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May 16th, 2011

Page 269

I could try to write a moving lament to the loss of innocence, but it’s a cartoon bear drowning in beer.  With a mysterious grey pawed saviour???

I also need to print a retraction of sorts.  My husband did indeed get off his ass and make me pancakes for a late lunch on Mother’s Day as he slept through breakfast (I had updated the page earlier in the day).  He involved Sam which was adorable and we got some cute pics of Sam “helping” and generally eating batter off a large wooden spoon.  Said batter did of course get everywhere though: counters, all of Sam’s clothes, his eyelashes and hair, etc.  So for mother’s day I got mangled blueberry pancakes and a giant mess.  The counters and cabinet doors were still grimed with caked on batter for a few days after until I gave up and cleaned it up myself, my heavily pregnant self.  But we did get some cute pictures though!

Today’s bonus image is another Nerdish commission that was really fun to do…makes me want to draw more bears in astronaut gear…

New theme this week on Woot (Cyberpunk). I’d really appreciate your votes if you’re eligible (you have to have bought something from a Woot site to vote on any shirts).  The commissions on the few prints I’ve gotten so far have been immensely helpful and honestly most of it is going into the freaking diaper fund.  Apparently newborns go through 6-10 diapers a day, x 2… fun!

Clicking on the image will take you to that shirt’s vote site and the chick one is actually in the fog right now too!


  1. Nicole

    Hmm…it certainly could be Dooomcat.

  2. Sterling Rodd

    Anything’s possible… it’s a comic strip, after all, and that’s one of the charms of the genre… but frankly, I think bringing Dooomcat into it as a “living” character would raise a lot of questions that don’t need answers or even asking at this point. This is the story of how Tanked got to be like he is. We already know that Death exists as a character; involving him here doesn’t really shift the emphasis away from Tanked as his presence at the Discount Zoo can be accepted without requiring any explanation (his own origin story is a different matter, of course). Inserting a new character we’ve only seen referred to elliptically before would effectively derail the story of Tanked’s origins for at least a few weeks. Again, it’s possible, but I think it’s a lot less likely than that his is young Death.

  3. RahneeHoneyLizard

    I think Death’s powers are affected by his emotions. When he’s calm, he has complete control. When he gets irked, that’s when you get accidentally shocked.

  4. beta

    From my observations I think that Death can’t control his “power” with one example being the oven mitts, and another hint that is a reason he stays to himself most of the time. What he can control is what he touches. I’ve observed that the only things affected by his touch are things that are alive and living. Therefore, he can touch non-living objects without a negative reaction. ie when he was on a caffine binge, his powers eminated out to an aura, which only effected the living things nearby. Prozac got some effects of it as he was walking by, and it ended up fibrilating lech, but the t.v. or couch didn’t fry. Light bulbs weren’t effected.

    Some may point to the zapping of the chess piece out of nerd’s hands as a point that he can, but I don’t think that he zapped the chess piece directly out of his hand either. More or less he zapped nerd’s hand very briefly, causing him to lose motor control of that hand long enough to cause loss of grip on the ches piece, and a knee jerk reaction pulling away when he got zapped. I don’t completely recall, but I believe Alison had described it as a very painful experience, with numbness added as a secondary symptom.

    In another note, I got my unstealthiest ninja shirt and my sister should be unkonwingly getting the princess one here soon :)

  5. beta

    I will have to correct myself. Death does seem to affect electrical devices. I had forgotten that he completely destroyed the tv, fridge, and microwave. Shame myself for not looking :)

  6. Rosewater

    smart trick going to sleep like that.

    Poor tank killed all his brain cells though.

  7. Gribble

    Aw baby Tanked! I don’t know who’s helping him, but those don’t look like bear arms to me. They’re too skinny!

  8. Sterling Rodd

    Well, if nothing else, Alison has given us paws for thought. :)

  9. Nicole

    @Sterling: I agree it’s most likely Death. I mean, we don’t really know how the bear exhibit was put together or which bears arrived first. As for Dooomcat, we know that the zoo has stuffed animals for sale in its gift shop…is it possible that Dooomcat is a zoo critter and they have a stuffed animal version of him in the gift shop? It’s a total stretch :D, but just came to mind. That may be where the bears got their toy Dooom.

    But, yeah, I’ll be real surprised if it’s not Death.

  10. beta

    Definitely looking forward to seeing who it is. Mondays are always better since I found Bear Nuts :)

  11. Dubael

    Very cool, the story arch, the wootness, and the astrobears, as to the cleaning the grimy cupboards while very very pregnant… not so cool. Yes it is nice that the very cute pictures occur and those will be memories to cherish, but still, the dish faeries don’t come and clean up, its the adults, that shouldn’t mean just Mom. Other than that I’m glad you had a better Mother’s Day than it at first seemed.
    Big Hugs

  12. beta

    So, word is that Alison’s twins will be here within a few weeks or so. I don’t know why but I’m totally excited for the DoOomcat duo and their new bundles of joy. I still haven’t heard anything on the names though. They’ll have to be short I’d say because of Jim’s monster of a last name. :) Until I hear anything on the names I’m going to call them Reign and Koden Charalampidis for a little bit of fun before I find out the real names and the dirty diapers get goin. :)

    Anyone have word on their names yet?

  13. bakaneko

    It could also be that he has control of it but it can surge and the mits help. And nichole what happened? Why no tanked icon?

  14. Beta

    Nicole is probably betting on Dooom saving Tanked and is thanking him early :P

  15. Chakka

    its Dooom cat i know it

  16. Chakka

    wow Beta way over analyze everytihng

  17. Chakka

    no hard fellings….?

  18. sneakers

    Okay, he’s not as big of a poo head. But you did have to do the cleanup, so he loses some points.

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