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October 31st, 2011

Page 293

Sneaky camouflage polar bears not so sneaky not in the arctic (-1 for poor sentence structure).

Happy Halloween everyone else, I for one am not in the mood.  I’m afraid I’m going to spend all evening running to the door hoping to open it before they ring the doorbell.  I imagine it will be harder to get the twins down with people coming and going all night :P  Do I ever sound old and crotchety!  I think I’ll turn all the lights off by seven and hope the kids don’t come anymore (more candy for us then).

But the vote incentive is still Halloweeny!


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Which bear did they take? Tune in next week and find out!

    …I hate cliffhangers.

  2. Zandra

    lol oh man Nerd and Evil are gonna be in some trouble

  3. alexander

    Lol, I can foresee evil and nerd having a very unpleasant time of it. D:

  4. poco

    I hope it’s Evil, I really do. Nerd’s too cute to be brutalized.

  5. alexander

    He really is, also, who didn’t see this coming?

  6. Zankou

    @alexander- umm anyone who didnt see the last page? lol

    Anyone els think the polar bears in panel 5 seem really small?

  7. Beta

    Aw. Sleeping animals. Alison does them best!

    Suggestion for next year. Have handiman unscrew doorbell switch and disconnect said doorbell. (-2 for poor sentence structure)

  8. gamehunter

    YEASSSS YEASSS PAYNE TIME!!!!!!!!! :D :D :P :3 ^.^

  9. Moxie Man

    Trick-or-treaters: You could always dress-up as a witch (and warmly) and just sit outside your door do they can’t ring the bell. :)

  10. Blacky Blackerson

    I wonder which of the other 8 bears they polars grabbed, because I have a feeling that neither Nerd or Evil are in that bag. And if one of them is in that bag, I hope it isn’t Evil with his scoop; he’ll scoop their eyes out.

    Happy Halloween. You should add a little screamer in your comic next year just to give fans something to laugh about later. Either that, or make an actual Halloween comic; that’ll work too.

    Now time for another useless fact…
    Halloween was originally a day that people feared that the dead would rise again. It was said that if the dead recognized anyone, they would eat them, so they had the children dress in costumes. For a reward, they would give them candy for good behavior; this was later turned into the custom you know today. So don’t get caught without a costume on this year
    And that was your useless fact for today.

    Who did the douch bears nab? What do they have in store for the bear? Will Gimp get a longer story arc before his Origin arc? Can I keep this going on each week? Find out…say it with me…SAME BEAR TIME! SAME BEAR CHANNEL!

  11. Katsudoo

    It has to be evil, the birds wouldn’t be showing up with (sadly only proverbial) popcorn if it was just Nerd.

  12. Lemrez

    Hope it isn’t Evil :( just noticed the scoop.

  13. Sterling Rodd

    I’m with Blacky… I have a feeling we might have been thrown a red herring. I’m inclined to wait and see if it’s not one of the other bears. Maybe we’ll know next week. :)

  14. Sterling Rodd

    P.S. Given the interest the birds are showing, I’m wondering about Gimpy and Prozac…

  15. Kath

    eh, I save the door bell and just sit outside for two hours with a travel mug full of tea and a huge flash light. this year, I am dressing up as the ever popular zombie- by 8ish, the last kid that comes through gets what ever is left of the candy from the great pumpkin.

    all bears be gray in the dark…

    (looks to candy pumpkin,,, yeah, time to rip open the rice krispy treats…)

  16. Netulven

    I really Really REALLY hope its Prozac ….You wont like him when he don’t get his pills,
    would teach them polar bears a lesson ….(since getting an arm torn off by ZE MAGICS wassen’t enough)

  17. Sketch

    N’aww. I really hope it’s Nerd. It’s Evil who’s too cute to be brutalized. <333 But yes, Zankou, the Polar bears in Panel 5 look very small indeed. ;P

  18. kuma p.

    twitter? LOL

  19. Nicole

    Well, the title is “Frosty Vengeance,” so I would think they would have to be taking revenge on someone and what did the others ever do to them? Honestly, what did Nerd do to them? He just got picked on by them. I don’t know…I’ll just have to twitch for a week. ;)

    Happy Halloween, everyone! :)

  20. CobraMcJingleballs

    I love how evil is thinking evil thots even in his dreams

  21. Sketch

    @Nicole: Pff, I forgot. Happy Halloween back at you, and everyone else for that matter! c;

  22. mouseanderson

    Happy halloween y’all.
    +2 to sentance for the funess af yt. (couldn’t misspell all the words).

  23. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    @Nicole well, the voodoo thing WAS Nerd’s idea in the first place…

  24. alexander

    They don’t know that, and I thought they may capture the wrong person, but I am hoping it’s Evil, because Nerd doesn’t deserve to be brutally tortured :(
    But if it’s Evil they kidnapped, he will probably rat Nerd out.
    I don’t think it is Evil.

  25. Nicole

    Meh. Evil can take care of himself, imho.

  26. Sketch

    Mrr, sorry for hundreds of posts, but I can’t resist mentioning..
    Evil looks extremely innocent when sleeping, even though he has the scoop. <3

  27. alexander

    If it’s neither Nerd, norEvil, It will be Gimp, see if you can figure out why I think that. :)

  28. Feartheswans

    @Blacky Blackerson

    No sir you are wrong, you just got the point after the Catholic church started to demonize it.

