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December 26th, 2011

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Merry late Christmas everyone!  We hope everyone had a great holiday and wish you guys a wonderful New Year.  For us, this Christmas was full of “No!”s, the worst runny nose yet, and a pretty nasty cough that led to middle of the night waking and crying.

We came home from a family dinner on Christmas eve still hungry as neither of was able to eat much: between a sickly/over tired terrible twos toddler determined to grab every breakable thingy at my aunt’s house and two babies who screamed half the time from over stimulation and too many people… not a relaxing Christmas eve.  Maybe next year I’ll actually be able to socialize with my family.

Today’s vote incentive reveals the childhood trauma behind why Death hates Christmas.


  1. Narfcake

    Awww. But you know, what happens happens, and all one can do is to make the best of it. Besides, I hope getting a first place derby win at Woot and a great sales run on the original offsets the negative aspects.

    Narf’s shameless shirt.woot plugs ahead:

  2. usathebunny

    ha first
    ha death

  3. Beta

    Oh boy. OH BOY. I hope this is some amazingly awesome foreshadowing for the next book. :) I can’t look at the vote incentive yet, but from the hat Death is wearing I’m sure it’s something that’s terrible yet funny.

  4. starfur

    This, is gonna be good….and Please Keep Evil away from me. Please.

  5. Alexander B

    wow, his pride is not going to help him right now…

  6. Suzu

    Love the picture x3 Aww is that Death as a tiny bear? Or am I just looking at it weird? xD Also, poor Lech got himself into this mess xD

  7. gamehunter

    EPIC EPIC EPIC :P :P :P * NOT JUST MONKEYS * axxaxxxaaxxaaxxa EPIC xD

  8. Beta

    If Lech got one of the dolls rubbed up on him and he knew about it, I’m not surprised at all that he took the blame. Lech would never let anyone find out about the butt thing and especially wouldn’t let anyone sniff around that area if it isn’t even remotely female. He’d definitely have to look like he did something revengeful and take the heat to not look like a wuss who cowers in hiding.

    And that vote incentive is not nearly as funny as I thought it would be! It’s so sad and awful. I feel so bad for these guys and their past history. They seem to wear all of their scars on the inside. They’re way worse than most any scar you could have on the outside. :(

  9. Kid

    Death… In that Incentive…. He is adorable. <333 But anyways, I think Lech is doomed. c:

    @Beta: I agree with the vote incentive comment you posted. I expected some comedy – Oh man, it’s so cute. D:

  10. Zermel

    Hmmm@Kid: It’s death as a kid…get it?*wink* I’m sure you do.Evil in panel 3 :3

  11. kath

    hey, does this have to do anything with the product called “monkey butt paste”?
    Somehow I don’t think this series is going to end well for the Polar bears.

    Omg, my husband is the most awsome chrismas present I could get. We came home from my mothers house after dinner and I was complaining of a bad back for a while and I lay down and in a couple of miniutes I’m screaming in pain, and – well, lets just say, he was very noble about getting me to the nessasary area where I was really sick and he took care of – everything-. God love him, I know I do.

  12. Jarman

    Pfft! People, they just don’t know how to control their kids! Next time load them up on whiskey and cough syrup and I promise they’ll be quite.

  13. gamehunter

    axaxaxax LoL @Jarman : you are either psychically unstable or schizophrenic psycho :3

  14. Blacky Blackerson

    Well, it’s the day after Christmas and I’m feeling the post-Christmas blues. All the things I could have gotten on Christmas this year, all the wonderful presents, and what did I get? A smexy outfit, two new jackets, 90 bucks (not including the other money I received), South Park season one, Seinfeld volume one, a Chili’s gift card, the full Transformers G1 series, FLCL….and no Zelda: Skyward Sword?!! Thank’s for nothin’ Santa, you ruined my Christmas spirit! I’m glad that Death fried you when he was a kid.
    *Please note, that this is sarcasm (with the exception of the Santa getting fried part). I had a pretty rockin’ Christmas and I hope everyone else did.

    Yay! More monkey abuse (after learning about what they did to Tanked, they deserve worse). I wonder if Lech will suffer a horrible fate or will get away. I also wonder if Nerd will fess up or if he will keep this a secret. As much as I like him, I find it ironic that a tattle tale would lie and keep this a secret.

    Anyway, Happy Boxing Day to anyone who is Canadian or lives in any country that celebrates it. Now if you excuse me, I’m writing down all the New Years resolution that I’m going to break next year.

  15. Brian Hibbs

    Character development in a vote incentive, brilliant! I never knew that Death hated Christmas but that is definitely worse than discovering Santa doesn’t exist. At least we know that his touch doesn’t necessarily kill people, but at the very least it might have been enough to get him on the naughty list for life.

    @Beta: That’s better than any explanation I can think of, but why would Evil let Lech know when he could have just done it when Lech was asleep?

  16. Kitsunekage

    @ Brian Hibbs I’m pretty sure Santa would know if that was an accedent or not.
    The vote incentive also brings up an interesting question: Did Death know about his shocking ability from birth or was it something that he discovered he could do as time went on? o.O

    @Blacky Blackerson I’m way ahead off you there: My New Years resolution is not to make a New Years resolution.

  17. Dumah

    @Kitsunekage: Then you’ve already broken your New Years resolution, haven’t you??

