Page 295
November 14th, 2011

Page 295

I don’t think anyone guessed monkey, popular scapegoats they are.  I fudged the size relation on that first panel so you could see the monkey better, but he really shouldn’t be as big as he is next to those polar bears… but I’m sick and I’m not changing it.  Sambit’s nose has been running for days now but he doesn’t seem sick otherwise.  I guess he gave it all to me, whatever it is, and we’re desperately hoping the twins don’t get it :(

Oh and Steven has a fancy sock!

No vote incentive today due to migraine and the chills.


  1. Shada

    Aw, and ya had me goin’ to.

  2. Hohheh

    Thought one died. They should be happy he lived…

  3. alexander

    Nerd looks so guilty…

  4. budle

    Sorry but I forgot the name of the polar bear on the right top panel. What is he wearing anyway?

  5. gamehunter

    axaxa nice :D

  6. Kylie Ann

    Nope, did not guess monkey.

    And I love how freaked out Nerd looks. And even Evil seems … concerned? Should be an interesting arc.

    Interesting how Steven is just standing there. He doesn’t look angry or anything (okay, he’s a little “simple” but still – even a simple creaure would get angry at a limb being torn off). And is he thinking of eating the poor monkey?

  7. JoJo

    Yup. Thats is 295 comics. Straight.
    I’m definetly going to have weird dreams now.

  8. Jeroen

    Quite an interesting twist. And now they make the whole zoo turn on the bears for it all being their fault poor little monkey has to suffer?

    Get well soon!

  9. Tara

    Either those polar bears are very small for their species, or that’s a very large monkey! ;3

  10. Tara

    Oh I just noticed his fake arm! I wonder what it’s made out of…

  11. Sterling Rodd

    Which one is Hulk and which one is Butch? :)

  12. Lemrez

    Left is Hulk right is Butch?

  13. Beta

    Aww. thats the first time ive ever been able to say that about a monkey. I really like the panel with all three of them in it. The polars that is.

    Hope you get well soon! I had a recent neck injury that really put a damper on my day. Prozac amounts of prescribed meds fixed that one though!

  14. Chase

    Wait… what.

  15. Glowworm

    Oh geez! I really wasn’t expecting the sacrifice to be a monkey! Are they going to eat it?

  16. Sketch

    LeGASP. I really thought It’d be a bear, but it isn’t. :c I feel ashamed of myself. However, Steven does look pretty nice in panels 3 and 5, with his savagely-amputated arm c:

  17. Nicole

    Hm. I can’t quite figure out Steven’s prostetic arm…it appears to be a lovely striped sock (as Alison mentioned), but is it strapped on? Poor Steven. And poor monkey! I guess the polars weren’t even in the bears’ habitat.

  18. Lemrez

    Eat the monkey Steven…don’t get that sock dirty. >:D

  19. Sterling Rodd

    You know, folks, I’m beginning to suspect the author is prejudiced against primates. :)

  20. Nonsens

    Wait… and where’s Gimp? I was hoping the “don’t mess wigh the Gimp” series will be as epic as the Tanked one, followed by a book! Alison? :(

  21. Sketch

    @Nonsens: It’s moved on to a new arc: Frosty Vengeance. c:

  22. NoSignature

    I noticed that this page’s characters weren’t shaded. Is that a bad thing?

  23. Lemrez

    Is it me or does that monkey look like the one Evil beat the crap out of with brass knuckles and then placed into the mustang in Lech’s mustang adventure?

  24. Brian Hibbs

    I guess we should’ve known, how could they have guessed that it was Evil with magic voodoo dolls? The Monkeys seem to be the default group to blame after all, and why shouldn’t they be after what they did to Tank?

    Looking at Stanley I get the feeling he and Tank would be good friends without the rest of the polar bears around to bully the other bears. He seems simple, cheerful, and only semi-aware of what’s going on around him. Much like Tank often. Speaking of which, where are Tank, Gay, Death, and Gimp if they weren’t captured?

    Get well soon Alison, without my weekly dosage of cartoon bears I don’t know what I would do.

  25. Nicole

    @Brian: I, too, am still concerned that we haven’t seen Gay, Tanked, Death and Gimp. Or maybe they’re just doing their own thing.

    @Lemrez: All the monkeys look the same in Alison’s world! ;) Kind of like the cats in Pooch Cafe.

  26. I❤Monkeys

    noooooo not the poor innocent monkey~!!!!!!

  27. Sandra Prickett

    Are the monkeys in this story similar to the rabbits in Open Season?

  28. Sketch

    @Brian: I’ve been concerned about them since this page came out. Like Nicole said, this situation might be below them. They might not have even heard about it yet.

  29. Vash

    I’m not sure Evil looks concerned more like…intrigued? Curious even?

  30. Bix

    You used very few shadows on this strip isn’t it? it looks strange but in a good way :)

  31. MetaPope

    I have been a regular reader for at least a year now. This is by far my favorite web comic. I suggest it to people all the time. So I was overjoyed to see that I could nominate this for best web comic of the year.

    Or email your suggestion to

    Thanks for all the great work Allison, hopefully we can get some more people in here to by stuff and support the cause.

  32. alexander

    I vote for bearnuts on topwebcomics at literally every opportunity. I suggest everyone else do he same.

  33. admin

    @budle: Steven! Of the fancy sock arm Stevens. :)
    @JoJo: I think my eyes would fall out.
    @Nicole: it is strapped on, he was left with not even a nub to pull a sock onto :)
    @Nonsens: it’s too soon for another long origin arc… and book three is not done yet because I don’t have the time to finish it.
    @NoSignature: in my sick haze I turned off the shadow layer before I saved the web copy :P
    @Brian: thanks!
    @Sandra: I don’t know, did the rabbits get eaten or stuffed in cars?
    @Bix: saving error, the printed page will still have them.
    @MetaPope: thanks, I really appreciate it!
    @Alexander: Awww, thanks muchly!

  34. Bridgebrain

    Screw size relation: His name shall be bob, king of the giant monkey people!

  35. Bridgebrain

    Or possibly the Almighty Tallest of the monkey people <__>

  36. Sketch

    @Bridgebrain: Wonderful name! 8D Bob the Almighty, tallest of the monkey people…. Will now be put to death. C:<

  37. Beta

    Giant monkeys everywhere. This monkey is like kong only he’s not completely hideous to look at :)

  38. Sketch

    @Beta: ….Eheheh. /snickeragain.

    ..Gotta admit, Kong is extremely hideous, but I enjoyed watching him get beaten up by numerous things through DAT MOVIE….Which by the way is crap, man. No HD whatsoever.

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