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April 11th, 2011

Page 264

Lech’s girl is indeed stuffed, I doubt they have blow up versions in the zoo gift shop (well maybe small ones).  As for the fancy undies… maybe there’s an adult side in said gift shop…

I’m only a little over half way through and all the back pain and crap that made the last month of my first pregnancy so hellish is already well established.  Now I’m grateful the parasites are getting yanked early as I can’t imagine how huge and uncomfortable I’ll be at 34 weeks and beyond.  I believe round ligament pain is a really fun kind of pain that all men should be made to experience somehow, especially my husband.  The lack of membrane is also giving the boys all kinds of room to maneuver and they tend to like lying the same way which results in two sets of feet constantly kicking me on one side only.  And I haven’t slept through the night for months.  This is such a terribly one-sided process.

Here’s a really fun commission of Glech I have to share with you guys!  See if you can spot all the Canadianisms (besides the general hockey thing).


  1. Beta

    @# 1 fan – We’re talking about Lech’s Maple Leafs Jersey. The Gretzky Jersey is in fact #99 on Gay. THE GREAT ONE!!!!

  2. Vandigo

    You never cease to amaze me.

  3. Ki

    Where did the thong come from in the last panel? He didn’t have one on in the last page!

  4. bakaneko

    @nicole i wish you luck… but i am probably going to remind you every now and then… cause i am a nice guy

  5. Sterling Rodd

    I don’t Pro should get into a big debate about who’s the alpha male here. Lech is obviously a master debater.

  6. Beta

    Ha! well, judging by all of the tissues…

  7. Nicole

    bakaneko, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. ;)

  8. NK_Nutter

    LOOOOOOL at the last panel

  9. Cloudy

    mwahaha XD
    of all the bears, I expected Gay to have that. . but this. . . this is just perfect |D

  10. bakaneko

    I’m here for you, baby! ;)

  11. bakaneko

    Who knows what is in all that tissue around the the room?

  12. Z

    What’s Lech doing with his hand in the third from last panel?

  13. Nicole

    I told you all before. He had allergies. It is Spring, after all.

  14. Anthony

    @Bakaneko: Baka= Fool or idiot

    Neko= Cat

    So far, I’m beggining to learn the basics of understanding japanese. I just wish I had the Rosetta Stone PC set.

    (Akihabara is an awesome place to shop in tokyo, even though it went through a mass murder incident 3 years ago. I think it happend in like, June 8th or somthing?)

  15. Beta

    @Nicole – Some people have year-round allergies… I bet Lech is one of them ;)

  16. bakaneko

    @Anthony A bit of real world for ya: after being in Japan while I was on full active duty with the navy i can say this: It was the best 3 out of 6 years on duty that i have ever had. Akihabara is the most awesome place for an otaku that is visiting japan to go… the anime and pictures and books and everything else do it no justice. if you have never been or cant go watch Genshiken and Lucky Star and Densha Otoko (the tv show… but if you can only find the movie it will do you ok) I made a lot of friends out there and miss them dearly. Make sure you go to tokyo tower and also if you can go to Fukuoka (its in Kyushu Island down south it might be hard to get there if you are there for a short stay or need to hold on to cash) If you know any thing about Excel Saga you will know why i say there.

  17. bakaneko

    @nicole I am sorry you probably dont know much about healthy young men like leech and their unsightly habits… if he is allergic to anything i doubt its his nose doing the sneezing… if ya know what i mean….

  18. Beta

    My reasoning for the missing thong in the last page is that it’s cartoonish physics. Where does Wile E. Coyote get his signs when he’s falling off a cliff? Same place where Lech got his mysterious Illegal Leopard Thong.

    This is a Comic after all, not everything has to make sense. I mean, they’re talking bears, and one has horns.

    That’s the one great thing about creations, they can do whatever you want them to. This just happens to be an awesome creation of epic proportions. :)

  19. bakaneko

    wait… beta… you mean bears cant talk?! what about yogi and boo boo?! they were in a movie! with people!!! what are these lies!?

  20. RahneeHoneyLizard

    and this is comment # 70…

  21. Angreif

    What has been seen cannot be unseen

  22. Sterling Rodd

    @Beta — Yeah, I thought it was odd that Mehdi balked at the idea Lech being attracted to non-ursine females… but apparently has no problem with the fact that Lech speaks and apparently READS English, sleeps in a bed behind a door with a knob, and possesses things like Kleenex, stuffed animals, and magazines. :D

  23. Lea

    @Beta: So you mean he pulled it out of his nether orifice in panel 8? This comic just got so much more logical! …but it’s utterly brilliant either way.

