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June 27th, 2011

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Thanks all of you for the well wishes for our growing little family.  Evan and Owen were born on Monday and are doing quite well for their gestation (just over 32 weeks) despite some pretty knotted cords.  So far no complications and they’re pretty much just going through the usual pattern of development for preemies that age.  Owen, a pound smaller, was even off all respiratory support by day two.  Evan’s just taking a little longer to wean off.  I was told my section involved a little more “manipulation” than normal since the first twin tends to pop out and then they have to go digging for the other one.  There’s some bruising around the incision and apparently more pain than usual… awesome!  Other than that, we’re all doing well.  We’ll see what Sambit thinks when the tiny interlopers come home though…

Another old Woot design I loved that didn’t print:  I love drawing tigers, they’re such interesting animals and the stark contrast of their coats is really fun to color.  I gotta draw more tigers in BN, I think there’s only been one so far in the Gimp bonus comic for vol 2.


  1. Kath

    @Sterling Rod, Not a clue. I was born on wensday, and I have auburn hair and hazel eyes. I can’t remember the day my brothers were born because I was pretty little at the time and it didn’t occur to me to remember. (they have blond hair) My computer doesnt go back that far (I guess we didnt have computers then) but going on a future calender, my one brother was born on a friday, the other on a monday, and they both were blond as babies. (now they are just gray old men. )

    Is that an alien coming out of his head??

  2. Blacky Blackerson

    Ah, you named a baby after me. I guess Evan must be a popular name!! But seriously, congrats on the children.

    Well, it looks like I have to deal with crappy WiFi internet while I’m away, and I can only use it for a little. I can’t even view these incentitives (makes me upset I missed the I-Pad skins).

    I for one can’t wait to see the result of Aborted Featus Man and It in this epic W.T.F. wrestling match. I’m also anticipating the ackward confusion over Lech’s BJ from Gay; and by BJ I mean Breaking Job as in the pedals and breaks-perverts XD.

  3. Patrick

    Congrats Alison! (Also I’m trying to email you but and your email are not working :/ )

  4. JarMan

    El Feato? Like, that’s a fetus on his head right? Haha holy shit.

  5. Sterling Rodd

    @Blacky — Ah, you named a baby after me.

    Uh oh, now Jim’s gonna wonder… :D

    Lech’s BJ

    So THAT’S what LBJ stands for! “Lech’s BJ”! I always thought it meant Lyndon Baines Johnson. :)

    @Rahnee — Thanks to your comment about El Feato pulling the Underclown’s hair out, I had to go back and look. Not only did I notice that highly disturbing… whatever it is… on top of his head, but I also noticed that, gee, El Feato is, ah, pretty generously set-up below the belt line, isn’t he? :D

  6. BSSinSTL

    Congrats again! el feato must be the, um, alternate pronunciation for el feto, the fetus. I guess that’s what’s on his head.

  7. zankou

    @blacky- I dont know if its my somewhat dirty mind or that iv never heard of a breaking job before.

    That tiger drawing kinda looks looks like an old Chinese picture iv seen.. only less cartoony obviously

  8. Aps

    LOL to panel 4 – the mini dude tearing out his hair! :) Congratulations on the twin’s birth…hope you all recover quickly! Especially that the bruising resolves quickly.

  9. zankou

    Panel 4- I’m pretty sure 2 against 1 is unfair lol
    …so hes a masked wrestler but he has a fetus on his head, kinda hard to hide your identity there.

  10. reccaman

    congrats on the kids

  11. BSSinSTL

    Waiting for moderation, it’s the story of my life, sigh. Still love your work.

  12. Hoheh

    Wrestler concepts. They’re interesting. A guy in a dress flashing his opponent. Veto, or something. It was funny.

  13. zankou

    happy Canada day!

  14. S.P.

    Dang your family’s getting big. X3

    Glad to see Tank’s doing good and adapting to the situation. :)

  15. Sterling Rodd

    Happy Canada Day, everybody! Zankou, you a canuck, or just wise in the ways of the maple? :)

  16. zankou

    @rodd- I am indeed from the land of rumored year long winters and copious amounts of maple syrup.

    cool note actually had snow in town till like April

  17. Hannahlouise1994

    Aww the picture didn’t show but I bet they’re adorable :) congratulations and I’m so happy to hear they’re healthy :)

  18. Yu Huo

    Oh good! I’m so pleased to hear you’re all doing well!

    On quite another note, I find El Feato extremely disturbing.

  19. Saiyza

    Excuse me, sir. You appear to be very furry and red and……bear-ish.

  20. zankou

    @saiyza- is it disturbing, that iv seen someone before with that description?

  21. HybirdZerro

    Just like Bakaneko, the second I saw the Underclown, I thought “hey! It’s Doink #657!” (Too many people have used the “Doink” gimmick to properly count)

    And like Zankou found the coincidence of Evan and Owen interesting. (Evan Bourne & Owen Hart, on a Monday no less.)


  22. Nicole

    Lovely little boys. :)

  23. Baron Oisin

    if you are looking for sympathy you will find it in the dictionary between shite and syphillis

  24. Glowworm

    AW! They are adorable.

  25. ayarel

    Congratulations! They are adorable, and we’re all glad to hear they’re doing well. Just be sure to save a little time for yourself, momma; you need your rest too! :)

  26. Na No Da

    I’m glad they’re healthy, adorable little things ^.^ Congratulations, much health and happiness.

  27. sneakers

    They are so cute!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  28. Cam

    I know this was awhile ago, but congrats on your sons! I wish I could have twins, but it doesn’t run in my family at all, so there’s basically no chance.

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