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November 21st, 2011

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Of course the Polars are merely inciting more violence and we all know that’s not going to solve anything and will likely lead to more… hurt feelings.

I’ve been watching a lot of the Occupy videos online and on the news and I really don’t understand the backlash; hasn’t history shown time and again that trying to repress a movement only makes it stronger?  Isn’t there already enough ill will surrounding the situation?  I suppose beating people and burning tents will make everything better?  At least Cain and Perry are entertaining!  I wish our politicians were less boring :)

But talking about political stuff sucks so Zombie Teddies! Or the ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ which I’d love on a shirt but Woot didn’t want to print it :(


  1. Shada

    And then Prozac raged, the end.

  2. Brian Hibbs

    How did they find the voodoo doll I wonder

  3. Suzu

    What did the monkey have to do with it o.O;
    I feel bad for Steven (and not just cuz he has the same name as my bro) but at the same time I find his new arm hilarious xD
    and I agree with Shada

  4. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Me: Uh oh… Prozac’s in a bad mood…

    Death: We’ve seen that and this is not that.

    Gay: Definitely not.

    Death: This is worse… He’s pissed.

    Kudos to whoever gets the reference.

  5. Lemrez

    This is one sad case of BAD luck…

  6. silverfang16

    We admit to nothing! D: *whoosh*

  7. Jim

    This is the ONLY thing I’m going to say on the matter, re: the Occupy movement.

    I’d have a lot less of a problem with them if it weren’t for the rampant property damage, illicit drug use and sexual assault. In short, if they BEHAVED themselves.

  8. Kylie Ann

    I love that even Lech became concerned in that last panel … Evil and Nerd are in trouble.

    At least, I hope that Prozac gets Nerd too, because right now he’s probably only blaming Evil.

  9. MelodramaticFool66

    …and thus Evil conveniently dissappears!

  10. Zankou

    @suzu – The monkey was probably just a way to get the attention before revealing what this was about

  11. Bix

    Oh! oh! :P

  12. Lody

    so by sacrifice do they mean death?
    or will the polar bears merely tear off the monkey’s arm?
    and yea after ages I’ve finally started posted comments again :)

  13. ponyhome

    Good to know that Evil is still scared spitless of Prozak’s wrath. It’s probably the only thing that keeps him in check (kinda).

  14. gamehunter

    xaaxax its pay-day :D

  15. Smakkowarner

    It’s a Scape-monkey!

  16. Bosn_C_Otter

    If you force protesters to follow your rules, your regulations, to keep in line, it is no longer a protest but a parade. something to be ignored

  17. JK

    Trust me, you don’t want “exciting” polititians. The U.S. is shit.

  18. Sterling Rodd

    Isn’t Hulk… or Butch… those guys all look alike!… taking a risk of ripping off Steven’s other arm holding the doll like that?

  19. Beta

    Protesters are usually in the wrong place – protesting about the wrong thing at the wrong time. This time is not much different.

    Honestly, I haven’t cared much, because well.. I don’t watch the news and so far my life hasn’t been much different since it all started. I don’t disagree with what they are trying to do necessarily, but how they are going about it. I (In the nicest way possible) just think that the odyssey of plunking yourself down in a urine and barf filled sleeping bag in the middle of a park for 2 or 3 months wallowing around in anger and hate in an effort to change how big corporations behave will gather very little monumental change. I honestly doubt that the protesters who are outside of the corporations will change what those CEO’s they complain about and how much they get paid will show any sympathy towards them.

    Really, I’m more so intrigued by WHAT the jobless recent college grads, who are all sitting outside of some corporation, think is going to happen by doing so. Do they really think that the millionaire CEO’s and all the 6 figure paid board members are gonna order up some coffee and have a lunch discussion to discuss that, maybe they really should change how they do their business practices, and revise their benefits and compensation packages because of how all these jobless people ruminating in some park they probably never sit in or have the time to go to – say so.

    Not that I think that the Heads of corporations are doing the right thing by underpaying their mass of workers and getting so much pay. I agree with what they are protesting about. I just think that the 1% became the 1% and not the 99% because they actually took it upon themselves to try and work their asses off to get there. If the protesters want to actually do something about it, try doing something that will actually help the 99% get what they deserve. Plunking down in some park isn’t working your ass off and it isn’t going to change anything. Get out there and do something as a group to compete with these CEO’s and other corporations. The guys upstairs only pay attention to the other guys next door who are also upstairs. Maybe if you put yourself in a position to where they’ll pay attention to you they’ll listen. Destroying a park doesn’t catch their attention much.

    AAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDDD. I now would like to completely get away from U.S. Politics and stuffs cause it is boring and it brings anger amongst us :) by commenting on how wonderful it is to have a new page of Bear Nuts!

