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May 2nd, 2011

Page 267

A hole monkeys.

Small site update:  I forgot to mention there’s a few more fan art images up in the gallery, including a beautifully topical Tanked in a giant martini glass :)  You guys are awesome by the way!  I love seeing what you come up with!

I’ve been crazy busy with baby stuff and work and rebuilding the buffer for this comic that I kind of forgot I had finally gotten these printed so they’re available now in my Etsy shop.  There’s also a couple of original pieces up as well including all the art for the Halloween Super bears.  I have lots more art hanging around the remains of my office (in what will shortly become Sam’s room) so they’ve got to go somewhere.  I previewed these awhile back on the Facebook page so if you’re on FB, Like the Bear Nuts page for the occasional sneak peak plus that’s where I post old vote incentives and Versus pages…in fact I think I have another BN fine art piece to preview soon too…

Crack Scream and the Mona Nerd (complete with goose and sci-fi references)

Shirt Woot’s latest derby theme was inspired by the royal wedding I’m guessing but one of my entries will probably seem awfully familiar to you guys :)  I guess I could call this a distant cousin of Sloth’s.

(If you’re set up to vote on Woot you can check out my actually in the fog entry which just may have a chance of winning!  Thanks for the votes and feedback guys!  We’re going to need to buy a LOT of diapers!)


  1. bakaneko

    I think nicole just wants to see lech’s room again.

  2. Gee S

    Poor Tanked …. he needs his mommy! Please give him back his mommy! ^^

  3. Pepper

    I imagine Lech and Gimp’s origins both involve the internet.

  4. Harmony

    Congratulations on winning the shirt derby!!!

  5. Sterling Rodd

    To the monkeys… is it wise to torment someone you know for sure is eventually going to be six times your size? I’m just askin’. :)

  6. bakaneko

    @ rodd they establish dominance when he is small and that builds a fearso no matter what he is scared of monkeys because he feels they will hurt him or something.

  7. zankou

    panel 7 kinda looks like tanked has a monkey tail if you look at it right lol

  8. tsophiekins

    Ps, wooooo Victor came today!!1 He’s lovely, it came ever so fast as well! Thankyou Alison! :D

  9. Nicole

    @bakaneko: If I never see Lech’s room again, it will be too soon.

  10. Blacky Blackerson

    @bakaneko: Nicole already had her eyes deflowered by Lech’s room. What she really wants to see is the inside of Gimp’s room and see what he does in there all day.

  11. TheTBBNo1

    Now I better understand why he drinks so much alcohol.. Poor little Guy, but he sure is cute as a baby :D

  12. Yael

    Adorable AWWWW at Mama Tanked and Tanked.

  13. bakaneko

    @ blacky I like the way that you think!

  14. Artis.K

    PWEEEZZZEEEE Put baby Tanked on a shirt!! *waits patiently at the virtual checkout* lol

  15. bakaneko

    I agree with k. Make it the one where he is surrounded by evil monkeys. ^_^

  16. ZenKai

    If I ever start a band… Discount Monkeys is THE name.

  17. UltimaNamir

    What I want to know is how they get those little symbols on their stomachs.

  18. Nila

    … Those Monkeys………….
    So Tanked was a original resident of THAT zoo.

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