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October 24th, 2011

Page 292

The Polar’s are back!  And thinking dark thoughts too.

I totally forgot to mention last Monday that I did a couple of guest strips for Luci Phurr’s Imps last week.  There’s four in a row starting here.  I just did the pencils, they did a wonderful job with the inks and colors!

And now for the best news of all:  the twins slept just over 7 hours two nights in a row!!  Dare I expect that every night now and be bitterly disappointed??

Halloween is just around the corner and none of my themed tees did well on the voting on Woot but I think you guys will appreciate my zombies :)


  1. Lemrez

    seems evil has started getting revenge already. nerd needs to be tied to his bead.time for some mental disabilities to start

  2. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Does this mean the Polar Bears know that it was the Bears fault for what happened to Steven? How?

  3. Kylie Ann

    Ooooh, this doesn’t look good.

    Also, did it take anyone else a little while to figure out what Evil was doing in the sixth panel? I thought it was weird that he was looking “evil” while watering the garden, and it took me ages to work out that he was watering the ant’s nest to get them out so he could collect them. (Apparently a little dumb today lol).

    I am very much looking forward to the next one.

  4. Alexander B

    Oh noes, looks like they might be kidnapping nerd, AGAIN! or Evil, or both
    I think think steve died, because Their appear to be only 2 present.

  5. Alexander B

    Good to see Evil has recovered, and is taking revenge (he would probably do that anyway lol) The most strong possibility is that both Evil and Nerd will be captured and held, and possibly tortured (in some way) by the 2 remaining bears, although Evil may thwart them.

  6. Topazert

    So Steve’s dead…?

  7. gamehunter

    HELL YEA!!! I NEED TO SEE BLOODY VENGEANCE!!! >:D SICK torture!!!!!!!!!

  8. Katsudoo

    Just remember that a bad night (or week) is not a step back when it happens. It’s normal. Pretty much every stage kids go through they get some ‘sleep regression’ going on and it’s just a matter of keeping the schedule and letting their bodies get back into the habit. :P

  9. Sketch

    Is it just me, or does Evil look absolutely awesome in Panel 8? <3.

  10. Snowgods

    Was Kinda wondering why you didn’t mention it.
    and Polar bears with masks, what’s the point – Who’s going to miss that.

  11. Sterling Rodd

    Good to see Nerd getting some face time again! And how clever of the polar bears to wear masks so they won’t be recognized… :)

  12. Sketch

    Just a note (Not that it’s important <3) – I got so inspired and I have a bout 5 new BN characters I’ve made, and their sketches are on paper. If people want a peek I don’t mind uploading them to my deviantART account: :3

    Although, that seems like shameless self-advertising. Ohwell x3

    @Rodd: Yeah, he is, but he’s probably going to end up being battered by the end of the arc. ^^’

  13. Nicole

    @Kylie Ann: Thanks! I had no idea what Evil was watering (I’ve never tried to get ants before. Kill them, yes,…attract them, no).

    Hoo boy…the polars are coming after Nerd! :( IT’S NOT HIS FAULT…GET EVIL!

  14. coyoteBR

    Snowgods was faster than me. I was wondering about the masks, but maybe the bears will try to blame… huh… giant… albino…. raccoons? Maybe?

  15. Beta


    Evil panel 8, priceless.

  16. Aquacoon

    Good thing they’re wearing those masks, otherwise everyone would know who they are!

  17. Alexander

    Lol, those masks aren’t fooling anyone (why do people think they will?)

  18. Xelyn Craft


  19. Beta

    They Fooled Zankou :P

  20. Lemrez

    Bet you all thought that was a real polar bear staring at the sunset in panel seven,NOPE…just chuck testa

  21. Ciao

    Oh my! What’s going to happen tonight?

    hehe Evil spicing his food with spite.

  22. Ryn

    NEW ARC!!!!! ;D
    Lol I love how Nerd notices Evil putting the ants on Gay’s plate but doesn’t say anything. “Meh, whatever.”

  23. midga

    Just started reading this yesterday. It’s so much fun! :D
    And putting my vote in for plushies. Little ones. Little bitty ones. Little enough that I could put a set of the group on my computer monitor or desk or something. That would be awesome.

  24. Blacky Blackerson

    You know, I’m surprised Gay isn’t getting anything more than ants in his food. In fact, I’m more stunned that both Nerd, Gay, and Evil are on the same screen without any bodily injuries. That’s kind of funny; I mean, they won’t attack each other over screwing with Evil, but they’ll tussle over the t.v. and maim each other to near death?!

