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March 28th, 2011

Page 262

I think that may be my new favorite picture of Tanked (who of course is not dead, sorry to all the Tanked haters out there :)

We found out I likely won’t have to go into the hospital for 8 more weeks which is awesome, barring any bad scan results.  The less awesome part is the 25% size difference between the parasites which to some doctors isn’t a big deal and to others is a very serious thing to keep an eye on.  Since this whole pregnancy is “something to keep an eye on” we’ll just keep on with what we’re doing (mainly trying to stuff myself with the required amount of nutrients and vitamins for a multiple pregnancy while having very little appetite).  My main worry, other than the babies, is making sure we still have lots of time for Sam as I imagine he may feel pretty ignored when the twins come home.  I’m starting to think of things we can do and places we can go with just him and I hope  we never get so overwhelmed that we forget about his feelings.  He’s currently working on the art of the spoon and as you can see it’s not going so well.

If Nerd worked in an office perhaps it would look something like this.  (It’s always nice to see Nerd come out on top so these recent commissions have been a lot of fun.)


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic


    Personally, I prefer the word compassion over empathy, but what the heck.

  2. coolioperson

    TANKED!!! Where art thou?!?!

  3. Tedflip

    that is a big glass jar… the size of a bowl perhaps? Then again, tanked is a bear, I bet guzzeling down a gallon isn’t all that hard for a bear.

  4. Kiggy

    That itch? Most probably fleas….

  5. rtlstien

    I can’t stop laughing at their faces in the last panel ^_^

  6. Hoheh

    YES! Vanity has a heart! Sometimes. For other than pumping blood, even!

  7. shadowwalker

    Sam is cute even in mid food facial mode (but i don’t have to clean up the mess so its easy to call him cute in the mess…lol).

  8. Zoe

    *Laughs* Smallest bear, biggest asshole. Somehow. I’m not sure why, but I dislike Vanity even more than Evil with increasing assurance in that fact. I guess it’s because Evil is amusing- even dementedly artistic- about his mischief, and Vanity is just kind of a douche.

    Anyway, good to hear you’ll be around a few more weeks. That’s better for your family, and better for you. Plus, the less time someone has to spend in a hospital, the better. :)

  9. Kath

    I did a google search for Bear cub, and this is what I got…

    cute warning, the baby bear cub (2 month old is adorable)

    yeah, Tanked’s mug is about 32 oz, about the same as the one that I use for tea in the morning.
    Empathy is when you understand the pain someone is in, Sympathy is when you feel sorry for them.

    I can empathize with Sam. I had a brother born a year after me, my older brother had no sympathy for me, but both of us didn’t like the little runt that took over mums time, and we thought, “we are so not sliding closer on the bench for him to sit down with us at the table, it’s way too crowded…”

  10. Blacky Blackerson

    Interesting eyecatcher. The smallest things you put in your comic amuses me.

    Vanity is crawling to my top list ever so slowly. I don’t know why, but this little douche is so overly obsessed with himself it’s funny. Not to mention he turned a clique speach on its rear.

    Nerd not getting the short end of the stick 3 times in a row. I fear you making up early for what you plan to do to him; or it could just be a nice homage. Either way, I don’t think Nerds happy time will last long. And speaking of which, I want Ninja Nerd to return along with his sidekick: The Fabulous Shinobi!

  11. Zero

    Hooray for empathy rash :D .
    (apply ointment three times a day . If empathy persists , please contact your doctor )

  12. Sterling Rodd

    God, I want mugs like that in the pubs I go to. That’s the kind of supersize beer you’d expect to get in a German McDonald’s. :lol:

    That’s not the most flattering portrait of poor Tanked we’ve ever seen. It looks like he took his dentures out! On the other hand, we’re seeing Prozac here at this best, in full-statured George Washingtonesque fettle. Yeah, he rules. But I love the “what a knob” way Vanity’s regarding him in panel 9.

