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June 6th, 2011

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This is where Lech’s previous driving skills may come in handy, perhaps.  I don’t think he’s had a lot of practice since then.  I do think the pink and green outfits kind of compliment each other nicely though :)

Officially going into the hospital on Wed (provided there’s a bed).  I have to wait around until they call me and tell me when to come in.  I have two more days with Sambit and then I’ll probably only see him every other day…sucks.  I’ll have a laptop so Jim’s going to set up Skype for me and we’ll see if the hospital wifi is adequate.  The parasites behaved and performed well on their monitoring session this morning so hopefully they keep that up.  Despite how rare this pregnancy is there’s actually another mom in Ottawa due within a few days of me.  She’s having girls and the nurses tell me they’ve been snuggly tucked into the head down position for weeks and are really easy to monitor.  My boys on the other hand keep switching positions and are often hard to keep on.  Figures.

This was a commission I did a while ago that I really had fun with:  Evil comes unprepared to a scythe fight, or perhaps that’s exactly what he needs.


  1. Kath

    Panel #2,

    Gimps bum. I just noticed it, and thought… Awww how adorable. I mean, its probably the first time that I have seen it at that angle and it reminded me of an infant crawling up onto the sofa.
    Maybe make it into a t shirt or something.. just the backsides of the bears sitting on a log. (minus the thong though, in retrospect, the thong shot was truly disturbing in ways I can’t explain.) Its weird, because the view for Gimp- I dunno, it just has that innocent little kid quality though.

    Hope everythings going well for you in your stay at the hospital. Kids never listen though.

    Sending positive thoughts and energy your way!

  2. Kitsunekage

    @Sterling Rodd ….And the brass knuckles….And the ice cream scoop….and every other thing he can get his hands on that could cause bodily harm.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to shot some one when he escaped from the circus…with a chair….

  3. Kitsunekage

    Heh, heh… *shoot*

  4. Zankou

    @kitsunekage – shoot someone with a chair?

  5. Hoheh

    That’s a very interesting costume for this.

  6. Sterling Rodd

    @kitsunekage & Zankou — shoot someone with a chair?

    Are you sure you guys haven’t tuned in to an old Get Smart! rerun instead of Bear Nuts? :)

  7. Zankou

    @ Rodd – i dont even know what get smart! is lol :3 unless you count that movie but i never watched that either

  8. Kitsunekage

    @everyone concerned about the shooting things with a chair: sorry, it’s an old joke/phrase one of my friends introduced me to, it just means that some one is so badass (pardon my language, Alison) that they can defy the laws of normarllity and shoot things with items that shouldn’t shoot anything. I think it was used in Scary Movie when one of the characters pumped a shovel like it was a shot gun… A shell even piped out….

  9. Kitsunekage

    Heh, accidental trolling for the win?

  10. Zankou

    @kitsune- lol That was in scary movie 3 when they were going to fight the aliens.

  11. Sterling Rodd

    @Zankou — Get Smart! was a big comedy hit in the 1960s; I saw it in reruns as a kid. It starred Don Adams (you’d probably know him better as Inspector Gadget) as Maxwell Smart, secret agent. One of the running gags on the show was the idiotic devices they’d come up with… a gun chair would have been right up their alley. The most famous was Max’s shoe phone. Back in those days, it was a big joke for someone to start “ringing” in the middle of nowhere, or a movie, or a public event. Now it’s an everyday annoyance. Life imitating art. :)

  12. StardustLuna

    I have read all of these and they are hilarious! If only real zoo animals were like this…or are they? *shifty eyes*

  13. Kitsunekage

    @Sterling Rodd truth in television, sadly. Almost like the star trek “communicators”….. They were small, hand-held, folded open and closed, and everyone had one…. Sound familiar?

  14. Nujavalabes

    You could throw this strip into a zombie apocalypse comic and it would fit right in. Especially with Evil’s tools… Of evil. :D

  15. Zankou

    @bakaneko – I guess your right in this there is less light so its making it look like a darker colour i always though it was a kinda brownish he had before, but looking at it again i can see, I have trouble telling some colours apart ex/some shades of red will look brown to me

  16. Kath

    @Kitsunekate, I understood the chair. Does that show how *old* we are? I saw Get Smart when it first came out on Tv, and as silly as it was, the ideas that it fostered were groundbreaking. Things always worked out for 99 and Max, and isn’t that what is important?

    As for the star trek communitcators, it is no cooincidence that the current cell phones look like them. Where do you think they got the idea from? Technology today has made the circutry pathways the width of an electron.

    Zankou, have you ever been tested for being color blind? (or are you at the age where cateracs are an issue? ) granted, there are some shades of red that are like a cross between brown, and red, but the predominant color will always be lighter.

  17. Zankou

    @kath – yes i am colour blind , and i doubt i’m old enough to get cateracs im only 18

  18. Kitsunekage

    @ Kath Ummm, I’m only 19…. I just come from a wreid family that likes some of the older classics…. Like the original Dactor Who series.

  19. Zankou

    @kitsunekage – i dont think your familys weird most shows from back then are much better then now. i myself watch alot of shows on that deja view channel with stuff from the 80s

  20. Kitsunekage

    @Zankou Ummm, yeah… If one day goes by without something exploding, then you know something is wrong at my household…… Were *that* kind of family, only in an insane asylum…
    Wouldn’t change it for the world…..

  21. Beta

    Hey! My family is the same way. I’m a bit disturbed when a day had gone by and nothing blew up or caught on fire (figuratively speaking of course :) )

    @Zankou – Finally! Another colour-blind person! :)

  22. DragonBear

    You know, I’m not sure Gay is gay… Maybe (s)he is female? Just a thought.

  23. S.P.

    I love the fact that the comment number is “69” when I read this. I’m such a pervert!

  24. Kath

    Kitsunekate, you can have cataracs at any age, it’s not just an old persons illness. (though with so many youngsters here I am feeling very *0ld*

    Tv was better back then. Good triumphed over ebil. Problems were solved, and familys stuck together. Moral values were consistant, and you could watch them, and feel good about how things ended. Would the Proffessor ever marry Mary Anne? Could boss hogg ever catch the Duke boys?

    alas the tv of today, with few exceptions is poorly written driven by the sponsers demographics

    Its what makes bear nuts appealing. no matter how bad the bears are, we still feel for them.

  25. Kitsunekage

    @ Kath I agree, and that truth extends to video games as well, albeit to a lesser extent…..
    ….. And you do know that my screen name is “kitsunekage”, not “kitsunekate”, right?

  26. AbstractTurtle

    For some reason, Lech’s hat reminds me of Ash’s from Pokemon. Whatever Gay wears reminds me of my youth…….waitaminute….

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