Page 299
December 12th, 2011

Page 299

Woo!  Page 299!  This is also the last page of what will be vol 3 which does not yet have a cover, or a back cover, or extra pages, or a completely finished bonus comic, etc… Maybe it’ll be done for con season come May/June.  The twins will be about a year old then, my God.

So I know talking about politics generally opens a big can of (interesting) worms but I seriously don’t understand the appeal of Newt Gingrich.  Somebody explain this to me: how does a “family values” candidate who left his first wife (who had MS), and then his second (who got cancer) have the balls to criticize anyone else about their infidelity??  Does wife number three honestly think he won’t cheat on her when someone younger comes around?  Is it possible to take a candidate seriously when he spends his campaign time doing a book tour and hanging out with (shudder) Trump?  And did he really say poor kids could learn the “dignity of work” as assistant (and un-unionized) janitors in their own schools?  What subjects should the poor kids miss while they’re scrubbing the rich kids’ toilets?  Or perhaps they should just stay after school for that chore.  Oh and what happens to the janitors you’ve now put out of work?  Didn’t Gingrich get kicked out of government for corruption or something, and by his own party??  I… just don’t get it.

Panda!  One of Sam’s favorite movies is Kung Fu Panda, but this guy is less cool.


  1. Traci

    isnt that the polition who said that gays should be open about it and in the military while kids dont have religion forced on them in school. (i heard that through a chain of friends so i doubt its word for word.)

  2. Traci

    awesome ending i can’t wait till next week!

  3. B

    I don’t think the idea is to punish kids but rather to give them an opportunity. you can keep on punishing students when they are bad or you can give them the option of being a part of the school. they won’t put adults out of work since there are many dangerous jobs that janitors do that children will simply not be allowed to do. as to Newt’s closet full of skeletons, he is not running for husband of the year he is running for president and you cant tell me that Obama has not had his fair share of corruption what with all the voter fraud.
    I know many of you will disagree with me on this and that’s fine, I think we are all on edge about this country’s future and it’s a good thing to talk about it. = )

  4. Beta

    About the putting poor kids to work deal.

    I’d be fine to get “troubled kids” to value hard work and its rewards, but I’m not so keen on putting “poor kids” to work. I grew up poor, lived on food stamps. I hated being poor, and I worked my ass off so that I may one day not be poor. I worked to get good grades, and become an honor student. If they had made me do Janitorial work after school or during class instead of homework or school work I would have been pissed. Just another crappy part of being poor.

    I think kids need someone in their life that actually cares about their work and success and that will push them to be great rather than after school money making opportunities. Sometimes I wished some teachers realized this more often. Kids get told how if they weren’t around that their parents would have more money to spend at home and then at school get punished their poor grades and unwillingness to do work. The best teachers are the ones you could sit down and talk to and they will help you do good.

    I’ll get onto why people like Gingrich later.

  5. Sketch

    @Lemrez: Ahh. Okay then. -Noms on the 2 Points.- Seems fair.

  6. pingo1387

    Really, I didn’t think Lech cared about the monkeys, especially after we saw that whole “mustang adventure’ thing.

  7. Mick101

    Do the monkeys still have the gun they picked up in death takes a holiday?

  8. Beta

    Lech is clearly doing this to impress the ladies :)

  9. Lemrez

    @Beta: The nearest thing to that description is Gay. :D

  10. igan

    Everyone already knows Lech and Gay are tsunderes

  11. Tori

    Maybe…. he feels bad for having a monkey take the blame for the car crash? Maybe?? (I highly doubt it, but it’s an idea none the less!).

    But Lech, that was such a boss thing of you to do; you will be sorely missed.

  12. gamehunter

    @igan: what?!?! I don`t get it!?!?!? :(

  13. Kurobara

    @gamehunter: It’s a term for two people who seem to be attracted to each other, but refuse to get into the relationship or even admit to or acknowledge their feelings.

  14. darkdragonlady

    @Beta “I think kids need someone in their life that actually cares about their work and success ” Amen! The funding cuts in schools have put many teachers out of work or forced them to find other jobs, while the “no child left behind” kind of laws written by people who think schools are like factories have made it hard for the few teachers left to do any real teaching. Education is the area that I think affects our country’s future most of all

  15. Nicole

    Is it Monday yet??