    Has Evil been rubbing Vanity’s bamboo shoots on Lech’s unnamed associates? :)

    Wow, folks out there really like Nerd lately. Never mind bamboo; eat THAT, Vanity! :P

  13. Jon B

    Great update. I also like Nerd’s office space.

    Hope you continue to do well during the pregnancy. Can’t wait to see them soon. Tell Sam great job with the spoon. :D

  14. Rex

    There are Tanked haters out there? Blasphemy!

  15. Ariane

    Awww… Prozac misses Tanked! I don’t like Vanity, but I love to watch him work. He interrupts Prozac’s musing to bitch about Evil and Prozac is just /sigh about the whole thing right after getting excited that maybe, just maybe, Vanity will redeem himself.

    Sam is adorable. He’s very pleased with his progress. That, or you were cracking him up and he thinks you are laughing “with” him, not “at” him :-)

  16. Die Fledermaus

    Nerds not an office worker he is an archivist at a museum, Yea for museum geeks.

  17. Sunsetfalls

    I have to admit I love the Ontario flag on Nerd’s office desk. Nice touch :)

  18. Kita-Angel

    Your heart is in the right place! It’s perfectly normal worrying that Sam will feel ignored, after all, he will suddenly realize he’s not the baby anymore!
    Aside finding one on one time with Sam, did you know that most toddlers and babies also LOVE babies? Let him get to help out and spend time with the twins too, and he’ll feel like he’s just as involved in their lives as you are. :)

  19. Sterling Rodd

    So hey, is Vanity “Vanity” now, or is he still officially “Ping Pong”? Aside from Nerd offhandedly calling him “vanity bear” while cursing him in that Casandra-like performance of his (“Narcissism is thy fatal flaw, vanity bear…”) panned by Evil and Gay, I can’t recall seeing anyone actually call him by name. Come to that, ARE these the guys’ real names? I have a hard time imagining a mother naming her son “Tanked”, or “Lech”… much less “Gay”! I dunno… you tell me, Alison. :D

    Prozac strikes me as a “Bob”, for instance…

  20. centkin

    The welcome message below this says it updates twice per week. Would probably be good to change that now that it doesnt.

  21. Glowworm

    This is hysterical!

  22. D.Durand

    That Vanity is really over the top :-D

  23. Rahnee

    I think they have cubby names until they get their belly symbols. Makes since.

  24. Rahnee

    or sense. Argh.

  25. Nicole

    Sam is such a doll! :)

    Oh, man, Prozac is so happy in panel 9. Damn you, Vanity!

    Love the little Chewbacca on the bookshelf in Nerd’s office.

    @Soundwave: Like Kath said, I believe empathy is a deep understanding someone else’s pain. Compassion is empathy with the desire to actually do something to alleviate the other person’s pain. Compassion is a powerhouse.

  26. Lydia

    Prozac looks so sad…

    Vanity ruined Prozac’s moment of happiness/excitement right there. What a jerk.

  27. Nightgaunt

    Those darn spoons are tricky! My own Mini-Monster and I should know!
    Awesome comic though, perfect set up, and very classic Vanity there. XD But yeah I really wouldn’t be surprised if he actually didn’t recognize empathy or compassion if he felt them. *laughs*

    Good luck, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and the twins. (Is one myself.)
    My mother would probably tell you: “The Good part about twins is that they entertain themselves. The Bad part about twins is that they entertain themselves.” ((So consider yourself as warned as possible.))

    ((cheers on Evil quietly.))

  28. raeByppilF

    Empathy, Empathy,
    Put yourself in the place of me! :D

  29. Kath

    When my nephew was born, and we were bringing his sister home from seeing him in the hospital (she was about 3 1/2, she looked at me and said very seriously “I don’t think I like this new baby buisness.”
    (me) “Oh, he will be your best friend, you’ll see”
    (jess) “No, the more I think about it, the more I know, We have to take him back”
    (me) “We can’t do that hon”
    (jess) “Oh sure we can. My mommy got a sweeper from Sears and didn’t like it and she took it right back.We can do the same thing.”
    (me) “Um..(trying not to laugh) Hon, it doesn’t work that way with babys.”

