathroom–you can’t take merch in there. Still, I would’ve either left it in my cart outside the bathroom, OR hidden it real well behind other stuff.

  35. Jadugara

    Like Jordon said,….that tiger’s face in panel two made this whole page for me… That has to be the best face EVER!!!

  36. Lemrez

    Tigers and Bears..but no lions ?! :O

  37. Mark Linimon

    I want a frowny tiger all my own.

  38. SinisterThougts

    I gotta say, the Tiger is awesome. We’ve gotta see more of him/her! :D

  39. EJAK5199

    HA! Gay’s expression to the polar bears comment.

  40. Cam

    Gay, your homosexual is showing. XD

  41. Alex

    And Gay has been proven,

    Well, My facts are checked

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