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April 25th, 2011

Page 266

Oh look it’s Tanked and he’s only half dead :)  Unfortunately this arc wouldn’t really be the best one to have to drop an update on as I think it’s the longest one so far.  It’ll be 26 pages when it’s done and at once a week it’s going to go until Sept.  Hopefully I’ll be recovered by then… my cousin said it took nearly three months to feel normal again after her C section and she only had one baby to look after… wimp :)

So what exactly does a tummy tuck entail anyway… Anyone familiar with what carrying twins does to your stomach?? :(

Got a daily tee printed at Woot!  It likely won’t be around for long as it’s not a big seller like their Portal shirt which is really cute (I admit I’ve never played that game and Jim had to explain the whole “The cake is a lie thing.” and I’m still not getting the appeal.  My problem is I haven’t had time to play video games in ages…  I used to enjoy the 40 plus hour rpgs so if I started that up again BN would probably have to go bi-weekly or something).

The shirt even has tiny pirate nipples!

It’s a bit after the fact but I hope everyone had a good long weekend and/or Easter if applicable.  I hope you didn’t invite any Evil to your Easter egg hunt… or Spring egg hunt if that’s now the politically correct term, sheesh.


  1. Beta

    @Kath – that sounds like a fun easter! :)

  2. Baughbe

    From deep in my addled memory comes the half recalled lines: “Bear Piss Beer, The beer with the great taste of fish!” Now where is that from?

  3. Blacky Blackerson

    @Nicole & bakaneko: You both can have cake. Just wait there for a moment and my turr… I mean “party assistances” will serve you.

  4. Dave R

    @Baughbe – The only “beer with the great taste of fish” that I know of is “Treadmill” from the Monty Python Contractual Obligation Album.

  5. bakaneko

    nicole if you steal my cake i swear i will lock you in lech’s room!

  6. Sterling Rodd

    @bakaneko — You shameless romantic, you. :)

  7. bakaneko


  8. Beta

    And with the almighty power of the picture frame, it is official :)

    I guess Im a total noob when it comes to buying picture frames. I bought a frame too small for tanked nouveau thinking i could use the smaller size to slightly crop the edges. It will have a frame in classic style once I find a nice classy frame for it too. Now to find frames for my own works…

  9. bakaneko

    @beta nice!

  10. Eddy

    Aww….I was kinda hoping that the barrel he fell into would say “Non-Alcoholic” just to see him lunge out of it at lightning speeds haha

  11. Zoe

    Ha haaa… it’ll be tea time at the tree stump with a dead squirrel again in no time! Anyone else predicting the bears are gonna knock out Bob and Doug, and hijack the shipment, leaving Tanked with a large supply of beer?

  12. Nicole

    @Blacky, baka and sterling: Oh, you crazy kids!

    Zoe, I’m with you. Can’t wait to see what happens!

  13. bakaneko

    I am not crazy I am as normal as can be…………………………………………….

  14. Brazilian Fan

    this is not a parrot! Is a green chicken!! You never seen a REAL parrot???

  15. Ciao

    I’m really jealous now…even if I’m a wine drinker, I still like beer. :B

  16. Kath

    Old frothingslosh, the foam is at the bottom of the can…

    or in this case the beer is tanked.

  17. swarovski outlet

    HA! I totally missed the Bob and Doug reference. I’m such a hoser.
    So glad that Tanked will be back to his old self.

  18. Nicole

    Who is that goober above me who totally copied my comment verbatim? Spammer, I’m thinking.

  19. Sterling Rodd

    @Nicole — You’re overlooking the possibilities of “fan”… or “stalker”. :)

  20. bakaneko

    *drops down to one knee old timey chinese movie style* @ Nicole tell me thy bidding and I will remove the one that you believe is a stalker…

  21. Nicole

    Who is that goober above me who totally copied my comment verbatim? Spammer, I’m thinking.

  22. bakaneko


  23. admin

    @ Zero: I don’t know if I’d call it dived… but yes!
    @ Xyzima: lol, not sure what kind of powers super T would manifest!
    @ Grant: Thanks! I’m not worried about scars or stretch marks (Sam left me with some doozies) and I won’t be able to go to term so I may not get much bigger than I was at 40 weeks with Sambit. I’m more worried about what slicing through my muscles will do to my fitness level. I used to lead kickboxing classes and could 200 crunches no problem but a lot of people say there’s no real way to fully recover from that surgery :(
    @ Sterling: Love the puns. I thought Beer brand beer was creative, lol.
    @ Kath: ewwwww, I had no idea that was so common.
    @ Nicole: Aww! I’m glad! That shirt paid a good chunk of our taxes, what a Godsend. Now we just have to save up a down payment for a mini van :(
    @ Blacky: I did have a major cake craving last week… cheap birthday cake specifically and I don’t usually eat that
    @ tehbob: curse them for my horrible trouble sleeping while you’re at it!
    @ Baughbe: I’ve never heard that either, sounds funny tho
    @ Beta: looks nice! Now I want to draw more ninja Evil… I get most of my frames from Ikea; they’re on the cheap side but they do have a good selection of sizes
    @ Brazilian Fan: I definitely have, but I thought the chickenish look added to his ridiculousness. I usually err on the side of ridiculousness :)

  24. bakaneko

    admin lives again!

  25. corvuscorone68

    ooh something occurred to me, wouldn’t it be great if alcohol was like bacta for Tanked? save the hospital bills

  26. Beta

    Dang it! Not much time to buy the parrot shirt and I have no money! Stupid bills. I wish I could put one on hold so that I could buy one for my sister. Its so good. If that Princess shirt prints I’ll get her that. Its epic too! God luck with that one Alison!

    I found a frame for tanked! A picture is sure to come! :)

  27. Kath

    Depends on how they do the cut, but, you should be fine in a few months to do what you did before. My best friend was deeply into fencing (would have prob been on the olympic team, but decided to fall in love and have a baby instead) she had a C section and while it took a while for her to recover, shes lifing those round things that look like bowling balls and a handle at a weight even her trainer is balking over. The whole thing is , taking care of your self and the babies first.

    (btw, in a way, Id rather locate and deal with a bad egg than dirty diapers esp after spinch…)

  28. Topazert

    What’ll happen will probably happen like in Conker’s Bad Fur Day, you’ll see a a dial in his eye and it will go from E to F and then he’ll…….well you just don’t want to know.

  29. Beta

    @Topazert. All I have to say is, Gregg… and Cats… and little fire demons… scotch… single malt… speyside… no ice. :)

    I finally got a picture of the Tanked Print! Here he is in fine classy glory! I also took a sharper image of Mr. Ninja Evil. I just need to fine one for The Kraken Print…

  30. general0ne

    Is it just me, or was anyone else reminded of the song “Good Rats” by the Dropkick Murphys?

  31. Beta

    Haha. Next thing on my list is Munch-Crack. Will fit nicely in the living room wall somewhere. Now if there were only more classy furniture to go along with them…

  32. nonpondo

    Molson Canadian, because Bob and Doug

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