    And he did grow up to be her very best friend.

  30. Sterling Rodd

    I really enjoy how much Prozac gets a charge of out other people’s successes and personal growth. Look how buzzed he is over thinking Vanity’s achieved some enlightenment, and how bummed he is when it dawns on him Vanity’s still the same self-absorbed guy he’s always been. Prozac ought to be the zoo’s life coach.

  31. Nicole

    I love Vanity’s expression in the last panel. :D

  32. Blacky Blackerson

    When you think about it, Vanity (as well as all these characters) should come to a revelation that things aren’t that bad. Despite their past lives, they aren’t abused (always), they aren’t experimented on, they eat well, live in a comfortable and rather large cave, they have friends whether they know it or not (best examples are Nerd and Evil and Lech and Gay) and they have a reason to live. Sure they have to put up with each other’s antics, deal with douchebag zoo animals, and terrible steak day but honestly, what person dosen’t. They should be pretty happy with their living accommodations. And if they don’t go through this revelation at least once in this series (especialy Vanity), they are the most heartless, souless, selfish creatures I’ve ever seen in my life. Just Sayin’!

  33. HayTiger

    >.< AT LEAST HE ISN’T DEAD! I like BearNuts~CONTINUE!!

  34. Sterling Rodd

    @Blacky — I think they get that already. Prozac spends most of his time keeping things on an even keel so they don’t lose their cushy home, and they’re all aware of the fate of Sloth. Still, no matter how on-course life is, everyone wants to improve his/her lot. The guys got their TV, after all. And there are all those credit cards. :)

    …And one day, Nerd will be the first bear on the moon. ;)

  35. Angela

    Excellent page. And Sam’s gotten so big! I remember all the photos you posted of him as a wee little tyke :)

  36. Man of the essense

    Hey, don’t single out sam out of the three, it’ll just lead to favoritism.

  37. Grizby

    Yay! Eaton’s Punkinhead reference! Was cool to see that they brought him out for the Santa Clause Parade last year. Best department store mascot ever :)

    Looks like Sam’s progressing with the spoon quite well.
    Completed: Get food out of bowl.
    Todo: Get food in mouth.

  38. Mazz

    I would take the little man places to like the zoo or museum. Things he’s big enough to enjoy but he little ones won’t be the center of attention. Since they’ll be so tiny they can just sleep while you guys pay attention him.
    Then when the others are older he can show them all the stuff he knows about the zoo and teach his baby brothers about animals and stuff he likes.

  39. Zoe

    I laugh whenever someone recommends the zoo to Alison and/or for Sam. I know it’s a really nice place to go, but IDK, I think it’s kind of like recommending that the writer of Jaws go to the beach with his kids. :D

  40. Sterling Rodd

    …C’mon, Prozac; cry already!! :lol:

  41. Mags

    Quote ‘Rex’ (March 28th, 2011 at 7:59 am):

    “There are Tanked haters out there? Blasphemy!”
    Blasphemy? Madness?
    BEARNUTS! *kicks random person off a cliff*

  42. Sterling Rodd

    Thirteen hours, fifty-four minutes, and twenty seconds till the next exciting ep of… Bear Nuts!!

    …I always wanted to do that. ;)

  43. zombie matt

    U really killed tank :(

  44. Nando

    You awessome im and my sister love bear nuts.But poor tanked was my faborit character.Ok you are genia good look with te chapter 263.
    Greetings from Argentina. I subrib in the page

  45. Kitkat

    I miss Tanked all ready :(

  46. Thwaitesy

    Awwww Please don’t tell me Tank is actually dead….T_T *SOB*

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