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January 2nd, 2012

Page 302

Happy New Year Everyone!

2011 was pretty crazy for us, here’s to a more relaxed 2012- oh wait, I’m gonna have TWO toddlers to chase after…  From my family to all of you and yours we wish you a wonderful New Year and lots of luck in 2012!  For everyone working off the holiday excess pounds here’s some motivation for you :D


  1. Tonka

    The giraffes’ are looking for some payback!

  2. Beta

    It looks like as I read this Comic and the pages go on the way the characters are drawn keeps getting better and better. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m liking it. Evil panel 6 is just awesome.

  3. Zermel

    He never had it ._.

  4. Tara

    LOL giraffe revenge for their fallen comrade. >:D

  5. Tara

    @Beta: I miss their big pupils. D:

  6. Sterling Rodd

    A catalog of man’s inhumanity to man… or bear’s inursinity to bear, I suppose. I’m puzzled by Nerd’s change of heart. I suppose it might be out of self-preservation, but I can’t think of why he’d have it in for Lech. Lech has teased him a lot and shoved him a couple of times, but most of the real torment Nerd’s experienced has come from Evil…

  7. Kid

    @Tara: Ohhh, so that’s what they’re doing.. I thought they just got in the way :>
    @Sterling: Maybe he’s just scared of Evil? That’s all I can come up with.

    Evil’s expression in Panel 8 is just pfft, and Panel 9’s expression is even better, and as Beta has said, with each arc the way they’re all drawn gets better and better. :3

  8. Brian Hibbs

    @Sterling: He probably doesn’t have anything against Lech in particular, it’s just that he’s already been captured by the Polar bears once and doesn’t want to be back there again.

    Do the other animals hear Evil and Nerd talking at all?

    Regarding the art, have Evil’s horns been getting smaller or is it just me?

  9. Nicole

    @Tara: They still have their big pupils, it depends on their mood. This is more of a tension-filled moment, which usually lends the bears to pinpoint pupils. Page 300 has the large pupils on Nerd. :)

  10. starfur

    umm….Run evil! Run!!!! and…what Is Gimp thinking right now, while lech is being “drowned”

  11. Alexander B

    I think his conscience is going to catch up with him…

  12. corvuscorone68

    it took me awhile to realize what kind of dollies Lech plays with… inflatable ones

  13. Kitsunekage

    @corvuscorone68 The only ones he can get… for now.
    @Starfur Probibly trying to remember how to do CPR.

    @Alison good luck with the munchkins this year, and remember: at least they’re not teenagers…..

  14. Fazzey

    …Poor Letch is SO not handling his defense well…And Prozac is running in kinda circles trying to keep a eye on Letch & also find Evil…Gimp is keeping a eye on a surprisingly worried Gay….So what is Crack doing?

  15. Zermel

    @Fazzey: Crack is probably sitting on the couch back at the cave listening to his Phobias for dummies discs,while watching Oprah.

  16. Nicole

    Zermel = WIN!

  17. Zankou

    it seems those 30 or so extra people commenting the last couple weeks were only here for the holidays lol

    3 legged giraffe and 1 armed polar bear vs lecherous evil? iv been listening to a bunch of wrestling music today. lol

  18. Zermel

    @Zankou: There is no lecherous evil here.From the looks of it evil doesn’t care… Lech is on his own unless prozac is gonna hulk out and help.

  19. Zankou

    @zermel, just realized you changed your name back, and i was thinking of after the giraffes grab evil(atleast i think they will)

  20. Zermel

    I dont think they can grab him with hooves ;)

  21. Beta


    @zermel – giraffes are sneaky bastards :)

  22. Zermel

    @Beta: Yeah,They are so inconspicuous. -,,_,,-

  23. Serne

    I need that vote incentive on a shirt five minutes ago.

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