    It was (and in some cases still is) believed to be when the veil between the living and dead was at the thinnest. So this was the time when loved ones that had passed would visit their families as the veil was thin enough to allow them to do so.

    However, people do move, and some times people would be visited by the deceased that were not of their blood line. Talk about awkward!

    So as not to be rude, treats were given to everyone that came by, living or dead, so as not to offend anyone. After pissing of your neighbor is bad enough without Pissing off his dead uncle Larry of whom was know for hellish pranks before he died, much less after!

  29. Sterling Rodd

    @alexander: If it’s neither Nerd, norEvil, It will be Gimp, see if you can figure out why I think that.

    You read the script?

  30. Blacky Blackerson

    @Feartheswans: I was using part of the superstitious part as well as what some cultures believe in. There are cultures that used Halloween as a way to celebrate the dead while the Spanish celebrate a few days before, a holiday known as Dia de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead). Your insight is still well appreciated Nightmare Moon! I’m sure you knew allot before your tyrant sis banished you.

    @alexander: There are many obvious reasons, but for the sake of not spoiling what could possibly happen, I’m not going to say.

    As I see it, the displacement of Steven’s arm is both Nerd and Evil’s fault. Nerd decided to get help to make the voodoo anyway and Evil was being selfish and wouldn’t let Nerd use it, causing the arm to rip.

  31. Beta

    I can’t keep looking at this page. It makes me sleepy… Zzzzz

  32. Sterling Rodd

    @Blacky Nerd decided to get help to make the voodoo anyway and Evil was being selfish and wouldn’t let Nerd use it, causing the arm to rip.

    The question is, though, how could the polar bears possibly know that? I think the answer may be in Bionic Commandah but until book 3 comes out, we’re between a rock and a hard place on this one!

  33. Zankou

    based on the birds reactions id say its either evil, because of his treatment of birds, or its prozac, because of how he is usually seen playing with the birds so they are worried. but thats just if the birds where put in this page for that reason.

  34. Sketch

    @Sterling: Mhm, the polar bears probably have bird-spies or something. Either that it they pedo-ishly stalk around for a bit. Maybe one even saw them. ;P

    @Zankou: It must be Evil and Nerd, but I wouldn’t expect it to be Prozac. If you remember, they even saw he was no harm ;P It might be all three though, one at a time.

  35. Revriley

    You could argue that they took BOTH of them, Mrs. Acton may just not have included other dialogue to make it more ‘mysterious’. But if they took one (prooobbably the more likely action)…well…it’s probably Nerd. I don’t think the polar bears have any knowledge of Evil’s voodoo capabilities. I guess they can’t really pin down Steven’s injury on Evil, but they DO know that Nerd never actually pretended to be a polar bear for them while they finished their card game with the hogs. So…yep, that’s my theory.

    Plus, I really want to see Crack appear sometime or another. He hasn’t shown up for a while, and he’s my favorite character. Wonder what he’s doing…?

  36. alexander

    I think it will be nerd, he is the most likely option, but really, it could be anyone else.

  37. Candycaness

    this made me think of this

  38. Lemrez

    I was kinda thinking of that picture too candy

  39. Sterling Rodd

    @Candy Yeah, I’ve always loved that drawing, too. :)

  40. daniel

    I remember that problem – way back when I had little ones.
    Unscrew one of the wires to the doorbell (if hardwired) or remove the batteries from the wireless door bell and that problem is solved.

    Komodo Dragons wandering the front yard keeps the rest of them off your property.

    Actually you can disable all the old style hardwired doorbells by disconnecting a wire at the box in the basement – it only takes a moment to remove and the same to replace – well worth it for a nights sleep.

  41. Zankou

    all we did was turn out the lights, nobody knocked or rang the door bell that night.

  42. Sketch

    @Zankou: Mhm, lucky. I turn all the lights off, and whenever they’re ALL off I end up sleep-walking around and turning the whole set of lights on, wherever the switch may be. :c

  43. Lemrez

    I also just turned out the lights :3 Oh poor sketch. My trees are so deep in toilet paper though…My house gets that more often than others.

  44. Beta

    Glad I’m not the only one to sleep walk. I tend to do it only at friend’s houses though. sleep in one room wake in another. Although no light switches were finagled on in the process…

    I like the extreme door bell technique. Scares the kids away quick! Wire the doorbell up to some deep air horns directed to the door bell press-ee and off they go!

    Well, never tried it, but I’m sure Evil has.

  45. Sketch

    @Lemrez: Pff… Wait. Toilet paper? My day has been made.

    @Beta: Oh, that’s okay then. Make sure you never step on anyone.
    And about the door bell horn idea… Try a caged and angry hound that has something like that blown into it’s ear, with the ring of the bell lifting the cage door up. Pff, what a show that’d be.

  46. Zankou

    @sketch- i assume lemrez is referring to a cliche prank often seen on tv done by teenagers, although iv never actually seen it otherwise.

  47. midga

    I see that blue jay is still getting around…

  48. Chase

    They did say “bag HIM”… so maybe it is one of the bears and not one of their possessions.

  49. Cam

    Heehee! Evil laughing evilly while sleeping. Also, is that Mr. Robin with that bluejay? Didn’t he already get in trouble for that?

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