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June 20th, 2011

Page 274

Today is C section day!!!  It’s scheduled for 1:00 I think but I can always get bumped for emergencies so hopefully it doesn’t get completely bumped to the next day.  My doctor was originally going for 34 weeks which would give me another two weeks here but one of her colleagues in a different city mentioned one of his mono patients had recently lost both her twins suddenly about two days before she hit 32 weeks, and she already had her section booked.  I immediately stopped feeling sorry for myself and asked if they could pop them on the monitor again right now!  A sobering story but it reminded me why I was stuck here so I sucked it up for another week and hopefully it will all be over soon.  I’ve been checking email and approving comments sporadically but I expect to go dark for a bit while I recover from being gutted (I know that’s a bit of a stretch but they are going to cut me open and take out my insides… gross.)

And many of you have dirty minds!  Gay’s just there to work the pedals :)

I haven’t had time to do another Melee image in a long time so this was kind of a fun mini-melee to squeeze in for one of Woot’s design derbies.  The theme was anthro food, not really my thing so I went with murderous gummi bears of course.  (Diane, that stuck in my head until I got it out on paper!)  Of course it didn’t do very well vote wise compared to the Mario/Portal/Ninja Turtle refs and even a Cthulu cookie monster (that one looked awesome though).


  1. Urthdigger

    Epic final panel. You definitely aren’t helping dissuade those with dirty minds.

  2. Zankou

    @urthdigger- the creepy part is, the fact that, if i remember correctly she has a couple of the comics drawn in advance for said hospital type incidences(or planned out ready to draw dont remember) so she new that many people would be having creeper thoughts and planned it like that :3. i think. with my luck i’m probably completely wrong here

  3. Brian Hibbs

    @Zankou: she probably planned this because she knew it was the combination of funny and disturbing that people just can’t look away from, she didn’t need to predict our ‘creeper thoughts’ to know this would work. I keep coming back to this to see Lech satring at me, and I haven’t been able to sleep since seeing it the first time.

    @sterling: since when did they need a needle to knock out crack? last I checked they had plenty of blunt objects to beat each other over the head with, just had too sneak up on him, then there’s always the death touch

  4. Zankou

    should have wondered this before. Why is crack on an IV bag anyway? i could see it if he was going with them, but from what i can see hes staying at the zoo. unless its cause hes having a panic attack at the thought of all of them leaving the zoo as well as it being in a truck lech is driving. although it could just be a joke, i tend to over think stuff.

  5. Sterling Rodd

    @Brian — Yeah, that’s why I went with concussion. Crack himself showed us the way when he brained Evil with a frying pan. :) I think Nerd’s capable of that kind of thing, but I think he has to be homicidally P.O.ed to do it. Hmm, Evil was the victim THAT time, too…

  6. Kath

    @Armagedonus – she chose the c section because she is having twins with a high risk pregnancy. The babies are being delivered early, hence the C section.

    Has any one heard how everyone is doing??

    Sending hugs & healing prayers


  7. Peach

    Best face ever in that last panel.

  8. Sterling Rodd

    @Kath — Yeah, I keep checking back to see if there are any updates. Mind you, a bunch of anonymous fans, we’re probably flattering ourselves that we’re anywhere on the radar for Alison and Jim right about now. :)

  9. Kitsunekage

    @ Sterling Rodd while I agree that we don’t appear one alison’s baby news radar, I do believe that she will update us on the condition of her newborn dooom kittens in the her comments for her next page. Even of its to stave off the inevitable questions about said newborns….

  10. Beta

    The suspense is what gets me, both comic and previously mentioned dooomkitten news.

  11. zankou

    @beta- I don’t know how much suspense is really happening right now in the comic, but i think its more the suspense of wondering how many more gay lech innuendos random people will come up with in the following weeks. I suspect many.

  12. Beta

    Not suspense as in the terms of chair gripping worry, but intrigue of what might happen next, or what has happened but we wont know until the next week. Im intrigued to know how this driving situation will work.

  13. zankou

    next couple comics, i predict some epic (fail) driving action scenes

  14. Kath

    Not just *any* anonymous fans, we are *loyal and concerned anonymous fans!!
    (though I think it may be just a case of Doomcat forgetting to let us know seeing how Allison probaby feels as if she has been through the wringer…)

  15. Miss Hope

    I’m a total GayxLech supporter. No doubt about it :D

  16. Cam

    I ship Glech! GayxLech~

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