  18. Beta

    It probably wouldn’t take Lech long to figure it out. He lives with Evil, and from what he did to the monkey, it doesn’t seem like he was very gentle about it.

    About Death. I’m sure that he didn’t know from birth, if he was even born at all in the traditional manner or if he was some test tube experiment. In any case it was probably just discovered by accident very early on in life just like any traits or conditions that aren’t the norm. I’m still under the impression that he cannot control the reaction he has to touching items and cannot just “switch off” the powers. I’m making this assumption from earlier in the comic when he wore oven mitts to grab tank when he was sober. I still think he can only decide how to use it. It’s there all the time, but he can still have limited control on the intensity. From the average, to F’em up strength.

  19. Kid

    @Zermel: Yes. I get it. ^^

  20. Nicole

    Pool lil’ Death with his cookies and milk!

  21. Beta

    The comment section seems to be slow lately… I blame Zankou. :)

    And I can’t help but ask. Alison… Did you draw all of this upside down? Or did you flip the page to draw Lech?

  22. Cherie

    Oh Lech XD Not helping himself here.

    And aww, poor Death. I can understand why he’s not a fan of Christmas after that. Wonderful vote incentive.

  23. Kid

    @Beta: She might’ve drawn the picture and then flipped Lech around. o: But what do I know. x)

  24. Nicole

    @Beta: I think the holidays have more to do with the slow comment section.

  25. Shawn Granger

    Great comic. So glad I finally got rss feed on amazon fire.

  26. Shadow

    Just picked up two copies of unstealthiest ninja v.2, any new info on the possibility of a Zambie printing? I know theres the getting sued by Disney thing still, but I’m pretty sure I’d buy at least 3.
    On a note related to the comic, I still wonder why lech is taking the fall, and I love Evil in panel 6. I wonder just how many scents he’s collected.

  27. starfur

    @ shadow: maybe he’s got yours?

  28. admin

    @Narfcake: weird though, I would have thought snow ninja would bump fire ninja since people generally like shiny new stuff better than old and on fire stuff (and the comments pretty much said that too).
    @Suzu: young Death :)
    @kath: Monkey what? Sorry it sounds like you had a crappy xmas too.
    @Beta: “From the average, to F’em up strength” is a hilarious summation of Death :) I totally flipped the page to draw Lech.
    @Shadow: Yay ninjas! Awesome! I really, really want a Zambi shirt but I’m guessing they don’t want to risk the Disney lawyers of death so it’s a no go from the two places I submitted it. Someday I’ll get my act together and print some shirts myself, it’ll just take some time and some money to set up though.
    @starfur: lol

  29. Kid

    @Alison/Admin: Ahh, I knew you flipped it in some way. Smart, really. :3 I tried drawing something upside down once, but forgot to flip the page.. It turned into a huge fail and I immediately trashed it.

  30. Brian Hibbs

    @kitsunekage: I suppose it would be safe to assume he was aware of death’s powers if he can already know ahead of time who deserves presents all around the world, it seems like that incident right there would be how death figured out his powers if he didn’t know that he would hurt Santa. Though if Santa did know, why would he accept the cookie from Death’s hand?

  31. Zermel

    @Admin: Who needs flipping,lets all perform handstands! I assume Gay made Death that fabulous hat and just put it on him without a care for his mood…or consequences. :D

  32. Kitsunekage

    @Zermel Zzzzzzzzt*!

  33. Zermel

    My point exactly,Kitsunekage!

  34. Brian Hibbs

    Happy New Year. How does Death feel about that?

  35. Beta

    Death probably feels like the need to have a big large celebration in which everyone stays up way too late, drinks and eats way too much, and is seemingly obnoxious even through midnight is totally unneccessary and unneeded for what is simply just a day that happens to be needed to tell us we’ve made it around the solar system one time and we’re just starting all over again. He probably sits in his room listening to how ridiculous it sounds to have Gay trying to do the Limbo to conga line music while inevitably complaining about how it may age his back, while lech is screaming in drunken banter at the babes on tv next to Tank, who’s throwing up on crack from all the beer he’s been sharing with lech. Crack is screaming about how this year may be the year of armegeddon. Nerd is trying to catch the remote from Evil to watch some awefully old reruns of a show made way before his time that he had to study up on to know every detail but is too late to the game to really appreciate it like it was back in its prime. The show is 20 episodes in and is only 10% through the all night and day marathon. Vanity is loudly complaining to Prozac about why there’s fecal matter in his bamboo and how all of his beauty sleep is being interrupted. And prozac is screamin and about to tear his ears off at what’s been going on when he sees the mess that’s been made and how distraught gimp is trying to patch up the inflicted wounds that happened when lech’s beer bottle was thrown across the room and shattered into his head.

    So ya. This time of the year is Death’s absolute favourite :)

  36. starfur


  37. Brian Hibbs

    @Beat: sounds about right, though Death also has the option of leaving the cave. I liked the part about Crack being worried about the 2012 thing. It will be very funny when nothing happens and all the apocalypse nuts find themselves with nothing left to complain about.

  38. J.C.

    Does anybody know where to find past vote incentives?? I would really appreciate it.

  39. Name

    I’m really confused about the vote incentive thing how does it work? PLEASE someone help me!

  40. Cam

    Evil sure is clever, I have to admit. And Death looks adorable!

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