    Speaking of revenge and injuries, I sense some murderous intentions with that rag and poison. Nerd and Evil better watch their backs; the polars are going to reverse the comeuppance on them.

    Will Nerd and Evil escape their inevitable doom? What do the douchbag bears have up their sleeves? Will Steven show up in this arc? Is their going to be any hint of Glech in this arc? Will we ever see the female bears? Tune in next week…SAME BEAR TIME, SAME BEAR CHANNEL!

  25. alexander

    I think it’s chloroform.

  26. Sketch

    @Lemrez: Pffff~ Classical Chuck Testa. That panel so needed that xD

    @Blacky Blackerson: Ohmygod, I almost died of laughing after reading that. Amazing speech there, good sir.

  27. Lemrez

    Alexander-I thought so also.

  28. Beta

    Nerd would probably want to die a quick death than have to go through what sadistic things the chloroform will lead to.

    Speaking of Death, I wonder what would happen in a versus mini arc with him. What would he be fighting?

  29. Sketch

    @Beta: A few pages, or rather, arcs back, there was a fight on the calender which read Death vs. Evil. I’ll link the page and name the panel for you to have a look if you’ve not spotted it: and Panel one. It says…

    Tuesday | Evil vs. Death | – Rather interesting, really. c:

  30. Sterling Rodd

    I wouldn’t have thought a few ants would be anything other than seasoning to a bear. On the other hand, this IS Gay I’m talking about… :)

  31. Sketch

    O’right then, gonna lighten the mood. I made some Fancharacters! <333 But now I’m going to shut up, my posting all-the-time must be annoying ._.

  32. Beta

    @Sketch: That is interesting, what I find even more interesting though, is on Thursday the first match, says G twice. It’s either a funny catch, or really really really disturbing if a Gimp is “Fighting” himself. Oh what an odd scene that would be with what may just be the oddest collection of tools he might own.

    And then after is a comedy match with Evil vs Tank. Probably to rid of the scaring that happened to kids’ minds in the previous match up :)

  33. Sketch

    @Beta: What. That.. That is disturbing XD But I must try and draw Evil vs. Death, it seems pretty awesome to try out.
    Evil vs Tanked, that is pretty amusing, I have to say.

  34. Beta

    So I had to go back and think to myself about all of the characters. I completely forgot about gay starting with a g.

    Gimp v Gay might be even more disturbing o.O

    But alas, Evil vs. Death seems like a great concept. I’ll have to see what I can sketch up on that one.

  35. Scorpio

    Well, that Gimp special didn’t last long :/ tho this seems to be fun and promising :D

  36. Lemrez


  37. Jeroen

    Well a quiet congrats on returning to the land of the living (instead of the hazy sleepwalking days tht must have come before).
    I think you did a nice run on the Imps last week.
    Now what are those polar bears up to…

  38. Gringo

    In befor polare bear rapes, all jokes aside possably the best web comic!. keep up the good work!

  39. alexander

    Yes that is normally what people get when they want to rape someone. :/

  40. Beta

    ^ Black Masks? :D

  41. alexander

    sort of, but in the form of balaclavas :D

  42. Sketch

    @Beta: So disturbing… Now I’m pretty certain you’ll infect the world’s minds with that. X)

    @Lemrez: Faboo? owo;

  43. Hohheh

    Considering what considerably smaller bears have done with bats, this can’t end well…

  44. alexander

    ya think?
    yes, this doesn’t look good for Nerd OR Evil.
    They reeeaaaaaaaally should have listened to Prozac.

  45. Zankou

    @alexander- which time exactly are you saying they should have listened to him?

    @sketch- if its the same thing as what I’m thinking its from an old 90s cartoon

    Anyone els wondering how or where they would have gotten chloroform from? i realize they might have snuck out or something but why would a zoo have it?

  46. Sketch

    @Zankou: Oh. I’m not all that educated. -Rejecteddddd-

    Chloroform? No idea, ask them. x3 But in seriousness I have no idea, they just might have snuck out.. It remains a mystery. <3

  47. Beta

    ^ credit card fraud :)

    But in all seriousness, chloroform can be used to sedate animals for ease of movement whether it’s bringing them in or transporting them out.

  48. alexander

    @zankou I mean they should of listened to Prozac when he told them they shouldn’t take revenge on the polar bears, because it would become a vicious cycle.

  49. Discodecepticon

    Congrats with the kids. if you want it continue be sure to pick a bedtime and stick to it, I find 9PM works for my daughter.

    but Im sure you have 100s of people giving you baby tips

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