  16. Sketch


    It must be Monday… The worst possible thing to happen, ever, is landing it on a Cliffhanger when the unexpected happens.

  17. S.P

    Whoa, wait, Lech?!

  18. Lemrez

    Don’t worry. I do really think…yes I think it is Monday,Sunday for me because I stay up and if I’m correct I get the new page at 11:00 PM but I have not tested it.All I know is after midnight I saw comments from before 12:00

  19. Beta


    ya, it actually started to boggle my mind just how much money was being cut from school funding while I was going about through school. I think that anytime you have to start cutting teachers in order to keep operating as a school that there is a major problem at hand. When you have teachers who are forced to teach subjects that they have never taught in their lives for less pay there’s definitely problems with money allocation. I’m sure a vast majority of good parents nationwide would rather have the taxes they pay to have devided within the national budget get cut in a different area than their child’s education.

  20. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    @gamehunter if you want an example of a tsundere, look up Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold.

  21. corvuscorone68

    @Emily just be careful what rocks you choose, or you will find politicians under there too, it being their natural habitat xD

  22. Anniebunny

    What is the polar bear’s replacement arm?

  23. Beta

    @Anniebunny – A colourful sock.

    So, My aunt up in PEI just posted about how Stephen Harper is promising 100,000,000 Dollars to Afghanistan for 3 years. She isn’t sounding too happy about it. I found it sort of Ironic given my post earlier about how tax dollars are allocated and used, but I’m wondering what the other Canucks are thinking. I haven’t heard the whole story yet, but it sounds like it might anger a few citizens.

  24. Brandon

    Honestly I see myself in Lech’s position everyday. I am usually the one that takes the heat because people take things to seriously. Of course cutting off someone’s arm, even unintentionally, is kind of a big thing. But why mutilate a monkey?

  25. That_Guy


  26. gamehunter

    @Kurobara & Soundwave the Unchresomatic : tnx guys c(:

  27. Beta

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  28. Kitsunekage

    @Beta Personally, I think that we should have pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan at least two years ago. It’s just an unnessisary waste of money and lives. I strongly beleave that we should never have gotten involved in the whole affair to begin with.

  29. Shada


    Look back on the videos taken right after 911, especially GWB’s speech, listen to the people around him. “LETS GET THEM, KILL THEM ALL.”

    We have nothing to blame but ourselves and the human error. We asked for it, they asked for it.

    In the military, you’re trained to kill people. It’s not a free education like everyone seems to think it is. People go into the military knowing that one day, they might die out there, you’re defending the country. The fact that America is shocked that we lost so many lives is idiotic.

    Think of World War II, we were ambushed by the Japanese and what did we do? We fought back. Think of how many lives we lost then? America’s grown soft. This is not Vietnam, in Vietnam we just ran in for the sake of stopping communism, this is a Pearl Harbor, we were ruthlessly ambushed and we should fight against the people who caused us so much pain on that fateful day. People forget about how scarring that day was for people, we just throw it away, try to forget it. That’s rubbish.

    Never gotten into the whole affair? That’s rubbish and utter stupidity, if someone is assaulting you on the street and you have a chance to fight back, would you?

    “We lost so many lives guys, think about how everyone is hurting? We should pull out right away!” Did we think that in WWI? WWII? Hell no, we went in and got the job done, it’s a chance that people will die in the military, it’s not a free ticket out of school. It’s a war, people lose their lives. It’s a tragic thing, but it’s to be expected.

    Do you really think the Taliban is going to stop if we pull away? Do you REALLY?

    The Taliban’s point is that if someone doesn’t conform to their religion they deserve to be destroyed, that’s the reason they attacked us in the first place. Do you really think they’ll go, “oh poor America has had enough! Let’s leave them alone.”

    Think about that.

  30. Beta

    The taliban isn’t a country or government though… its a group of radicals. Its impossible to say, but I dont think you’ll ever be able to kill them all. And I’ve never been a fight fire with fire person, so I can’t say I’d fight the person who beat me in the street.

  31. Cam

    Strange to see Lech worried about another, especially outside the family. Hmm…is that monkey a girl or a boy?

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