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April 4th, 2011

Page 263

I know everyone was sooo curious about Lech’s room and now that you’ve seen it, you’re better off forgetting the sight.  I haven’t thought of a name for his “consort” yet, I imagine he likes a woman with a little sass, perhaps a bit of a dominant personality… something like “Buttercup” perhaps.  You see Lech is really fairly misunderstood and really just wants some companionship :)

This week’s Shirt Woot derby is about slogans for everyday items/products.

This dirt shirt is dedicated to my friend who I believe is the sand eating champion of her hometown, but my first idea was inspired by Vanity and wouldn’t have fit the theme since pandas aren’t everyday products… but who wouldn’t have fun drawing inbred pandas?!  (the date is the year they were added to the world conservation Rare list, two years later they were classified Endangered.)


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Lech’s room is just like mine (except without any perverted stuff): a messy dump!

  2. DoggyGal

    First comment!!! Anyway,I just love how that…playbear for Lech has a smile on its face rather than most teddy bears do,who have those non smile looks. :) That humors me very much.

  3. AdamW13

    I love all the tissue paper

  4. Pepper

    Pfft. I misread that sentence as Lech likes a woman with a little ass.

    Always pegged him as a breast man.

  5. rtlstien

    I only see three things in his room: Tissues, Magazines, and a large stuffed animal… you really don’t need to add anything else to summarize Lech…

  6. changeling

    So Lech will probably end up with PMS bear? xD

  7. Hoheh

    Vanity noted Tanked was nice, showing a good side to him, then decided having a room to himself was better…

  8. K

    I hope that teddy gets washed regularly…

  9. Wolfen

    A woman’s name with sass…. Buffy? >:D

  10. RahneeHoneyLizard

    lawls…just lawls

  11. Chris

    Whoa! We walked into something we did not want to see:P

  12. Saddust

    I sooo hope to see Tanked (awwww…) back. He’s my fav’…

  13. Bosn_C_Otter

    Leech needs to get laid … big time.

  14. Blacky Blackerson

    @changeling: HUSH!! We’re not allowed to give spoilers!

    Lech’s room dosen’t really surprise me and to be honest, I was expecting a whole lot worse than “used tissues” and a copy of Penthouse. Now his “partner” is a little interesting; kind of sad he has to resort to a doll. I’m pretty sure though that when the unmentionable females arrive (which will take longer thanks to Mondays only), he might have a new playmate.

    I always wondered if any of these origins would get a little depressing. I know it’s a comedy style comic, but if everyone’s past is simular in jaked up-tivity to Prozac’s or Evil’s, chances are, someones is going to be a little depressing. Also, I know this won’t happen now, but near the end, would any of the characters be seperated from the rest of the group? Killing them off would be kind of harsh (unless it’s a horror parody and then you can always play it off like it never happened), but a spliting up of the group might work towards the end.

  15. coyoteBR

    How about Plushette as Lech’s companion name? Right, serious… somehow, I see him giving her a long name… Brunhilda, Madeleine, Caldonia, Desdemona, Geraldine.

  16. Ana

    Better to Lech to not get any females, he will fuck them until starvation O_____OU

  17. Bosn_C_Otter

    coyoteBR.. a name for his Beardoll? .. Hummmm how about “Sticky”

  18. Sterling Rodd

    Well! What a view. Gives new meaning to the phrase “stuffed bear”. That last panel actually made me laugh out loud; I’m glad there’s no one else here just yet. That was a good laugh. :lol: Every so often it’s good to dispense with subtlety and… wow, that’s skating right to the edge. Of all the rooms for Prozac to neglect to knock first before entering, jeez. :)

    But now I’m burning to know why, of all the bears at his disposal, Prozac thinks first and foremost that crash-the-Mustang-spike-the-snow-cones Lech is his go-to guy. Six days, fifteen hours, fifty-three minutes… ;)

    It’s great to see a little flicker of something sweet in Vanity. The “and yet” that Prozac missed keeps the plane from nosediving into Mount Maudlin.

  19. mehdi

    We need a new story about “the origin of lech”. I’m sure it would be very funny.

