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May 30th, 2011

Page 271

And the miracles continue for Tanked :)

A new site has the beginnings of a French translation for Bear Nuts.  You can check it out (and some other cool comics, all their english sites are linked if that’s your preferred language) at VieuxCroutons.

Looks like I have about a week left before my hospital incarceration.  I’ve had hospital food before, but I didn’t have to live off it for 3-4 weeks :(  Oh and my birthday falls right in the middle of that.  Jim figures if the parasites make it that far then we should schedule the C sec for that day so he only has to remember the one date.  Anyway, updates should continue as I plan to prep the pages before hand.  I have no idea what the hospital wi-fi connection is like so I may not be able to comment or anything, but hopefully that won’t be the case.  I can see myself going a little crazy without hi-speed.  That and being stuck in a bed all day, and knowing that every extra day the parasites incubate is better for them but raises the chance of a cord compression, and that they’ll cap off my wonderful stay by cutting me open, and that the babies will likely be in the NICU for a month, AND that I won’t get to see Sambit everyday… I just hope I’m sane when this is all over with.

I don’t know why but Weenie dog!


  1. Kath

    Gang, you *never* ask a lady how big her belly is when she is pregnant. Not a safe thing to do for the askeee.

    @allison, There have been SO many advancements in medicine that have helped the survival of preme’s even very tiny ones. The tubes are smaller, the drugs better- and the hospitals are more willing to allow family to stay with you during the time. You will be home before the children are, and in a few years when they are going to the prom or getting married, or being parents of their own, you will look back over the years and see how big they have grown.

    You know, for halloween you can dress Sam up as the cat in the hat and the babies as thing 1 and thing 2.

    our thoughts and prayes are with you for a safe, and speedy delivery.


  2. Narfcake

    Four entries at Woot this week, so vote!

    Gummy bears


    A cupcake

    Another cupcake

  3. Beta

    Ack! Tangly cords are not good! Growing babies are though. 100% hopeful everythings ok!

    As far as remembering dates go, there’s not much to remember yet. The other two dates are mother’s day and valentines day, but until the babies get older and get into school (dun dun dun!) and start doing after school stuff like sports, there’s few to worry about besides the regular appointments. Once they’re in school activities there’s all sorts of things to remember. The day you were supposed to pick up the kids from practice and then drop them off here and then get them this and that for such and such activity, remember every home game or event, where they are and what time they need picked up. All that on top of the regular things to remember along with regular appointments.

    I wouldn’t worry too much though! My dad finally figured it out after a while by utilizing the calendar on his fridge and writing things on it! That was after I left the house though :)

  4. tiki carol

    Last panel would make a great Poster or Greeting Card!
    It says sooooo much!

  5. Sterling Rodd

    @admin — NOOOOoooooooooooo… well, maybe if that bear came back as a ghost and still got to hang with the other guys. That might be neat. :) You know, when I started reading reading BN, it took me a while to find the hooks for Crack and Tanked… but I did, and now I’d really miss any one of them (not that I think you’re serious about doing this). I still haven’t really cottoned to Vanity yet, and if some other zoo “needed a panda”, I think I’d be okay with that. For now. Till his “hook” appears. :)

    @tiki carol — I like panel eight as a “STFU card” myself. :)

  6. sneakers

    Tanked is just having happy happen to make up for the bad.

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