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December 19th, 2011

Page 300

PAGE 300!  At the rate I’m going now it may take me just as long to get to 400 :P  Actually the babies are maturing right before my eyes and that’s both exciting and kind of sad.  They’ll be 6 months old tomorrow and those early weeks of incubators and feeding tubes seem so far behind.  They’re still going slowly (at this age Sam had already been sitting unassisted and eating solids for a couple of months) but today I was able to put them on a play mat on the rug while Sam watched Cars and they managed to stay occupied and happy for about 30 minutes while I wrapped Christmas presents.  Mommy was so proud!  At least until Sam tried to unwrap what I’d just finished and we got into an argument about trying to stand on the presents.  His favorite word is now “no”, even when it’s something he likes, he just has to say no first, then “okay”.  Sheesh.  Maybe we can convince the twins to skip the age of 2.

I have a favor to ask you guys: my latest shirt design “Unstealthiest Ninja II” is up for voting at Woot (this week’s derby theme is winter).  The original flaming ninja was pretty popular so I’m hoping this little guy has a good chance of printing too.  He’s ranked in the fog right now so he’s somewhere in the top 9 and the top 3 win a print.  You do have to make a purchase from a Woot site to be eligible to vote though so we’d greatly appreciate votes from any of you who already have accounts.  Our diaper/formula fund would also thank you :)

And an early Merry Christmas to those who celebrate that, Happy Holidays and etc. to everyone else since my next update isn’t until boxing day.  I didn’t have time to do an Xmas/BN vote incentive image but this is one of my favorite designs from last year’s holiday stamps at Whiff Of Joy: blue jays are gorgeous birds :)  If you’re into cardmaking/scrapbooking I believe Katharina’s got a free shipping sale going on now at WOJ.


  1. Kid

    @Gamehunter: I may as well add you to my shit list, aswell. If you’re picking on Zermel, then you’re picking on me. <3

  2. Filthy Pazuzu

    I don’t see how anyone can find the way Gay is touching Lech’s leg offensive. It looks more like he’s holding his foot & ankle – maybe because his friend/brother/crush/whatever is standing on a high ledge?

  3. Filthy Pazuzu

    Oh yeah, @Kid: Soul Eater! Good stuff. Been a while since I watched. To the archive!

  4. Zermel

    @Kid: How sweet <3

  5. farraman

    Congrats on winning the Woot derby, It really is a great t-shirt and will be getting one for myself.

  6. Beta

    Oh… my… houshmandzadeh… yesssssss!!! Wooooooooooo!!!

    Unstealthiest Ninja II got first place!!! Yay! Totally awesome. And it looks to be selling well too!

  7. gamehunter

    Kid@: LoL I’m making so many friends already!?! MAN oh MAN I’m so good with people!! >.< but seriously though what was his excuse to promote violence against gay people?!!? and for you to defend him like that …….well you are stupid or just a little kid……….

  8. Aerliss

    I have all the daily shirt sites set up as homepages on Chrome. Imagine my glee this morning seeing the Unstealthiest Ninja on shirt.woot! I think I will have to break my two T-shirts only a month rule for this XD

    Congrats on winning the derby!

  9. Kid

    @Filthy: Very good indeed. <3
    @Zermel: Anything for a friend. xD
    @gamehunter: I’m an anime character. <3 Look at the avatar, mate. Still though. xD I’m not as old as you people think, if that’s what you mean.

  10. Zermel

    @gamehunter: Try researching aphephobia. (Preferably a google search.) replace the fear of with “the disliked feeling of being touched.” and you get the reason why I would kick a homosexual bear >_> or anyone

  11. KiyoPi

    Gratz on the win @ wootshirt. Totally just got one. (^__^)

  12. Filthy Pazuzu

    @Zermel: I feel the need to call a bit o’ bull$#!t here. There is obviously Homophobia involved, otherwise you’d have mentioned something similar any one of the millions of times any character touched another character, like the polar bear yanking Lech off the ledge, or maybe Nerd practically laying on top of Evil, for instance.

    @Alison: Congrats on the Woot win! That sure as hell came at a good time for ya, with the babies & 2 days before Christmas. It’s like something out of a movie!

  13. Zermel

    @Filthy Pazuzu: It isn’t because he’s homosexual but because he is and always has been my least favorite character, before I ever realized he was gay.What activities does he like to do other than try to tan,and collect clothing? Most of the time when there is touching it involves a fight! Evil and Nerd have that small bond kind of thing as friends and you can see Evil didn’t exactly like having him up there. Lech and gay always argue with each other.(I didn’t notice the polar bears paw btw and thought he fell off.)I would never have expected him to touch Lech in any way and get away with it (while knowing they hate each other or so I thought) without a punch or kick in the face. I don’t like being accused the way I was and would appreciate it if we could drop the subject while we wait to see what happens next.Happy Holidays to you all and enjoy it while it lasts. :)

  14. Cherie

    I’m going to agree with Zermel on the idea of dropping this. ( I can’t really make a comment about the issue itself as I’m new and do not fully understand all the sides of the issue. And no, I don’t want a explanation, I rather see if just drop. )

    @Alison: and a hearty congrats to you Alison :)

  15. Candycaness

    yes it’ best to let it go.besides,when fags die they are going to hell so its best to let them have as much fun before eternity comes.

