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May 9th, 2011

Page 268

I was just thinking of all the pages to fall on Mother’s Day that last one was pretty bad!  By the way, my husband did nothing for me for said holiday so feel free to shame him in the comments :)

Huge thanks to anyone who voted on ShirtWoot for the princess.  I really didn’t expect it to do well as it definitely skews girly.  The funny part though is the mini “controversy” it started in the comment thread for the shirt.  There was the inevitable complaints about “no more cute shirts grrr!” which I expect but still find hilarious every time; honestly, why bother to complain??  I think Woot’s typical audience niche is pretty clear and there’s still a new shirt EVERY day that you may like better and it’s not like that’s the ONLY shirt site on the web.  What was funny is two commenters who were “offended” and felt the shirt “condoned bestiality”.  Wow.  If you look at a cartoon like this based on a kid’s story and YOUR mind goes to bestiality then that’s all on you.

I imagine most of you guys got the movie ref on this page?  I’m not a big horror fan but I did see The Ring and while most of it was just a scary movie to me (I typically watch those with my hands over my face) that one visual of her being shut in the well really did freak me out.  I’m not full on claustrophobic but the narrowness, the darkness, the sense of absolute aloneness (not to mention family betrayal) stayed creepily with me for a long time after.  And now I’ve made it about beer.

I forgot about this as I did it awhile ago but it’s a tribute comic to one of my favorite webcomics The Abominable Charles Christopher.  His wife just had their first baby a couple of weeks ago I think so they’ve just had their first mother’s day and this was kind of a gift.  Speaking of, oh I can only imagine what it’s like to have ONE baby again!  We don’t get another growth scan till Thursday but the parasites seem to be doing well and I think (hope) they’ll both be over 2 pounds by then.  They could come at any point but we’re hoping they stay in another 7-8 weeks or so… feels like an executioner’s ax hanging over my head: 7-8 more weeks and your sanity’s dead!


  1. Beta

    Not trying to beat this to death… But…

    Mother’s day is a day of appreciation for mothers. That being said, there’s nothing in the rulebooks saying your tethered to show appreciation to only your mother. It’s to show thanks for everything mothers do. I may be the odd one out, but if I had a wife and she became a mother, I’d be the first one to thank her for everything she’s done helping with the kids. She is the mother of my kids afterall. I always remembered my mom getting my dad something for father’s day, and dad always got mom something on mothers day. Eventually it turned into a collaboration that the kids would also be the ones helping pick the card and gift. That of course ended when the devorce began.

    But back the bear nuts and Doomcat. When’s the last day the princes shirt will still be available? I gotta buy that for my sister and crack scream for my wall :)

  2. bombastinator

    Your husband is also your son? ewwwwwwwww…….

  3. jjmblue7

    Judging by the the shirt designs you’ve posted links to on here, you’d be the first person I’d comission a shirt design from if I had a shirt store, online or not. :D

  4. Narfcake

    @Beta: The last day would be this coming Monday (at Noon) if you don’t buy one! So you better! Actually, if it’s anything, buy two. ^_^

    (For any folks unaware of how Woot works, Alison gets a commission for every DoOomcat shirt sold … which indirectly means more support for Bear Nuts too. And that’s a good thing.)

  5. Dylan

    I love how Tanked doesn’t have the symbol on his stomach yet! :D

  6. Beta

    @Narfcake: Thanks! I really don’t have the money to buy them both right now, but I just said F*** it and bought them both XD. That’s what Savings is for right?

    If it went into next weekend, I’d have the money for sure. But I can’t pass up on the Unstealthiest Ninja Shirt!

    2 new shirts have been made. Don’t know if anyone saw. This week’s theme is Cyberpunk.

  7. bakaneko

    Dylan brought up something that I think but am not sure was discussed… the symbols how and when? Is it a puberty thing? Or is it brought on by realisation of who they really are.

  8. admin

    @CharmyM: imagine having 2 little brothers though!
    @Soundwave: thanks!
    @Angel N: thank you!
    @Magasek: lol, I hope your daughters love it! I’ll never have daughters…
    @Dubael: I totally agree :)
    @Tanked’sGF: Townsen! It was pretty sad, but it’s still very entertaining.
    @Shadowdram: My family has always made a big deal out of it, sure you’re not your husband’s mom but to bear him three freaking kids should get some recognition dammit :) Oh and the monkeys are just jerks that mess with smaller animals.
    @Kath: lol, my husband never remembers the date of my birthday, I have to drop a lot of hints. I know his though.
    @Chover: lol, um, hopefully not?
    @RahneeHoneyLizard: Awww! That’s so sweet!
    @Amanda: thanks! I was actually thinking about a “Paperbag Princess” shirt the other day. Probably not a title you read a lot now but I sure do :)
    @machchunk: maybe!
    @Magasek: lol, geez.
    @MyTigerX: sorry? and thanks!
    @Beta: what Narfcake said, he knows his way around the Woot
    @bombastinator: that’s news to me
    @jjmblue7: cool, thanks!
    @Narfcake: thanks for the pimping my friend :)
    @bakaneko: lol, spontaneous puberty branding, if only humans were like that! I think of it as a gradual discovery of who they are/outside influences etc. that finalize a personality.

  9. Zukibat

    :O is there an origin behind how they all got their symbols on their bellies? …is this Tanked’s?

  10. bakaneko

    @admin crazy question then… is it possible that the symbol can change if they have a big enough influence later on that can disrupt who they are?

  11. sneakers

    Oh no! Poor baby Tanked! What jerky monkeys! That explains why the bears have no problems with doing bad things to the monkeys.

    Your husband is a big poo head.

  12. Cam

    This made me really upset. Poor baby Tanked!

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