    Moreover, I have no idea about Canadianisms, since I live nowhere near there, but for some reason I can’t completely explain I think that Hockey picture is pretty hot. Maybe because I get unreasonably turned on by assertive gay people. At least rest assured this is the first time one of your comics ever did that to me, so… congratulations? :O

  24. Anthony

    @Bakaneko: No way! You know Lucky Star and Densha Otoko?! (MOE !!!!!!!)
    You think that’s good, you should see “Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt”!

    (Mainly, I just wanna see 2 magic strippers transform their lingerie into deadly weapons!)

  25. bakaneko

    @Anthony: Hey! Those are Angels! Get it right! I can’t wait for season 2 of that. Trust me I know of a lot of anime. Lucky Star was finishing in Japan when I was reporting to my second command. I was desperately trying to find it and when I did I was happy that I saw Haruhi Suzumiya first. If you really want magical awesome dark grimness check out Mahou Shojou Modoka. (for the most part i think i spelled that right…) i guarantee that you will like it. all though i think its in stand by for the last few episodes. it is dark and grim, but its a magical girl story. if you dont like magical girls but love dark and grim check out school days, but be forewarned it has the most messed up ending in any anime that i have ever seen…

  26. bakaneko

    oh if you have seen it dont ruin the ending here.

  27. Beta

    @bakaneko – Oh, it wasn’t a lie. I know plenty of people who see talking bears they also see pink elephants too… I’m just not one of them. ;)

    Is there anyone else besides me that can’t stop hearing the sound of sheets being yanked when they look at panel 6?

  28. Beta

    I don’t know if anyone saw this yet, but DOOOMCAT has a new shirt up for voting on Shirt.Woot’s newest Derby! This week’s Derby is about Zombies. The name is Zombie Jealousy.

    First time I looked at it it went right over my head. Then I looked at the name of the shirt and then the design. Pretty funny I must say. I’d hate to be the left zombie.

    So go go go vote right meow! We needs some MOAR DOOOMCAT SHIRTS! :D

  29. Austin Wolfclaw

    Spent all night reading this comic, read about the birth of sammy, congrats, and now twins are on the way? With gas over 4 dollars a gallon, can you actually afford it? Anyway, you’re going on my favorites list….keep up the great work!


  30. Anthony

    @Bakaneko: I know that they’re angles. They just got kicked outta heaven for their uhhh….. Behavior.
    This show deals with a sexoholic blondie, a sugar eattin goth, a black afro dude who’s pretty much a homo,
    (Which may sound a lil’ hypocritical! I know, But–) A hellhound named “chuck” and 2 devil sisters who serve
    akuma (another word for Satan) so that they can prevent the angels from collecting more heaven coins.

    Scanty: RU-RU!!!!!! Kneesocks: RU-RU!!!

  31. TheTBBNo1

    Leopard Thong, for the win!

  32. bakaneko

    @anthony wait… your for scanty and kneesocks!? i am for panty and stocking… and i feel bad for breif… sometimes i find a connection with him… like i said i cant wait for the second season. currently watching all the new stuff now. well almost all… not watching that yaoi one… that one is scary…
    @austin well then congrats on doing what i did as well a few months ago. hope you can deal with the sanity… or lack there of.

  33. Beta

    Ha! It seems like a lot of people who catch this comic who get hooked read from start to finish in 2 days or less. It’s really Addicting.

    It’s nearing Monday! Gotta get more people hooked on BN…

  34. Zero

    0_o *pokes out eyes*

  35. Beta

    @Zero – I’m definitely hearing lots of people are stuck in the “Gouge out my eyes, crawl into the fetal position” scenario after seeing that last panel! I myself am stuck in the “My lungs need air and my eyes are watering from laughter” scenario after seeing it. :)

    Oh, and for those that don’t follow the BN Facebook, there’s two more designs from Studio Dooomcat in the latest Derby on shirt.woot

    Here’s the links to vote! the first is called Oops, and the second is Zombie Mouse Snack Time. They’re really good!

  36. Sterling Rodd

    Parting shot before we all move on…

    Hey, Lech! Wanna lead us all in a chorus of “Fifty Ways to Love Your Lever”? :)

    …with apologies to Paul Simon. ;)

  37. bakaneko

    @rodd nice!
    this has to be the single most all over the place commented page i have had part of…

  38. 林子堯

    Prozac said Gross and Lech put on his underwear
    What does that mean 0.0
    It means…..Lech is naked????? Just a thought @ @

  39. James

    The last panel is the funniest thing ever!

  40. enderbuddy

    so wait, if an anthropamorphic animal is attracked to humans, would they be a skinny?

  41. enderbuddy


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