  16. Zermel

    @Candycaness: .__.

  17. alexander

    allison… get rid of that troll.

  18. Candycaness

    I live under a bridge.

  19. Eehad

    Congratulations to 1st place at shirt woot! :D

  20. Blacky Blackerson

    Oh Boy! It’s A Candycaness!! He/She/It (did we ever decide) is back to get trolled harder than he can troll. And isn’t it taught to not judge others, no matter what religion, sexuality, race, etc. you are. And even if it was o.k. to judge others, in what religion did it clearly state that homosexuals rot in hell. For all we know, Freddie Mercury could be in heaven sipping wine with Jesus right now.

    Zermel: I love how Gay is your least favorite character and yet he’s your avatar. That’s the equivalent of me putting up Tyler Perry as an avatar. It’s such a juicy contradiction and I love it. (Please don’t put me on your s**t list).

    @Kid: You know, I watched the first 5 episodes of Soul Eater…and then just stopped. That was a year ago and I never went back to it no matter how much I wanted to (Dexter and One Piece has kept me quite busy). The last thing I remember is that this weird guy (I think his name was Chronos, IDK) trying to kill Soul and Maka and at the end Medusa tried to pass herself off as a teacher. Some of my favorite anime to watch are Cowboy Bebop, Baccano, FLCL, and Full Metal Alchemist. Try some of these when you get the time.

  21. Sterling Rodd

    Alison, I’d like to belatedly join the other BN fans in congratulating you on your well-earned Woot triumph. The timing could hardly be any better. :)

  22. Filthy Pazuzu

    @Blacky Blackerson Bebop RULES! In my top 3 along with Champloo & GitS. Black Lagoon gets honorary nominee. Also, the best thing to do with trolls is starve them.

    @Zermel I’m very much in favor of dropping this. I will admit finding your earlier comment disturbing, having been on the receiving end of more than a few beatings because of the way I am. Forgive me, and I wish you & all the other “Bear Nuts” Nuts Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!


  23. Zermel

    Really what I said earlier was a bad choice of words. @blacky:you are to good for the list.

  24. Zermel

    And what I keep forgetting to say… Congrats on the woot shirt ;)And for bear nuts being number 12 on top and to think a few days ago it was number 8 :(

  25. Mouse

    My first time poating here so all I gotta say is that every single page I read, every chapter on every character is completely epic and worth reading………… about this one, yea I can definetly see Lech regretting sacrificing himself for evil (including for someone like evil) or more for the monkey because the bear are probably gonna bleach his fur and chop HIS head off instead but of course that’s just a prediction. If I learned anything from this comic is that the results are usually unexpected and you can’t rly tell exactly what’s going to happen until it happens. Who knows? Maybe Lech does have a plan after all :)

  26. gamehunter

    @Zermel & Kid: no hard feelings :3 ……….. happy holidays and happy new year!!!!

  27. Beta

    Seriously, enough with the troll wars. There’s a time and place for that and it’s called YouTube :)

    My sister just bought me that shirt last night. I drove back for the holidays and I was wearing the original “on fire” unstealthiest ninja shirt, and my big hint on her facebook page by posting it and telling her to buy it for me probably was the driving force for her buying it for me :D I’m thinking once I recoup from all of the present buying I’ll be buying both the original and 2nd for her and my lil’ bro to wear in true dominating style. The neighbor dog will cower in fear :)

  28. Beta

    And I just did the math. In one day of sales, Unstealthiest Ninja II sold 29% of Unstealthiest Ninja’s TOTAL sales.


  29. Kid

    @Blacky: I never really memorized his name, but that’s basically what happened. I’m on Episode… 37 I think. /shot
    @gamhunter: Meh, I guess we were harsh. Happy holidays to you, too.
    @Beta: Oh lord, that’s amazing. You’re.. Better than me at maths.

    Not long ’til the next page! <3

  30. Nicole

    Merry Christmas, sweet fellow Bear Nutstians! :) And Merry Christmas to Alison, her hubby and wee ones! Thanks for such a great comic to enjoy.

  31. Zermel

    @gamehunter: Thats great!! :) happy holidays to you as well. I finally got back from visiting grandparents from both my mother and father’s sides and although I didn’t get an epic shirt,I got a little movie called Hangover part II…this should be mildly disturbing.

  32. Zankou

    “Comments” i havent commented in like a month… i dont know what to day…

    merry Christmas!

  33. Shniggles

    Gimpy can really pull off a confused face.

  34. Cam

    Gay is worried about Lech! Kya! Glech!

  35. Alex

    The… The C-Chocolate muffins,
    Th-the constant arguing,
    even the cry for Lech… it all ends up

    Lech and Gay.. are bros.. DUN DUN DUUUN
    What the fuck did you expect? Gay for eachother? Nah, thats too fucken extreme people
    Fuck Glech XD

    (Nah jk please dont drown me in Glech-riot spam) ;-;

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