    I love love love the vote incentive. It reminds me so much of a game I used to play religiously. Only… it was zombie squirrels. There were teddi bears in it, but they weren’t zombies. MMMMM. I think we need a drunk squirrel in this zoo. :)

    Also, I hope Alison feels better this week! :D

  20. Sterling Rodd

    I think the protesters are unfocused, but that’s usually par for the course. If they had the solutions, they’d likely be implemented by now. Nevertheless they’re clearly onto something and shouldn’t be put out of mind. It’s the groundswell of something that may subside for a time, but isn’t going to go away. In much of the Western world, but particularly in the US, there’s been a consolidation of wealth in recent years, particularly since the 1980s when higher-percentile tax cuts went into effect. The rich kept more of they took out of the system and didn’t have to put it back. One of the results is the spiraling US federal debt.

    The biggest trick in the book is the old saw that anyone can get rich, and with that in mind, a lot of people resent even the idea of the government claiming back phantom wealth they don’t even have, but imagine they one day might. In the 60s, there were tax brackets for the rich upwards of 90% in the US, but those people were still rich and lived just fine, and the US was on course to pay off its federal debt by the early 1980s. Now the rich keep much more of their wealth, and also are permitted to raid the cookie jar of the corporations they run to a degree unheard of in Europe and Japan. “Trickle down” was a farce. In truth, that capital that’s privatized into individual hands, beyond the immediate needs for food, shelter, and other spending, vanishes from circulation and goes into offshore accounts where it can’t be touched, and where it does no good for anyone except banks who charge interest on it. It amounts to labour and production distilled down to a nominal value and then removed from the system and denied to society.

    I’ll grant you that a lot of these people do work hard. A lot of them don’t. But getting there is much less about one individual’s hard work as it is where, when, and to whom that individual was born. To be born in the United States, at the end of the 20th century, to parents who are already high earners or independently wealthy is essentially to be born flying and never need to worry about bouncing hard on the trampoline to get up there. For every Bill Gates, there are several dozen Rothchilds. But it’s wider society that makes their lifestyle possible and sustainable, and it has a right to expect a return commensurate to what previous and current generations have made available to them. That’s a big part, I think, of that this “99%” is really about. According to The Guardian, the top 1% of US earners owns something like 34% of US assets. And the top 0.01% — one ten thousandth of the population – owns 18% of them; a sixth of everything in the United States. That’s an unconscionable concentration of wealth in a country where people do without health care and live on food stamps. That’s not the creation of jobs; the removal and ossification of that amount of liquidity from society is effectively the opposite of it.

    If the 99%ers around the world don’t have all the answers, I don’t think that makes them dismissible or discountable. Clearly, there are issues that need redress, and it’s not about pulling out the troops from Vietnam or not invading Iraq. This is motivated by existential issues, and you ignore them in the long run at your peril. Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette could attest to that.

  21. Candycaness

    What reference would that be Soundwave?

  22. Beta

    Dead On Sterling. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    On another topic of United States political turmoil, the U.S. Congress’ approval rating is 9%…

    Pornography, Polygamy, Banks, B.P. during their oil spill, Nixon after Watergate, and “The U.S. going communist” all have a higher approval rating than congress… the U.S. going communist had an approval rating of 11%… B.P. was at 16% during the spill, and Banks are currently at 23%. THE IRS has an approval rating of 40%. Oil and gas industry? 20%. Airline industry is 29% as is Lawyers. Nixon during watergate? 24%. The U.S. going communist had an approval rating of 11%…

    That’s bad.

  23. Nicole

    HA! Love how Evil is just gone. :D Ah, and there’s Gay and Gimp. Still unnacounted for: Death and Tanked. Although I don’t think they’re in danger any more as the Polars don’t seem to have their sights set on anyone but the makers of the voodoo doll.

    Prozac’s expression in panel 8 is priceless!

  24. anon-e-mouse

    I love how his arm slaps him in the face, and everyone just goes to normal, and his face is all like “nothing happened here…”

  25. Chuck

    OK…I’m a little confused. What is Steve’s new arm made of and why did it smack him in the face?

  26. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    @Candycaness: Here’s a hint…

    It’s a line from a movie.

  27. kath

    Process of elimination, the bears would know that the hair on the doll (and paint smell) had to have come from Nerd- thats the one scent that they are sure of. the other one, knowing that nerd didn’t have the capability to do the voodoo would be their hint to see who ran. OMGOSH GANG NEVER ADMIT WHAT YOU DO!!