  20. Hal

    Goodness, I don’t think I wanna see Lech’s entire room anymore~ XD

  21. Glowworm

    It was rather adorable when Vanity admitted that Tanked was nice.
    Prozac’s response reminds me of Phineas and Ferb with the whole “Yes, yes I am” bit.

    Lech’s room is hysterical–I love that blow up bear! What to name her, Ah, how about Daisy?

  22. KimmQuinn

    That Panda drawing actually rather depressed me :(

  23. Tedflip

    kind of looks like my brothers room. Cept, he uses human air-dolls…

  24. Nicole

    Panel 3 = so cute!

    Heh…just to show how I don’t have the Lech mindset, my first thought was, “I didn’t know Lech had allergies!”

  25. Sterling Rodd

    @ Bosn_C_Otter — Sure, another tryst, another STD, another cone. Rinse and repeat. I guess he’s just testosterone’s bitch. :)

    He was so quick to think of the monkeys to hang the crash on… I wonder if that was revenge for… “the itch”. Makes sense! Given his choice of literature it’s clear he’s not above accepting primates for, as the author puts it, “companionship”. :)

    I love seeing Prozac go to action like this. It renews my faith in humanity. Or ursinity, in this case, I suppose.

  26. Tigergulp

    my question is where would Leach find such a thing?!

  27. Sterling Rodd

    @Tigergulp — If it’s a stuffed bear, the zoo probably sells ’em by the hundreds. But if it’s an inflatable date in the shape of a bear, well… well, now. There’s a good question. :D

  28. Dave

    I like how Lech is looking at a skin mag full of humans. Little trans-species attraction there Lech old boy?

  29. Blacky Blackerson

    @Tigergulp & Sterling Rodd: To answer the blow up bear question- Online Furry Adult Shops!! They tragically exist. Plus, you have to be pretty closed minded to believe only Nerd and Gay use credit card fraud. Gimp probably uses it all the time, and the only reason they don’t say anything about it is because he’s the medic (and scar you for life if you ever question him).

    I really love the character development in this comic. Even before or after their origin, there personality constantly grows and you learn more about them. For example, Nerd is the only one so far that Evil has shown any emotion other than his evil nature (even if it was for a harmful motive) and Lech and Gay [unfortunately] learned that they could reconcile their differences and not insult each other all the time. I also like that so far in the origins, Alison tells about only what we need to know about the character, not his whole life story and let the development grow from their. That’s really good writing. If she’s not well know by her 10th book, something is completely wrong.

  30. raeByppilF

    I have drawn Lech’s Room before… I ws Faaaaar, man XD
    The door’s Colour, the Knob, The Bed…

    I Laughed so Loud XD

  31. Jace-Z

    Aww, he cares!
    …oh wait, happy feeling’s gone.

    I love that shirt, voted for it to print!

  32. FTS

    Well, alot has happened here, during my leave of the internet. Anyway, great job Allison, keep up the great work.

  33. Sterling Rodd

    @Blacky — Online Furry Adult Shops!! They tragically exist. And tragically, you know all about them! I guess when Lech’s birthday rolls around, we’ll be having you place the order. :lol:

    It’s probably not really of much consequence but I’m inclined to think that’s a plushie, not a blow-up doll. The only shine patches are on the nose and eyes, which would be made of some sort of hard plastic, but they’re nowhere else on the figue as they would be to suggest it’s a reflective surface like rubber. Relatedly, there are no pucker lines around the joins like the neck and muzzle that you’d probably see on something like this. There is a seam up the middle of the face, which you wouldn’t expect to see in molded latex but you would in two symmetrical pieces of fabric sewn together.

    Besides, how long would a big blister of air last around a guy with that level of compulsiveness, combined with claws? Lech probably took the practical route and stole it from the gift shop. :)

  34. TheTBBNo1

    Lech really needs a hobby. Lollapalooza.

  35. Blacky Blackerson

    @Sterling Rodd: Ah the internet. You Google something in the wrong way and you will regret it for the rest of your life; YOUR COLD MISERABLE LIFE!! XD
    What you say makes sense, but that just makes me pity him even more. Is he that desperate and lonely that he has to cut an unmentionable in it and do you know what? And wouldn’t the fluff be iritating and uncomfortable? Plus wouldn’t that make Lech a plushophile (I think I’m analyzing this too much)?

