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June 13th, 2011

Page 273

Gay and Lech’s silly arguments are often inspired by my younger brothers whose conversations inevitably devolve into immature insults and gay innuendo.  My parents once got a hefty family plan cell bill when the boys used their phones mostly to text one word insults at each other.  I think at that point we were charged for both outgoing and incoming texts; our father was rather unhappy.  I believe they’re both on unlimited plans or something now.  As far as I know their texts even generally contain more than just “Nerd!” or “insert random offensive term”.

I started working on some iphone and ipad skins before the hospital stay (which is going just GREAT by the way… there needs to be a universal sarcastic font) and this is the finished group shot for the ipad skin.  I just love how they all get along sometimes! (sarcastic font).


  1. tiki carol

    yep, universal sarcastic font = “Wet Paint MF”

  2. Cloudy

    . . . . .I have to see this. . . XD!

  3. tritch

    I was expecting Letch to say FlaminGAY

  4. Blacky Blackerson

    Gay, remember, bend your knees, use your arms!!

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