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November 7th, 2011

Page 294

Ok so I’m mean, one more week of suspense :)  I write these more with the print edition in mind so it wasn’t really intentional to draw out this sequence so annoyingly much, especially as I was still updating twice a week at the time…

Here’s a small preview of some of the violence from the bonus comic for vol 3: Bionic Commanduh (in which we learn how the polars discover who did it, sort of, and we find out how Nerd deals with those everyday stresses like when you inadvertently dismember someone.)

Store update:  I’ve loaded our BN fine art prints onto our INPRNT gallery as they’ll do poster size prints if you’d like.  The poster version of the Playground piece (back cover for volume 2) is also available and if you’re a fan of both cuteness and violence our Melee series is there as well.  I’m not sure what their shipping deadlines for Christmas might be though.


  1. EJAK5199

    …Evils plugging in a Screwdriver right next to Nerd..

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