  36. Sterling Rodd

    @Blacky — Yeah, I think we’re just picking on Lech now. Bottom line: he’s a male mammal. I think that’s pretty much par for the course. Though he certainly seems enthusiastic about practicing his swing. :) [Insert your own “hole in one” joke here… I won’t labour the point any further.] Let’s be honest; we have ten bachelors here… something’s got to give; the other nine are just less overt (or obsessed) about it. Considering Lech was game to take a dump in public for the purposes of delighting the crowds, I suppose everyone should be grateful he’s at least willing to retire to his bedroom to tend to other natural urges. ;) Maybe that kind of good judgement is why Prozac is seeking him out now, hmm? Yeah, sure…

  37. silverfang16

    Of course he has to be asleep and snoring too! XD

  38. Sterling Rodd

    Delilah. The stuffed bear consort is named Delilah. I’m sure of it. When Lech falls, he’s gotta be the jealous type. :)

  39. bakaneko

    I don’t know whether to think leech is the man or a sad sorry individual

  40. RahneeHoneyLizard

    Lech did say he was second in charge before…I guess Prozac expected something of the sort so he didn’t bother knocking.

  41. Beta

    Ah, I’m glad I was referred to such an awesome comic. The whole thing is so well written. Plus you get some pretty awesome shirt designs out of it too (ordered you weren’t invited hours before it got pulled). In fact, it is so we’ll written I can’t quite decide who is my favorite. Looking forward to the next one, waiting to see the rest of this room… Oh, and that pandas thing should totally be on a shirt btw.

  42. Sterling Rodd

    I’ve been thinking… I know we’ve all be talking about Bear Nuts as an animated project, but I’ve concluded that’s not ambitious enough. So I’d like to propose… BEAR NUTS: THE MUSICAL!

    Yeah, imagine it on Broadway. Live on stage. Expensive sets, Andrew Lloyd Webber props, music, and choreography… Now, I’m personally of the opinion that this sort of material should be staged with tasteful nudity, you know, like Hair and Equus (which would add a certain cheek to the handbills and posters reading ‘Come see our Bear Nuts!’), with the actors in body paint of various bear-specific colours… though I suppose for off-Broadway audiences sufficiently square and uptight, it could be performed in airbrushed spandex (à la Cats) just as well. Either way you prefer, picture the scene…

    Opening night. The lights go down, the curtain goes up. And there’s, oh, let’s say, George Clooney, in robin’s egg blue from head to toe with a big pill stenciled on his front. He’s sitting on a big rock and he starts singing about how boring it is living in the Discount Zoo. Presently, out from behind the rock comes… let’s see… Patrick Warburton, in ultramarine with panties drawn on his front. And he’s singing about how hard it is to get a date in this dump. They pass musical gripes back and forth until… Hugo Weaving (anyone remember him in Priscilla Queen of the Desert?) emerges from the cave in yellow and a pink rhino belly blaze, lamenting how hard it is to be beautiful and stylish in a place like this where no one understands. And this three-part operatic opening starts the whole thing rolling…

    So what do you think? Who else you wanna see up there and in what roles? :D

  43. Beta


    Not a huge fan of Musicals. Haven’t actually been to one so I couldn’t say.

    Although as far as actors go, I wouldn’t exactly know for real actors. People have talked about using voice actors for an animated show, but personally voice acting for just the comic captions would suffice enough for me. Not much for seeing things done in real life. It’s just not the same to me. Not doggin’ on the idea, just isn’t for me.

    Now, I for one and excited to see lech’s room! I can tell that the bed is only the beginning…

  44. Lody

    lol, great advice for the youngest bear: “go see the gimp.”

  45. Jupi

    Lech is such a gentleman.

  46. Cam

    I like how Prozac called him “the Gimp” instead of “the doctor” or just “Gimp”. Also, really Lech?

  47. James

    I see a lot if myself in Lech

  48. Alex


    How were you able to know about PMS bear back in friggin 2011? XD

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