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January 9th, 2012

Page 303

Panel 4 Prozac is my favorite.  I thought I’d eventually get bored or have trouble drawing his exasperated and unimpressed faces but so far that hasn’t happened :)

Sambit’s old enough to go to birthday parties now and he’s been to a couple.  He seems to have caught on to the fact that birthdays means “Cake!”.  He could care less about presents, not when there’s “Cake!” and “bawoons!”  Now I just have to get him interested in interacting more with other kids.  It seems to be a little boy thing.  We went to a party for twin girls and they had a play room in the basement.  The little girls all got together and chatted about stuff and pranced ponies around a play mat and combed their manes.  The boys all scattered to different corners and banged things.  Our host wanted a group picture and the girls excitedly agreed and the boys had to be dragged and bribed to partake.  One refused to come out of the oven of the play kitchen.  The only time Sam actually wanted to interact with the girls was during the present opening.  They had two little chairs set up so the girls could sit down and unwrap stuff together.  As soon as one got up Sam would slither onto her chair.  The mom’s trying to take pictures and I kept darting in and picking him up.  It’s just not polite to play with someone’s brand new tea pot when they haven’t gotten to yet, especially when you pick it up and make a run for it :P

Anyway, they loved the cards I drew for them and I had fun drawing not bears for a change.


  1. Tsu

    Yeah Gay…. just keep diggin that hole there…Little weird how Lech is taking the blame and Gay is worried about Lech and his… dangly parts.

  2. I Like Trains Kid

    Personally, I would love to see Gay and Lech as a couple, they’d be cute and hilarious together… Or if Gay gets ANY love interest that’d be great… As for them being related instead, I’d be fine with that, but that’d make this really akward to explain…

  3. Zankou

    @kid- it tends to happen when your sick all the time.

  4. Sarah

    <3 I definitely ship Lech and Gay. I like to think Lech is bisexual and he’s secretly in love with Gay and they’re going to be together forever, even though I know that’s not going to happen. :P

  5. Kid

    @Zankou: Ahh, sickness. I thought you’d just dropped out or something… :I Been quite ill myself, though.

  6. Zermel

    Hope you both are feeling better.

  7. raeByppilF

    Gay doesn’t want Lech to lose his cock XDD

  8. Zankou

    @zermel- im always sick, its a thing you get used too.

  9. Zermel

    @Zankou: I have bad allergies but I usually pull through. :D

  10. Beta

    I’m always sick too… of popular music… and too many hotwings :)

  11. Kid

    @Zermel: I’m sick a lot of the time, but when it comes to school I prefer to change the word slightly – “Ill” c;

  12. J.C.

    @Beta(January 11, 2012):
    I think you are on to something.

  13. Cam

    Death fact spotted! <3 And of course you’d be worried about that part getting cut off, wouldn’t you Gay?

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