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April 18th, 2011

Page 265

I think we’ve had a few new readers over the last couple weeks that I meant to comment back to but ran out of time so here’s a general big welcome to Bear Nuts!

Mantracker is a real show that airs on Canada’s OLN so I’m not sure if it’s available in the US or overseas?  Basically people sign up to be “prey” and they get 36 hours to elude the professional tracker on horseback and try to get to their finish line without being caught.  Jim watches it and I think the premise is kind of silly but the guy definitely knows how to read the terrain.  Seems like an appropriately butch kind of role model for Lech.  Sounds like something he’d do to a couple of terrified squirrels on an otherwise boring weekend… no wait, that’d be Evil.

This week’s theme on ShirtWoot is zombies which I thought would produce a bunch of great shirts but most of the derby entries aren’t wowing me this time round, maybe we’re all zombied out.  I still had fun with the theme though so if you can vote and would like to I’d appreciate your input:

You can click on the image and it should take you to the right vote page.

I have a lot of fun trying to come up with these random shirt ideas so I was thinking of trying something fun through BN like a t-shirt of the month thing.  We can do pre-orders so we only order the exact amount and sizes you guys want as there’s no way I can store a bunch of different stock.  The minimums can be lower that way, say 50, and we can try a bunch of different images too.  Let me know if that sounds interesting to you guys, I’m starting to build a big library of unprinted designs to choose from, not to mention I’d love to throw some BN stuff in there too… this would all be once the upcoming tiny parasites are less tiny and perhaps even sleeping 5 whole hours in a row!  Doesn’t sound like much if you don’t have kids but that’s definitely something to celebrate when it happens.  Hopefully by Christmas, that would be the best present ever :)  Yes my life is that sad.

I had a little brainless girl up too but she got rectionated over text… come on, even a little zombie needs numbers to hopscotch!


  1. Jupi

    I love Nerd’s face in the last panel. He’s all >:C

  2. rubberbend

    Lol; I love the interaction between Gay and Nerd. :D
    Also, I have always thought of it as BearNuts, but mentioning “BN” takes me back to “Bueno Nacho” from Kim Possible for some unknown reason. XD

  3. Nicole

    @Nando: Don’t worry…we haven’t seen the last of Tanked. :)

  4. Sterling Rodd

    @Nicole — Yup, I’m sure Gay and Nerd will be eating crow à la Lech before too long when Beartracker finds Beertracker, his booze-addled “prey” (pffft, what a poser… oh, sorry!). I’m increasingly curious to see how all this will segue into Tanked’s backstory, though.

  5. Beta

    @Sterling rod – I too am curious about how everything will tie together. We’ll know soon enough! Having something to look forward every Monday sure speeds up the weeks.

    And I also hear the Twins are growing well! Any names yet Alison? :)

  6. luvlivlif

    I want the mouse shirt sooooo bad. He’s that perfect mix of adorable and psychotic :D
    I would buy any and all Bear Nuts paraphernalia…especially if they’re Gimp related

  7. Sterling Rodd

    @luvlilif — I want a shirt with Nerd on it… instead of just shirts with a nerd in them. ;)

  8. bakaneko

    @nicole it wont be the last we see of lech either if you know what i mean!
    You think he ordered that bear from build a bear?

  9. bakaneko

    still why is evil so quiet? i would have jumped all over the chance to make fun of or exploit any one of them

  10. Beta

    Bakaneko, that is the perfect place Lech would turn to in order to build his woman. He can decide how firm or soft she is, and make the perfect woman to his liking. She might be perfect physically, but it’s too bad she has no personality. Probably a good thing for lech.

    And Sterling Rod, I want this made into a white window sticker so I can display it on my vehicle’s rear window for all to see. :)

  11. Sterling Rodd

    @bakeneko — Haven’t you noticed? Whenever he’s not up to something, Evil has a habit of standing around on the sidelines with his arms behind his back, looking like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. All he’s missing is the halo. I think it’s how the Goddess of Bear Nuts has fun throwing his character into sharp contrast, making the guy look like an angel whenever it’s someone else being the jerk. :)

    @Beta — Who says she has no personally? She’s quiet, likes to stay in, always has a pleasant look, she’s devoted to Lech (so long as none of the other bears sneaks off with her) and completely responsive to his needs… if she just tidied the place up a little she’d be the perfect 1950s housewife. :)