    Pawsable denyablity. Like yeah, Bears are going to ‘sew’ are the polarbears NUTS? ANY child could have picked up a bit of fluf that had been found on the path and stuck it on a doll found at the gift shop and then pulled the arm off. How many kids do that with their siblings dolls all the time? and now being the bully bears ONCE again, they torment helpless monkeys to satisfiy a twisted need for reveng. they wanted to do the whole revenge thing, where were they when tanked was shoved into the vat and left to drown??

    Sometimes, a bear should stand up to the bullys and stomp on their toes.

    As a stock holder, and a worker, I see both sides to the whole issue. I have watched the staff where I work dwindle from 36 people down to 4, and I have no hopes of retireing before I die since the economy went fubar. If I have a job come easter of next year, it will be with devine intervention. There is alot of finger pointing, and IMHO none of the canadates actually have a clue of what to do. Yes, much of it has been directed at corporate greed (Naming names, the gas industry)

    The solution would be to have goverment officials work for minimum wage, for the hours that they work, and live on a salary of poverty. (throw them all in the discount zoo- “Ohhh Mummy whats that?” “Stand back child, thats a politition! they can rob you faster than the monkeys!” )

    I didn’t vote for a single one of the guys that are in office, the people I voted for, didn’t get in, so it’s not my fault.

  28. coyoteBR

    Two things:
    1 – Can’t wait to see what happens to the monkey
    2 – It took two months (usual time to Amazon deliever on Brazil + a mail strike), but just received my Book of Prozac from Amazon! Yay!

  29. fan#666

    @Soundwave the Unchresomatic: I still don’t get it.

  30. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    …abeit a line from a movie that I slightly modified…? A very, very successful movie…?

  31. Nicole

    Uh…the Incredible Hulk?

  32. Zankou

    comic 296 the page for paragraph comments

  33. hurricane567

    Hurricane on violence:Violence does solve problems, just ask Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.
    Hurricane on OWS: “What do we want? UNICORNS! Who do we want them from? RICH PEOPLE!” Yeah, good luck with that.

  34. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    OK, that was strike 3.


  35. Sterling Rodd

    I think Steven’s new arm just can’t believe what it’s hearing. Auto-facepalm feature. :)

  36. Beta

    @sterling – my arm does that sometimes too. very handy feature :)

  37. Nicole

    @Soundwave: Oh, great Primus! I can’t believe I didn’t even land on a guess for that one! I’m a hardcore TF fan…though I admit much more a fan of the original series. The movies are fun though. :)

    Although, I must say, killing Ironhide as if he were some kind of redshirt went way over the line for me. Screamer I’ve seen killed a million times before so that was no shock…but Prime’s best friend? And then it’s never even mentioned again? Bad, Michael Bay! Bad!

  38. IWX

    Steven’s arm is gone. They tied a sock to his stump to hide its loss somewhat. The slap in the face was the wind blowing the empty sock.

  39. Sterling Rodd

    @IWX I think you missed the title of the “missing” bonus chapter that immediately follows the loss of Steven’s arm: “Bionic Commandah”. I’d guess Steven’s arm is a distrubing-looking mechanical one, ameliorated by making a covering out of the Fourth Doctor Who’s scarf. Let’s not speculate on what the polars did to the Doctor. :)

  40. Zankou

    I thought the arm was like a cast cause based on the previous page it sure looks solid as compared to here

  41. admin

    IWX for the win :)

  42. Beta

    Happy U.S. Turkey Day! Although I think they should change it’s nickname to Pumpkin Pie Day, cause that’s the only thing on my mind when today rolls around. I’ll be eyeballing that pie all day :D

  43. thatGuyWithTheHat

    the point of a protest is not the change something it is to draw attention to an issue so that enough people care that the people in charge have to address the concern.

    so occupying won’t do anything but raise awareness (not that I think they are doing a great job. I have not once heard a major news network state why the protesters are there). its what follows after this that causes the change.

  44. Sketch

    OHNOES. I was dead… My internet was down ALL WEEK and it sure has killed to watch the world go by while I miss out on this amazing comic~ Bah. Gotta love that arm-sock though, but like others said along the line, Auto-facepalming is a handy feature.

  45. kath

    you know, I just watched the video, and I soo did not need to see that lady in blue lose her pants, or the fact she was wearing a thong. (OH THE HORRORS) IMHO Sales people DO NOT MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO DEAL with this stuff. While there isn’t any thing we can do now, Perhaps before next season, if everyone writes to the stores and say “You can’t deal with crowd control, don’t endanger peoples lives” it just isn’t worth it. Would I buy a waffle iron for 2 bucks? nope, Have no need for it. Nor would I take pepper spray into a store (give me a 3dollar bottle of hair spray to fend off some one) Shakes head and wants to wash eyes out to get rid of the image of the woman in blue.

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