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May 23rd, 2011

Page 270

That last panel is meant to be looked at with some kind of uplifting and miraculous music of course :)

Sorry if you were convinced that was baby Death’s hands, I kind of thought everyone would guess Dooom and it wouldn’t be much of a surprise.  Death at this point is off having his own horrible childhood/origin story so someone else had to step in.  Dooom actually has his own backstory and comic all roughly plotted out that pre-dates BN and will likely never get to see the light of day with the way I’m going (darn parasites, and the slightly older time parasite) and I love including him somewhat in this world just to tie them together.  That and I don’t get to draw Dooom very often, and I do occasionally get sick of bears.  Fortunately it doesn’t last long.

Big thanks to anyone who voted on Woot!  Punkgirl came in 4th so I missed out on a print by less than thirty votes but hopefully she gets an honorable mention and another chance down the road.

Oh and congratulations for surviving the Rapture everyone.  I almost didn’t bother prepping this Monday’s update :)  I did add a couple of new images to the Fan Art section though!

This is a long arc and so Gay does need an outfit change part way through.  Here’s a little preview of his latest hand made creation.


  1. Sterling Rodd

    @Beta — What? That’s Death with a lightning bolt painted on his forehead, googly-eye glasses and a stuffed tube sock taped to his ass. Can’t you tell anything? :P

  2. Lea

    @Sterling Rodd @Beta: Like getting so smashed you’re having a one night stand with somebody you usually can’t stand. Except that the intoxicant here is Gay’s flamingo suit and they obviously seem to meet at daytime, so they’re not going to wait until evening to get it on.
    Still I’m sure Lech will regret things afterwards and become his old butthole self, so we have a case of one day gay.

    (Alright, to be exact, it would be more like slight bi-curiousity that doesn’t fit in with the person’s general sexual identity and not make them “gay” or anything, but I like the picture of Lech getting nailed. Flustered, spread-eagle Lech begging his lover Gay for more. Constantly struggling to win back control over the situation, but too overwhelmed by his newly discovered desires… That whole part can be shortened to: Hurr.)

  3. Lody

    omg it was Dooom cat!
    and he knows CPR!

  4. Sterling Rodd

    @Lea — ¡¡¡Too much information!!! 8O :lol:

  5. Beta

    … wow. I think my greatest fear just met me face to face just now by reading the second half of that, thanks Lea. Scarred for life I must say. X_X

    I’m wondering if Dooom is still around years later now that tanked is older. I am really wondering what happened to Crack in his childhood now. I’m thinking Dooom somehow is tied to his past as well. Maybe. :) So Many Origin Stories to go through!

  6. Nicole

    Dooom is the Discount Zoo mascot cat. :)

  7. Euler

    Doom cat!! :]
    Saves lives.

  8. Rezz

    perhaps the (no doubt hazy) memory of this incident is what causes him to nab that stuffed dooom from the zoos giftshop?

  9. Kath

    i looked at the bears Bios, and it occured to me that of all the bears, Crack and Tanked have the same eyes. (though he has his mothers fur) It would stand to reason , that poor tanked isn’t the brightest bear in the zoo, and, perhaps has a family history of addiction (and would it be a pun to say that Tanked is a crack baby?)

    I don’t know if there would ever be a way to have Tanked weaned off of the alcohol- if he has been pickled so much, it would explain what agony he had been going through

    Don’t the zoo keepers notice *anything* ??

  10. Vampire1Lady

    You should make a story on all the bears childhoods !

  11. Beta

    Well Rezz, since he “borrows” dooom from crack it makes me wonder why crack has one :) Tanked doesn’t have one of his own, he takes it from him when he’s not looking.

    Kath – I’m not sure they don’t. Just take one look at evil. He’s got horns and a pentagram on his belly but it doesnt seem to bother the zookeepers :)

  12. Beta

    I must be too tired. That last message should have said “I’m not sure they do”.

  13. Roderick

    Omnipotent Dooomcat saves the day =)

  14. VanDerSpar

    Seriously, insert Kaizers Orchestra – Min Kvite Russer for the music :D

  15. Kath

    You know, I just noticed on panel 6 that there are some sort of – uh, – cracks- in the bottom part of the tank. Uh oh, that can’t be good….

    Beta, I know that there were a few frames before about the bears keeping a low profile for a while because of stuff found. the designs and eyes and horns may just be for our benefit until we can tell what bears are what. but even still= zoo keepers *should* be keeping track of where the animals are. even in a discount zoo…

  16. Saddust

    @Yu Huo : I’m just listening at the 9th symphony. Agreed.

  17. Solario the Visored

    Yay! Look at the little Dooom kitty! ^__^

  18. Sketch

    I’m gonna sound real stupid to say this, but I read the desc, and when she said ‘Death at this point is off having his own horrible childhood’ and listened to god the heartache I suddenly had from reading it D:

  19. J.C.

    I’m interested to see Death’s “Horrible childhood/origin story”.
    Though it sounds depressing. : /

  20. sneakers

    Dooom to the rescue. You can hear the choir of drunken angels singing in the background of the last panel.

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