    I think you might have a little trouble explaining that sticker. I put my Tanked sticker on my car next to my license plate and I’m just hoping it doesn’t get any funny looks at DWI spot checks. :)

  12. bakaneko

    @rodd so pretty much it’s “no… i am an angel really! See my halo! Never mind the horns… they are just holding the halo steady…”

  13. Beta

    don’t worry. i already have to explain enough stuff as it is, so im sure that that sticker wouldnt make that much of a difference. i already get weird looks having a drawn on broncos logo on there instead of buying the sticker. It also doesn’t help I’m in Nashville either. then the ZJ just throws everyone off. if i can get the supplies i’ll just draw my own thing on there. window paint is hard to find in pen form though, let alone in the right colors. :(

    I can’t wait to explain “Tanked Nouveau” once it’s hanging on the new living room wall :)

  14. bakaneko

    @rodd the description of the bear is kinda sick… and demented in a way… I like it! Let’s name her!

  15. RahneeHoneyLizard

    I’m not the only one from Tennessee! Yay!

  16. Sterling Rodd

    @Beta & Rahnee — It can’t be Nashville every night! :) (Warning: Gord drops F-bombs in this version.)

    @bakaneko — Already did! Delilah! I figure a jock like Lech has gotta be the jealous type. :)

  17. Beta

    @RahneHoneyLizard – I’m not originally from Tenessee, i actually just moved in about 2 weeks ago. I’m still from IL at heart :) Oh, and people from Nashville don’t know how to drive. :P

    and a happy Easter to all! :)

  18. Sterling Rodd

    @Beta — Now don’t be Illannoying, Beta. :)

  19. bakaneko

    …rodd…. that…. was …. awesome… i cant stop laughing right now. and on top of all this talk of locations i am from the best damned city in all the damned world! Gotham it self! New York, New York! Sounds so nice they named it twice!

  20. RahneeHoneyLizard

    I’m from Roane County, between Knoxville and Oak Ridge.

  21. bakaneko

    what? where?

  22. Beta

    @ sterling rod – don’t worry, im definitely not from chicago. XD chicago is the anoying bully of the state that everyone else hates. why, they even have their own accent!!!

    i dont know about new york. i really liked living in the rockies though. that was an awesome place to live. I really wanna take a vacation and visit family in Prince Edward Island. that would be cool :)

  23. Scorpio

    charming as usual Lech

  24. RahneeHoneyLizard

    Oak Ridge? From Project Manhattan? That Oak Ridge.

  25. Sterling Rodd

    @Rahnee & bakaneko — Oak Ridge –> Manhattan Project –> Manhattan –> NYC. Full circle. Three degrees of separation. I feel like I just won at Name That Tune. :)

    @Beta — Yeah, I know… when they talk about this strip, they don’t talk about “the bearz”, but “the bearss”. :)

  26. Beta

    Ha, Sterling Rod, I think it’s more like, DA BEARSS. (Football reference)

    I’ve been reading these comment lines a while before I started commenting. I don’t think it’s ever got as off track as in these last two pages. :)

  27. bakaneko

    @beta well i am sure that it will keep happening. not like the other one i am reading where there is a physics discussion almost every page. and i can get us off that topic in away… Da Beers (i think its spelled like that)

    @Rodd can you link Evil to Bacon now?

  28. Sterling Rodd

    @Beta — SNL fan, I see. :) But you’re right! Let’s hear it for da bearss right here at Bear Nuts!

    @bakaneko — Evil –> cane toads –> hallucinations –> Stir of Echoes –> Kevin Bacon. Piece of cake. (rumble) Cake would be nice. So would bacon! it’s not Steak Day, but it is Eggs Day. Time for breakfast. :)

  29. bakaneko

    wow… i have no life… i have checked this and 2 other webcomics for updates in comments almost every hour or two… either i really like you all or i have no life…

  30. FoxieDragon

    Nerd’s face in the last panel makes this even more awesome!

  31. Beta

    Sterling Rod – I dont watch SNL. I do follow the NFL and thats where Da Bears came from. Those crazy bears fans and their Da Bears saying over and over. Can’t say much though with how bad my team played last year. Embarrassing.

    Bakaneko – I hope its that you like us all so much :)

  32. Cloudy

    I seriously want that zombie mouse shirt. . .

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